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  1. Am I the only one who is missing polish planes during ww2? iL 2 : Blitzkrieg vol.1 In September 1939, WW2 started when Germany invaded Poland using their tactics blitzkrieg. Poland planes and why I chose them Poland : Pzl p.11-during battle of Poland it was important fighter, however it didint have chance agains bf109s Pzl p.23 Karas-it was polish light bomber and reconnaisannce plane, which in my list could be "alternate" to stuka.P23s were masacred by bf109s Pzl p.37 Los-fast medium bomber, which was one of the best pre-war medium bomers, after battle of Poland, used by luftwaffe, mostly like a trainer Pzl. p.24-further development of p7/11 with closed cockpit and stronger engine with which it could reach 430Kph.After Battle of Poland used by Greeks collector plane: Avia b-135-the best fighter plane from my list, built by Czechoslovakia and better than first bf109s.Used by Bulgaria after Czechoslovakia occupation.In 1944 it shot Down B24 liberator OR Avia bk534-czechoslovakian biplane and one of the best fighter biplanes ever built and a last biplane that shot down a plane.The Bk.534 had two 7,92 mgs and one 20mm canoon and its speed was about 420KPh Germany : Bf 109C-1-developed from Bf109B, could reach 470Kph Bf 110C-high effective heavy fighter during battle of Poland, massacred during battle of Britain Junkers ju 87B-1-the stuka B was developed from the A version with a new engine, which had twice power more than the old one, very effective against ground targets druting battle of Poland Dornier do 17Z-2-the flying pencil was fast medium bomber, which could escape PZLs in diving collector plane Bf 109D-it was german fighter, from which was developed the Emil.Very simillar to version E-1. why I chose this list? Karas vs Stuka I think their performance was similar and they can be a fair oponents Pzl p.37 vs Dornier do 17 Their role and performance was similar The messerschmitts vs Pzl fighters and Avia I do think the messerschmitts are better than the Pzl. fighters and the Bk.534 in speed and arnament ( not counting avias with similar arnament ), but messerschmitts were less maneurable and Poland didnt have better fighters, when I do not count experimental planes like the Pzl. p.38 Wilk.....etc NOTE :THE VOL.2 CAN BE FRENCH VS HERMANY what do you think about it?
  2. You are right, maybe it would be a good plan for future when the flying circus series will contain atleast 20 planes and I do consider the fact, that now there are 3 Il 2 games in development.I just feel the RoF was always missing Austro-Hungaria vs Italy
  3. Hi, as you know the il 2 flying circus vol.1 is in the development however taking a closer look at it, even through the upgraded damage models ( and some bugs, which I wont mention, because its just "alpha" of the game ) I ask myself "havent I seen this before"? I really wanna see something new, in the RoF we didnt see a single Austro-Hungarian aircraft and the only Italian plane was a hanriot. Why the vol.2 couldn't be a Austro - Hungaria vs Italy? In this case I did some plane list Aviatik d.I Albatros d.III oeffag Phönix d.1 Aviatik c.1 Phönix c.I Hanriot hd.I Spad 7 Nieuport 27 Savoia - Pomilio SP2 caudron G.4
  4. Very nice. Ju 88 is looking great, but it I think ju 88 can have something more than other bombers, like 50mm canoon or it can have upgraded nose like ju 88C. But its your work. Very nice. Ju 88 is looking great, but it I think ju 88 can have something more than other bombers, like 50mm canoon or it can have upgraded nose like ju 88C. But its your work.
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