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  1. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    DD today?

    Ok. I thought that the pc release was a sure thing. With GTA5 it came way later with the new console re-release. We will see what happens. I just can't handle a controller, so i need to wait anyway. Grt M
  2. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    DD today?

    RDR2 is coming out on pc right? I might give it a try. It depends on how the game plays. Grt M
  3. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    IL2 Missing an Air Defense Tactic

    You are right, and it's a very old tactic even used in WW1 by Fe2b crew. Yes that old. Grt M Offtopic.. Now i'm sad again. Screw the Camel! I want my Fe2b back in Il-2
  4. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    german bodenplatte newsreel

    He said 80. To be fair ๐Ÿ˜—. Grt M
  5. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    german bodenplatte newsreel

    Did you actually learn German in school? US right? I'm surprised. Ontopic: I think German propaganda and the reality could not have been further apart. They really could have used this guy for the newsreel. Grt M
  6. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    Fw-190 field mod, removing MG 17s

    For attack aircraft and bomber i think you're right. But it still amazes me how fast you can burn through your fuel in a 109 or even 190 if you are climbing and fighting on combat power. Can't image that being any different for the P-47. Grt M
  7. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    so what games should i try with an old pc?

    - Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis (Best point and click adventure) - The first Unreal (The second is trash..Avoid..) - Half-life 1 + 2 - No one lives forever (1+2) - GTA San Andreas - GTA 5 (It should be do-able with some older hardware) Man!! I Would love to lock myself up and game away for two weeks!! Then there is work and family ๐Ÿ™„ Grt M
  8. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    I would like a early eastern front expansion with older planes like an early Stuka, Yak, Lagg etc.. Bagration would be nice, but there would hardly be any new planes for the axis. Making it difficult to put in the standard format. Grt M
  9. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    Would You Purchase?

    Yes please!! Very nice for the eastern front, and it was somewhat relevant even in 1943 during Kuban. If the Po-2 is a succes, it wonder what they will do next as a Axis "counterpart". The Fi-156 and the Fw-189 are both mentioned a lot, but it think the latter might be to complex?.. Ontopic: I agree with Finkeren and the rest. The plane can be an underdog, but it should be relevant to frontline service. Like the Ju-52 and the Po-2. Grt M
  10. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    DD today?

    As long you are not the one who does the patching, the 6th of October still sounds fine by me. ๐Ÿ˜— Grt M
  11. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    Should the Po-2 pilot and gunner be (selectable) female?

    It would be nice if there was an option to fly as an female pilot when it was historical justified. There were female pilot's for a lot of Soviet aircraft in WW2, so adding a Soviet female pilot model would be nice. I have no need for a German female pilot. Keep that SJW nonsense for Battlefield and Battlefront. Grt M
  12. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    Bush pilot - new fly sim

    Yeah it does... It looks like a civil sim i would like. Keeping an eye on this one. Grt M
  13. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    Very nice update guys!! Can't wait to see all the new graphics improvements. Grt M PS: Was the Me-262 equipped without a armored headrest?
  14. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm

    DD today?

    Pretty sure. First update will be. "First, we plan to publish the new update soon, at the end of this month or at the beginning of October, that will bring numerous fixes and improvements for the existing stuff - Career fixes, multiplayer stability in tank missions, corrected German bombs for 1944 timeframe and new Fw 190 A-8 modifications we have covered in the previous Dev Blog." After that. "New Bodenplatte aircraft, Bf 109 K-4 and P-47D-28, will be released to Early Access later this Autumn." Grt M
  15. I./ZG1_Martijnvdm


    Order of Battle ๐Ÿ˜—