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  1. Hi Luke, Was this changed somewhere during the last couple of months? In one of my first playthroughs with one of the 352 squadrons i had some ground attack missions. It was last year though. grt M
  2. I like it very much! Thanks! Grtz Martijn
  3. Hi Julian, I really like the green P-38's! Are you willing to make one for the 474th Fighter Group (429th FS)? Thanks Grt, M
  4. KG2 also used Me410's for their England raids. Did KG51 conduct these sorties at night? Grt M
  5. When was the D-22's introduction to the frontline units? That usually a good indicator. Grt M
  6. Although i was warming up to the idea of going to the PTO, i like this add-on. Yes there is quite some overlap, but i don't mind that. I'm really looking forward to the 410. During the beginning of 44 it was still used as a night bomber which could be fun and interesting. Grtz
  7. Would be nice if there was an option for disabling all unhistorical planes for the careermode. I get that you want to offer the player the option to fly the Fw-190A3 and La-5FN in career, but i personally would rather not. Grt M
  8. I like that they are still adding new additions for the older theaters, but i can't be the only one that is a bit disappointed about the fact that all three are allied planes. I'm going to buy them nonetheless, but there are still quite some axis planes for BOM/BOS/BOK that would like to see. Like the Ju-87b2, Bf-110F2, Ju-88C6, Hs-123, Fw-189 etc. Grt M
  9. Hi Guys, Quick question. How do i read the P-38 fuel indicators. When adding both left and right for both gauges i never come to 416 gallons. Is there another gauge, or does it start to indicate after a certain amount of fuel has been expanded. Thnx M
  10. Thanks for the input guys. I guess that i need to revise my opinion about the P-38. One other thing that surprised me is the P-38 is very easy to fly. I don't know how misguided this can be, but i read a quote a while back about the complexity of operating the P-38. Rau wrote that he was being asked to put kids fresh from flight school into P-38 cockpits and it wasn’t working. He asked his boss to imagine “a pilot fresh out of flying school with about a total of twenty-five hours in a P-38, starting out on a combat mission.” Rau’s young pilot was on “auto lean and running on external tanks. His gun heater is off to relieve the load on his generator, which frequently gives out (under sustained heavy load). His sight is off to save burning out the bulb. His combat switch may or may not be on.” So, flying along in this condition, wrote Rau, the kid suddenly gets bounced by German fighters. Now he wonders what to do next. “He must turn, he must increase power and get rid of those external tanks and get on his main [fuel tank],” Rau wrote. “So, he reaches down and turns two stiff, difficult gas switches (valves) to main, turns on his drop tank switches, presses his release button, puts the mixture to auto rich (two separate and clumsy operations), increases his RPM, increases his manifold pressure, turns on his gun heater switch (which he must feel for and cannot possibly see), turns on his combat switch and he is ready to fight.” To future generations this would be called multi-tasking, and it was not what you wanted to be doing when Luftwaffe fighters were pouring down on you. “At this point, he has probably been shot down,” Rau noted, “or he has done one of several things wrong. Most common error is to push the throttles wide open before increasing RPM. This causes detonation and subsequent engine failure. Or, he forgets to switch back to auto rich, and gets excessive cylinder head temperature with subsequent engine failure.” I hope some of this complexity comes when we have external tanks and more detailed fuel management. Grt M
  11. @361st_Bugsy: Are the Hellhawks skins still available for download? With the upcoming careermode for BOBP i'm collecting some P-47 skins. Thnx! Grtz M
  12. Hi Guys, I must say that i enjoy the new addition's very much, but after some testing, i have a slight feeling that both the P-51 and even the P-38 "outshine" the P-47 at lower altitudes by quite a large margin. Especially below 10.000 feet the P-47 feels like a dog compared to the other two. For the P-51 this might be what someone might expect, but even the P-38 (which is a very heavy fighter) feels far more nimble and picks up speed much faster. I always thought that the P-47 was at least better then the P-38 in most regards, but in BOBP it seems the other way around. Am i missing anything? Grt M
  13. What about a late model Pe-2. Later models after the series 110 should be of better build quality and would regain some off the original higher speeds. Grt M
  14. Very nice!! Is that x-plane? Still looking for a sim where i can fly in Alaska. Grt M
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