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  1. I want that Razorback so much! Hope is going to be today.
  2. Nice one! Interesting that the template suggests that it's a A5, but looking at the cockpit armor and armament i would think that it's an A4. The profile clearly indicates an A5. Grt M
  3. You can't destroy tanks with .50 machine guns. With the Hs-129 you should take the Mk-101 or 103 and try to hit the top or side part of the tanks (At least not the front). Just don't tickle their belly ;). Grt M
  4. my bet is on next week. This week would be nice though. Grt M
  5. The Bf-109 unit's on the Rheinland map for the careermode that are further from the front-line can definitely use them. Same for the new P-47 units that are going to be on the Normandy map. The earlier version had 70 gallon less and with climb and some combat that is gone very quickly. Grt M
  6. What actually happened with the Odessa map someone was working on? Grt M
  7. Funny how that differs from person to person. I like the G6 because it was actually used in Kuban. Currently the A3 is a wasted slot imho. You can't really use it in any career and without some of the nothern eastern fronts or early channel map scenario's that's going to stay that way. Grt M
  8. Great update guys! But is it possible that there is a bug with the exhaust smoke on some planes (Fw-190 A5)? After full throttle the engine start to emit heavy smoke (as intended), but this disappears after switching to a different camera view. Grt M
  9. I would suspect some small but nice quality of life changes. Nothing big like droptanks or extra features. Grt M
  10. I also have the feeling that the P-47 loses energy to fast. Yes it's heavy but currently it feels overdone. I can't back this up but maybe the team will re-evaluate the P-47 when the D22 comes out. It's not the first time they did that. The first iteration of the Fw-190 was an absolute dog. Grt M
  11. What makes the FM better/nicer in DCS? Grt M
  12. Nice video. Very interesting. Makes me want to use external fueltanks even more. One question i have though. Was fuel consumption ever an issue for the USAAF when using either the P-47 or the P-51? The fact that the P-51 consumes less fuel should make some difference one would think? Grt M
  13. Very nice Julian!! They look very good. Much appreciated! Grt M
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