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  1. A that explains it. Don't know. I believe they where extremely difficult to aim and where not regarded as an useful addition irl. Grt M
  2. We have the 30mm cannons as a modification for the A8. One can argue whether a modification is relevant or accurate to implement but i don't think the lack of 30 mm on the A6 is really an issue. The plane already has a very wide array of options. Grt M
  3. Hi, Foxbat made a 4K skinpack for the Henschel a while ago. A couple of posts later he added the winterskins as well. Both are for the Stalingrad campaign. Grt M
  4. Hi, Around 100 kg off armor sounds legit to me. Just compare it to what other modifications add when adding additional armor. - 109 E7 (89 kg for just the bottom) - 110 E2 245(!) kg for the engines and radiators - 87 D3 60 kg for just two side panels - 190 U17 218 kg for the bottom and engine cone (and offcourse the c3 boost tank) Grt, M
  5. Interesting information. One would expect that the Armored Henschel above all should be able to handle AAA better then 109's and 110's. Even when they where slower. One question about the mission profiles of squadrons. Is there a way to check these? The current bullet/bomb icon in the UI does not really suffice. Thanks. Grt M
  6. Speaking of fuel tanks. Looking forward to the external fuel tanks as well. There are quite a few BOBP planes that could use them in the career mode. Gr, M
  7. I was also baffled about how useless the 303 guns are against most planes. I believe it was already made clear during the Battle of Britain that the standard 8, 303 gun arrangement was not cutting it, but i didn't know it was this bad. Gr M
  8. Only 22 in front of my favorite plane. You are so lucky 😥
  9. I might be interested in the memoirs of Buchner. The only English book i could was Stormbird. Is that the same book? Gr, M
  10. Schg1 is a nice one. It’s starts as Lg2 during the fall off 1941 but gets renamed Schg1 at the start of 1942. Them they move to Stalingrad and later to Kuban. Grt M
  11. Thank you both! I will choose a design (probably the one above or IAN) and will try to think of some changes. Grt M
  12. Thank you for the quick response. I don't think i need two seperate throttle levers just for the Bf-110. Just a way to toggle the engines would be sufficient. I don't want to unit to be too big. Like the Fw-190 variant. I actually like this variant. Because it has the Bf-109 lever, but can also be used for the other planes. What would be a nice way to toggle the used engines? Grt M
  13. Hi GVL, I''m looking for a throttle unit and really like your WWII designs! I'm a little torn on what i would need and want for a custom design. Planes that i fly the most are. Bf-109 Bf-110 Fw-190 Is there a list of units that i can chose from? Thank you! Grt M
  14. I think they might want to simulate this. That might be true. I don't know what is realistic to expect, but the result now is that they follow you like some kind of homing missile. They do not intercept you like you might expect. Maybe someone from the dev team or a mission builder can explain what the used logic is here. Grt M
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