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  1. Very nice!! Is that x-plane? Still looking for a sim where i can fly in Alaska. Grt M
  2. It would be nice if they could add the free velikiye luki map to the career mode. It would make for an awesome JG51 Fw-190 campaign. Now the Fw-190 options are indeed super limited. I can't fly a Fw-190 over Stalingrad *error*.... 😆 Grt M
  3. Most bomber and dedicated ground attack units. He-111, Ju-88, Pe-2, A-20, Ju-87 and Il-2. Grt M
  4. That’s true. I forgot about that, and while i understand the devs choice i still would rather have the F2. Grt M
  5. To be brutally honest i kind of wished they made the F2 model instead of the G2 for Kuban. The G2 was only there as a nightfighter and almost played no role in the east, because most units where relocated to the west for the defense of the Reich. The F model was used in Kuban as part of kustenflieger Krim which is just as minor as the sole nightfighter unit. But it was largely used during the Battle of Stalingrad. In terms of performance i think the differences would not be that big either. The only real drawback is the fact that the G2 has more loadout options. Grt M
  6. Is OK to dislike something. Just don't be a **** in how you express that. It's just an opinion. Grt M
  7. For me it was. I know the MS FFB2 is still loved by many simmer's, but for me my flying took a giant leap forward after i upgraded to a Gladiator pro. I equipped it with the strongest springs, and it is just so nice and precise. And the force feedback.. I never missed it a single second. And planes that i dislike... The MC202. same reasons as @Finkeren. Grt M
  8. I find the He-111 to be quite docile. The 88 on the other hand not easy to taxi, take off in or land. In the 111 all these things are super easy. Grtz M
  9. Just use your radio homing beacon for directions. grt M
  10. That was fun to watch 😊. Bit of a surprise nobody took of in a cannon armed Stuka or Henschel. Couple of shots and a T-34 is gone. Without the splash damage of large bomb. Grt M
  11. Very nice one!! But it should be JG3. Grt M
  12. For the 109 it does. So the game the game argument is not relevant. grt M
  13. If they correctly model the droptank on the 109 that would not be possible. Don't know about the P-51. Grt M
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