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  1. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    When the P51 will be available?

    Thnx. No biggie. I have patience 😊
  2. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    When the P51 will be available?

    I still wonder when they are going to add the fuel management changes and external fuel tanks. The latter are not super important, but i would still want them. Don't really know why... ☺️ Grt M
  3. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    When the P51 will be available?

    In the last update post of 3.009, Han stated that there would be a update in January for the U-2 (vs) adding that plane to the careermode. It would surprise me if that same update would also contain the D9 and 262. I wonder what will be added then. Because i can't imagine an update for just the U-2. Grt M
  4. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    Really hoping the Mustang...

    Maybe someone can back me up on this one, but i believe Jason stated a couple of weeks ago that they were looking at the engine timer mechanic. And i don't want to be rude, but i still have a feeling that some players need to adjust their expectation... Here is the post: Grt M
  5. Hi Guys, Wanted to report my first bug here. With both the bomber intercept mission's and the intercept recon plane the sims starts to stutter heavily as soon as location's updates are shown on the map. This only happens when the enemy spawns the A-20 bomber. Happened in my Stalingrad and Kuban career playing on the Axis side. Grt M
  6. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    Havoc A-20G and A-20H variants

    Purely looking at the Kuban timeline and it's implementation as bomber the B and C models where the most logical choice. Here is the entire article if you're interested. https://vvsairwar.com/2018/01/09/the-douglas-a-20-havoc-boston-in-soviet-service/ Grt M PS: I would still like them to make the G model. And add the dorsal turret to the B model. The default .50 is nearly useless. "However, by the end of 1942, Soviet airmen did have several complaints about the A-20B/C, specifically its defensive armament. The early A-20’s defensive armament consisted of two flexible 7.7 mm (.30 caliber) Browning machine guns mounted dorsally, and an addition single flexible Browning in the ventral position, armament that was deemed too weak by Soviet aircrews. Already in the early fall of 1942, Soviet engineers experimented with installing domestically-built UTK-1 turrets to increase the dorsal turret’s fire power. Pleased with the results, Deputy Air Force Commander Colonel-General A.V. Vorozheykin ordered the modification to be carried out on 54 aircraft, which were then sent to the 221st Division at Stalingrad. The alteration increased the aircraft’s weight and drag, leading to an overall loss of speed by 6-10 km/h. Nevertheless, Soviet aircrews were pleased with the modifications, and a total of 830 of the Soviet Union’s Havocs would be modified in such a manner over the course of the war."
  7. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    Havoc A-20G and A-20H variants

    I think it should fit the Kuban timelime somewhat. "Given the G’s forward firepower, the VVS utilized the new variant as a ground attack aircraft as opposed to the light bomber role given to the B and C models. The first Soviet unit to receive the new gunship was the 244th BAD, with the 861st BAP being the first to use the G in the ground attack role. Unfortunately, the G Havocs proved to be too vulnerable to the heavy German anti-aircraft fire that was nearly ubiquitous when flying at low altitudes, and by November of 1943, the 861st had withdrawn their A-20Gs from ground attack operations due to heavy losses. Instead, Soviet forces typically used the heavily-armored Iyushin Il-2 Sturmovik for ground attack purposes. Consequently, a significant number of the Soviet G Havocs were modified, either in the field or at Factory No. 81 in Moscow, to resemble earlier B and C variants, with a glazed nose and bombardier position (most of the forward-firing guns were, of course, removed)." "but it wasn’t until early 1943 that a systematic program was put in place to convert VMF Bostons into torpedo bombers. By this time, deliveries of A-20Gs had supplanted those of the B and C models, and the Zhuchoks, with their self-sealing fuel tanks and heavier armor, were the natural choice to undergo modification for torpedo bombing purposes." "The first modified A-20G was sent to the Baltic Sea Fleet’s 1st Guards Mine-Torpedo Regiment in March of 1943, with deliveries continuing to regiments of the Black Sea and Northern Fleets shortly thereafter. " Grt M
  8. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    What is your favourite plane

    Bf-110 and 109. Grt M
  9. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    DD today?

    About 6 months in advance of the Kuban final release. Grt M
  10. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Also don't forget the six-day war that has been opted as well. ☺️
  11. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    I agree with LukeFF here. The La-5 was a great collector's plane because it belonged in that area. The A3 feels like a weird addition and still does not fit in. I think it's fine if collector planes fill a nice role like the U-2 or Ju-52, but it should at least present in one of the four theater's we currently have. Grt M
  12. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    I'm pretty LW minded, but i do realize that at some point there aren't that many relevant option's left. I don't want them to shoehorn in super irrelevant aircraft just for the sake of number balancing. That doesn't mean there are still some LW aircraft that i would like to see. Bf-109 G6 modifications for late model (MW-50, Erlahaube) Bf-109 G10 Bf-110 F2 Fw-189 Ju-87 B/R Hs-123 Me-410 Ar-234 That's all of them i can think of. Grt M
  13. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    Polikarpov U2 ❤️"Kukuruznik" Fan Club & Help

    AFAIK the gunners behave just like the AA gunners. They fire as soon as an aircraft is visible because of gunfire or searchlights. Grt M
  14. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    Anyone thinks they should give us a Storch?

    People need to stop bringing up the Do-217. It only flew over England and was never even near the eastern front. And by the time Bodenplatte started they were all gone. Grt M
  15. I./ZG1_Dutchvdm

    Polikarpov U2 ❤️"Kukuruznik" Fan Club & Help

    Too bad, but i can understand why. What were the stand-in soviet bombers? Grt M