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  1. Hello guys. Like the new version alot,but have some issues.. Combat report not working. And does anyone know how the turn on enemy markers, waypoint etc Cant find anything in the dark. Thanx
  2. Yes i agree.i enjoy SP with PWCG.i think it is very very good.Pat have done a great job. But i would like to se more moving targets on ground missions(Like moving convois and airfields with planes on to attack)... But other than that its great.. I fly only BF 104.but how many missions are there??have done 73 now
  3. I love bos so much.so hate the tought on starting with DCS for VR expirience. i am willing to donate some money for Jason and his team to make the new X11 engine to work with VR.Sure more of us is willing to donate. This is the best sim ever We need to stay together and make this the best sim ever also in the future
  4. Oh man.. If we had live airports with planes in it to attack and moving tanks and cars in ground missions it would make pwcg even better.. Have played 46 missins now.and stil only trains are moving in ground missions. ..
  5. Hey guys.still having a blast with PWCG. But can i make it generate more ground attacks.have 46 missions behind me.but only a few have been ground attack.And is there ships attack in PWCG?.. i see there is a meny for odds of creating al and axis.but i am not sure wich meny to change THANX
  6. Anyone want to team up flying germans one night.never tried teaming up before.sounds fun
  7. Sounds good engrish.. MP is very good learning.but pwcg is very good too.but nothing is like flying with a live person.i need to get better myself so need to practise more on MP.. Good luck.
  8. Hello engrish.. I used to be terrible at dogfighting myself.its a very hard game.but dont give up.it takes time to understand the key to fighting.but the main key is keep your energy up always....once you loose some.gain some fast..i have but 100s of hours in this game.but starting now to be pretty good at fighting.but as i said.it takes alot of time and practise..but we have all been there. But do you have rudders?? It is a must in this game.. Good luck.it will come to you.i promis you ... It is a very very good sim.the best if you ask me..hehe
  9. Yes ofcourse...stupid me.... Thanx yogi
  10. Hello guys. Tried the bf 110 last night.awsome aircraft. But when i drop bombs nothing happens. Bomb fuse off and then drop.but nothing happens when they hit the ground. What am i doing wrong. Thanx
  11. Hello guys. Tried the bf 110 today.awsome aircraft. But can not get the bombs to get of. Safety fuse of.and then drop.but nothing happens. What am i doing wrong? Thanx
  12. Yes. Fixed it. Turns out i extracted the file after i copied it to the root.had to extract the file first.then copy it in the root meny Perfect. Works like dream. And as always perfect job pat
  13. It also says(boscampaigne is installed in wrong directory.it should be installed to the roof Rof dir) But were is that.istalled the 2 versions before this with no problem. were is the root Rof? thought the root were there in the local files start meny
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