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  1. If/when TC sales justify TC II then there will be a TC II. Until that time no commitment. That was the path FC took so I imagine TC will be the same.
  2. This is pure opinion, but I would much rather see more two seaters in the game than focusing on what some call unicorns. With that in mind I appreciate the fact that five of the planes will be two seaters or bombers. Right now it looks like they are focusing on a RoF port to FC without adding new planes. That includes the D8. Not my favorite plane in the set but FC II is still a nice batch. Disagree on both counts. The FC II loadout has 3 two seaters and two bombers. Half of the planes are not dogfighters. Per the E.III and DH.2, I'm not sure why
  3. Not used at the front very much. Mostly as a trainer.
  4. Seen the same. On the to do list and will be taken care of in the next update.
  5. Not sure about the P-51. P-38 is interesting more than pretty. BF 109 is businesslike and not pretty. Never much cared for the 410. Actually think the 110 looks better. I think I have an affinity for more businesslike and or interesting planes. FW190 A is my favorite, but it's hard to argue that it's "pretty". P-38 is my favorite US fighter. Again, not really pretty. Waiting for all of the Spitfire fans to react with righteous indignation. Jayne Mansfield?
  6. If PWCG is not offering the mission option it means that you are wounded. If you feel that this is fair then take leave to heal. <Campaign>->Activities->Leave The leave page will tell you how many days are needed to heal. If you want to erase the results then you can use the pilot admin page: <Campaign>->Personnel->Administer Pilot Select the pilot Press activate pilot If you choose to activate the pilot I would take one days leave just to clear out any activities related to the last campaign day.
  7. Wow, talk about taking a statement out of context just to gin up a little outrage. The guy is on post #13 and he has to get a response like this one. Later in the war - you know, when Bodenplatte takes place - German pilots were not as well trained as American. That is just fact. We are talking about the game, how the P47 was used in the game, how it was used historically, and the differences in context between the game and real life ... in late 44 and 45. Nowhere has anybody not given the P47 its due as a high altitude fighter, but that is not the subject here. The
  8. A plug for PWCG and flying the P47 for the 9th AF. In PWCG you will be escorted and you will not face overwhelming odds on ground attack missions. Air missions, of which there will be plenty, will still be under less than real conditions with more and tougher opposition than was really present. Allies do get a numbers advantage, but it is nowhere close to reallife.
  9. Working on it. When I ran this myself I could not recreate the bug, but I did feel like the missions were not what I wanted. I am reviewing the whole thing to improve the intercepts.
  10. The correct altitude is something like 1500 meters. You can also emulate a winch by giving the balloon a waypoint of 100 meters directly below it's starting position and a trigger to start the downward movement when an enemy aircraft is near. Finally, surround it with plenty of AAA . I set AAA AI level to average (I almost always use novice for AAA) to emulate the fact that they are locked in and waiting as opposed to reacting. Try following a balloon on its way down in a WWI crate being shot at by pretty accurate AAA and you will get an idea real fast as to why balloon busting
  11. So it can't zoom well? I'm going back decades but that was a positive characteristic that I remember Robert Johnson talking about.
  12. So ... many topics on this subject already. I will try to summarize pages of commentary as quickly as possible. Real life: The P47 flies best at high altitude. P47 was used in air to air at combat at high altitude covering heavy bombers. It did well in this role. P47 was used in the ground attack role later in the war. In this war it rarely encountered air to air opposition. When it did the enemy pilots were often novices. It did well in this role. The game: The P47 flies best at high altitude. P47 is not used in air to air at combat at high
  13. To add to what @AEthelraedUnraed said: Attack Area with Ground ... but I put the drop point over a target so they hit something.
  14. You're right. Apologies for the incorrect information. Been a long time since I looked at Regia Aeronautica. The squadron is no longer assigned airfields after Stalingrad and therefore is only available until the end of Stalingrad in early 1943. They will make an appearance for a couple of months on the Kuban map from June to August 1942.
  15. Even within those you might want to take a liberal amount of leave. PWCG alternates the pace of mission assignments from on a day to one every few days. From Oct 1941 to January 1943 is a lot of missions. The longest dead period is from Jan 1942 June 1942. Jan 1942 to March 1942 is hanging around the Moscow map. The rest is hanging around the Stalingrad map from March 1942 to June 1942. These are largely place holder activities and IMHO worth taking large chunks of time off. On June 1 1942 you move to Kuban and do the German advance through that area, which I enjoyed doing. T
  16. The Italian campaign starts in Moscow and goes until the end, so it can be quite long. Not sure whether you view that as good or bad. There is a lot of flexibility in PWCG. You can change pilots. You can have many pilots in a campaign and they don't even have to be on the same side. Or you can just quit a campaign when you no longer feel like flying. If you want to emulate the pacing of career mode it is very simple. Take long leaves between battles. I do this myself. I like flying end to end but I do not need 1500 missions for a career. If you do no
  17. I tested two loads. One with six bombs. One with 8 rockets. Same results. I used a count value of 2 on the counter and the results are good in one full test in PWCG. The counter did go off at a reasonable time. My plane, being flown on autopilot, still had two rockets on the rails. It ejected them properly and we went home. Did the counter trigger after one or two flight mates went bingo? Not sure. Don't know how much I care TBH. The goal was always not to have planes loitering around getting shot and this accomplished that goal.
  18. Tries with both bombs and rockets and the results were not different. OK, I will set the value to 2 and let everybody trigger in the flight it. The attack will end 30 seconds after either the first or second goes bingo depending on what makes the code happy. Either way it is better than excessive loitering.
  19. @Jaegermeister @Gambit21 Question on the counter. I set it to 1 and linked it to the leader bingo bombs event, expecting it to trigger when the leader had expended his payload. It triggered right away. I increased the count to 2 and then it triggered after the leader was out of bombs/rockets. I could just shrug and go with it but I want to understand what is happening. Any ideas why it triggers when I set the counter to 2? Or why it triggers right away if I set it to 1?
  20. It gets jaggy if you are in accelerated time. Otherwise it looks good.
  21. I know that was mostly tongue in cheek, but the Mustang to me is one hell of a design feat. It's not that it was better than a 190, 109, Spitfire, etc. in the mythical one on one duel. it's that it was as good as it was while being able to stay in the air for eight hours. That is what makes it so impressive. Back on topic ... not sure that I have much to add. I don't know that I hate any of these planes. I think that what I dislike is similar to your point: anything with an overly intense following that will brook no argument that disputes the obvious superiority of their fa
  22. The ground attackers and dive bombers attack individual ground targets. I think your idea still works. The aircraft get attack area (Ground Targets) with a timer of 300 seconds. When any flight member goes bingo it triggers another timer of 30 seconds, giving the rest of the flight one last opportunity to do something. At that point the force completion is invoked and the attack is over. Time to go home. fact is that if they have not dropped anything by then odds are pretty good they are just going to get themselves killed. Level bombers attack ground. The logic is similar b
  23. I just did the first part and the results were disappointing. The Ai has a few dozen targets below it and it just sort of takes its sweet time thinking about all of the nice stuff it can blow up. @JaegermeisterAppreciate the tip. Still can't do anything about the flight lead lingering but at least he's the only one to worry about. My current implementation requires everybody to drop and that is just asking too much.
  24. So I am down to the more limited version suggested by @Gambit21. Bingo bombs ties into a counter that equals the number of planes in the flight. Each bingo bombs increments the counter. When the counter triggers it sets off the egress. Much simpler and in the end a big improvement on what is there.
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