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    DD today?

    Yes. Probably by this weekend.
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    DD today?

    No - just one right now Serious answer: yes, you can fly it if you bought the collectors edition. If you bought the regular edition then you do not get the collector planes until you purchase them separately.
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    More progress on 6.0. Mission generation code is complete. I successfully generated a mission in 6.0 for the first time (that is a pretty big deal). With production code complete for core campaign and mission generation I can now focus on testing those aspects of PWCG. After that, AAR. Then play testing. Then back to Coop server development and further integration between the PWCG Coop Server and PWCG (they communicate through JSON files. Still no net code in PWCG).
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    There are three major PWCG projects coming up. PWCG online for coop, PWCG for BOBP, and PWCG for FC. Flying Circus PWCG for FC will start in September of 1917 and progress through the end of the war. It will be geographically much smaller than RoF as it will all have to take place inside the provided map. There will certainly be some juggling of history as the squadrons facing each other will not be entirely accurate but more representative. German, British, and French will be included. I might toss in an American SPAD squadron. Because of the limited plane set squadrons, especially two seat squadrons, will be assigned stand in aircraft types. Still, while not achieving the historical accuracy that is possible with more planes and maps, it will still provide the atmosphere. Historical accuracy will increase as more planes and maps are added. Unlike PWCG for RoF, PWCG for BoS will have a moving front, at least from April 1918 to the end of the war. Battle of Bodenplatte BOBP introduces Americans and British. American and British careers will begin as early as possible given the map. Russian careers will still end in early 44. German careers will be allowed to move from the east to the west, with the possibility of enforced leave for the time gap between the last Russian campaign and the start of activity in the west. PWCG Online Phase 1 Release 5.0 brought about coop campaigns. Small problem: only the person actually running the campaign can see anything. PWCG Online, conceptually ... think of Dungeons and Dragons. You have Dungeon Master who runs the show. Similarly, a coop campaign will have one person who runs the show (this is already the case, except in PWCG the DM can play too). I will call that person the Campaign Commander. I am writing servers that the campaign commander can run on his machine. These servers will allow users to access PWCG from their browsers, which will allow them to interact with the campaign in much the same way that you can do today. Big difference is that campaign altering events such as leave and new missions will not be available - only the campaign commander will be allowed to do things that alter the state of campaigns. However, participants will be able to look at the chalk board, see flight logs, top aces, etc. PWCG Online Phase 2 One the basics are in place, phase two can begin. The goal here is to eliminate the restriction that all human players must belong to the same squadron. In phase two they can be in any squadron on any side. This is a massive change that will have to take place over time. The goal is that, in the end, coop online wars become a reality. Joe can fly for a fighter squadron, harry can be in a bomber squadron, and Jane can fly fighters for the other side. When a PWCG mission is made all of these people will be involved, with AI filling in the rest. They may meet or they may not, but they will be flying. A note: PWCG is not structured to be massive multiplayer. This still depends on somebody running the coop campaign and setting up missions. You can't have a limitless number of people in the air for obvious reasons. However, it will be great for squadron wars with 40-50 people involved. It will also be great for flight sim role players that want to get together and fly through a historical setting, sometimes flying with friends but also possibly meeting human opponents. There will be a very high degree of flexibility, with the sweet spot being 5-50 participants.
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    SP Career Appreciation

    We keep the TV and computer in the same room so me yelling attack target, map, hud, icons, etc. while my wife is watch TV is a bit of an issue. The VR set already provides comic relief as I twist my head and look straight at her trying to pick up the guy on my six.
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    SP Career Appreciation

    @[TWB]Sketch @seafirelivVive pro and others (Pimax s apparently coming out with one too) are making higher resolution devices but cost is pretty high. Around the $800 for Vive Pro and $900 for Pimax where the Rift can be had for $350. If you've got the cash, go for it . If you don't Rift is still a very good experience at $350.
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    SP Career Appreciation

    Wasn't addressed to me but I'll answer anyway Rift is the Oculus product. HTC Vive is the competitor. Rift is cheaper. Online reviews consider the two roughly equal in quality. I own a Rift and I am very happy with it. The in game experience with VR is incredible. It really feels like you are sitting in a cockpit. Two drawbacks to VR. The first and IMHO biggest is having to grope for controls. Voice recognition can help with that. The other drawback is the fact that VR resolution is not as good as a good monitor. Spotting is more difficult and the visuals are not as crisp. Still, the experience of being wrapped in the plane makes it worth it.
  8. It's on the Stalingrad map. It obviously does not include planes that have not yet been delivered. Other than those small details - it is a working campaign. If you want to fly a Spitfire IX or P-47 in a single player campaign, now you can. PWCG also supports coop so that is available too. The squadrons are correct and the airfield names are changed to accurate Bodenplatte fields. Posting here because not everybody looks in on the PWCG section. Please post any feedback in the PWCG section of the forum. Have fun.
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    PWCG Coop Changes

    See the original page of the DD. I am developing server side software that will run on the host's machine. As long as the host is running the server software players will be able to log in and see the campaign from their perspective. Pretty much just like accessing any other web site. There are two major design goals. The first is for players participating in the campaign to be able to view things in much the same was as the PWCG desktop. When they log in they will select a persona and the view will be from that point of view. The second design goal is to offload as much work as possible from the campaign host. If players are responsible for registering for a mission and providing claims after the mission then the host will not have to do much if any bookkeeping. Just create a mission notification notice (5 minutes at most), wait for players to register, then fly the mission.
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    PWCG Coop Changes

    For PWCG 6.0 Coop is being expanded to many players in many squadrons on both sides. Obviously this presents some challenges. As a result, for coop campaigns only, some changes have to be made. For the initial release (6.0): Mission Briefing: The mission creation process will consist of selecting players to fly and then pressing "Finish". Because other squadrons will not be able to edit their missions the ability to edit a mission will also be disabled for the host. Claiming Victories: again, with many players involved PWCG coop AAR will not accept victory claims. Victories will be based purely on the logs. In 6.0 I see the flow going like this: 1. Host creates mission announcement. 2. Mission announcement is available to players when they log in. 3. Host begins mission generation. 4. Host selects human participants. 5. Host creates mission. 6. PWCG generates mission with all selected human participants flying. 7. Mission is flown. 8. Host triggers AAR. 9. Logs are used for victory assignment. 10. Next mission. In future releases I hope to restore at least a mission briefing (probably not edit capability) and also create some form of claim system. I see the ultimate version flowing like this: 1. Host creates mission announcement. 2. Mission announcement is available to players when they log in. 3. Players respond with will or will not participate. 4. Host begins mission generation. 5. Host verifies participants. Host has option to add or remove human participants (same screen as step 4 in 6.0 except respondents are already included) 5. Host creates mission. 6. PWCG generates mission with all selected human participants flying. 7. Mission briefing is available to each player for the mission that they are flying. 8. Mission is flown. 9. Players file claims 10. PWCG uses combination of logs and fuzzy logic to assign victories (as today). 11. Next mission. 12. Combat reports are available from the perspective of each player. 13. Journal is available for each player. 14. Squadron logs are available for each player.
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    Any available SP campaign or mission out there?

    Nothing for PWCG yet. At the moment I am booked with coop (which will be usable for FC as well as BoX). Also, with no two seaters I would be in uncharted territory - code might not even work if everything is a fighter. At the moment my priorities are coop and Bodenplatte. The first is a really big change. The second is smaller and already partially done. Summer? Provided you are OK with flying WWI on the Stalingrad map
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    PWCG 5.1.2 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    @hayraddin Thanks for posting. That is odd - the error logs (and the service code) are saying that they do not understand the service that you are trying to join. FYI the cold start was an experiment. At the moment it seems to be too error prone to proceed with. At some future date when bandwidth allows maybe we can revisit.
  13. At the PWCG web site PWCG 3.0 includes the Kuban and all new planes available to date. Enjoy a career in a HS 129, Spitfire, or any of your other favorites. PWCG 3.0.1 Fixed: Pilot always dead when plane crashes. Fixed: RoF willl not create a mission. Fixed: Invalid plane for loose skins for plane ju523mg4e. Fixed: Mission file cleanup not happening. Fixed: During campaign creation, transition from rank on previous step causes error. Fixed: Moving wayponts on briefing map sometimes caused incorrect results. Fixed: Raised attack MCU and lengthened run to prevent AI ground crashes. Fixed: Error when creating escort flight for player, causing missions not to be created. Fixed: Krasnodar map takeoff. Added: When creating a campaign filter by map. Add map to squadron description text. PWCG 3.0.2 Features: Icons - Added front lines - Added airfield icons Music - Added Music control screen on front panel - Improved sound control Bugs: Fixed ground attack players overwhelmed by fighters - New Advanced COnfig: Mission Limits -> Max Enemy Fighters For Ground Attack (default 1) - New Advanced COnfig: Mission Limits -> Max Enemy Fighters For Fighters (default 3) Fixed reappearing AAA (sort of) - Increased respawn to 10 minutes to keep them dead longer (was 3 minutes) Fixed empty airfieds - AAA and static planes now appear - Added trucks if airfield is target Fixed escort flight rendezvous Fixed Severskaya airfield takeoffs PWCG 3.1 Features: Allow players to select payload for their flight from Pilot Selection Screen - Use Synchronize Payloads to synchronize the flight's payloads on the leader. Added more items to BoS airfields. - Developed empty space finder algorithm to place more stuff Bugs: Fixed squadron skin configuration - Added back squadron skins that had been removed in 3.0 Changed initial victories, odds of loss for Luftwaffe and VVS PWCG 3.1.1 Features: Added support for aircraft modifications along with payloads. Modifications appear as check boxes in a new column on the briefing pilot selection chalkboard. Added support for squadron override of aircraft roles. This allows PWCG to offer dedicated ground support for some FW190 squarons as well as cannon armed Stuka in II./St.G.2. Added support for initial selection of a payload to fit the mission. Added support for AI flights to use a wider range of payloads. Bugs: Fixed plane selection issue. PWCG 3.1.1 Added support for aircraft modifications along with payloads. Modifications appear as check boxes in a new column on the briefing pilot selection chalkboard. Added support for squadron override of aircraft roles. This allows PWCG to offer dedicated ground support for some FW190 squarons as well as cannon armed Stuka in II./St.G.2. Added support for initial selection of a payload to fit the mission. Added support for AI flights to use a wider range of payloads. Fixed plane selection issue. PWCG 3.1.2 Improve enemy fighter limitations on ground attack. No fighter escort on player ground attack missions. Limit fighter missions based on player mission type and not squadron role. Implemented staggered formation on runway for BoS Fixed all mission times are 0830. Fixed no skins in skin management screen Fixed scrolling the AAR and typing journal entries is slow Fixed no LA5 modifications are available. SIxed Dallas and Kinkead on some dates are showing up as not being in the RNAS Moved wind sock away from runway for BoS Increased air start spacing for BoS PWCG 3.2.0 Add smoke near front line. Sometimes (heavy) in proximity of activity. Other times (light) ambient. (BoS) Add damage to structures close to the front Replace static artillery at airfield with static trucks(BoS) Add ambient skirmishes(BoS) Add ambient truck convoys(BoS) Improved takeoff alignment by introducing different spacing for small, medium and large planes Fixed Stukas do not dive bomb (BoS) Fixed Map scrolling through click and drag broken on briefing map Fixed takeoff positioning error for RoF Fixed Invalid payload for plane: 6 No 8 Naval Squadron circa November 1916 (RoF) Fixed incorrect ranks for French Navy (RoF) PWCG 3.2.1 Correct error preventing mission load PWCG 3.3.0 Added Ju52 Add transport missions. - Transport cargo from field to field. - Parachute drop, daytime and nighttime. - Cargo drop near front. - Spy extraction. Add anti shipping missions in Kuban Set roles by squadron instead of plane for greater flexibility. Allow roles for a squadron to change over time. Add target preferences based on history. i..e. Drifters near Stalingrad in November, shipping at Kuban in Sept 1943, etc. Bug fixes: Reduced and normalized waypoint speeds to help formations Added missing Kuban bridges Improved climb wps. Climb into mission if far from front. Fixed freeze error on some Russian ground attack missions Rewrote target finding algorithm for fewer failures. Fixed AAA not appearing along front and at installations Fixed campaign property bug that caused all defaults to be copied over. Fixed AI does not land when waypoint progression is broken Fixed (?) AI sometimes crashes on landing Improved egress waypoint placement Improved odds of contact during mission Fixed some instances of ground units in the water PWCG 3.3.1 Extend Kuban action back to July 1942. Add mountain flying. Added config to reduce smoke in a given area. Smoke is now controlled by two parameters: max smoke in mission and max smoke within a radius. Campaign->Advanced Config -> Mission Limits -> Max Smoke In Mission -> Max Smoke In Area Cleaned up weather inputs in advanced config Bugs: Fixed will not respond to changes in "'Maximum amount of smoke" as intended Fixed Radio beacon doesn't work (I think) Fixed Attack marker showing up over friendly forces Fixed No landing if player chooses air start Fixed Freeze if number of aircraft config changes (max planes per flight will now be 😎 Fixed failure to create campaign in some situations Fixed when flying the E7, selecting the 'remove headrest' option adds an armored windscreen instead (and vice versa I assume). PWCG 3.3.2 Bugs: Fixed error when modifying advanced configuration PWCG 3.3.3 Bugs: Fixed PWCG does not work with latest BoX PWCG 3.4.0 Altered squadrons for smoother transition in "Battles" format. - Squadron transition within a single squadron file. Causes natural movement through battles without actively transferring. - Movement through battles from 1 Oct 1941 to 1 Dec 1943 - Includes early German advance through Kuban to Stalingrad and Russian advance after Stalingrad. - Fewer squadrons for less density. Still pretty dense, especially Kuban. New planes: - A20 - P39 - La5N - Me109G6 PWCG 3.4.1 Add Yak7B Restore squadrons fro Me-109 E-7, Me-110, Hs-129, Ju-52 Enabled mixed flights Fixed missing aircraft profiles PWCG 3.5.0 Add several new mission variations - Low altitude bombing - Low altitude patrols - Low altitude battlefield CAP Improved climb WP generation to reduce climb WPs to only as many as necessary to achieve altitude. Bugs: Fixed starting behind enemy lines (PWCG was still using old as well as new front line transitions) PWCG 4.0.0 Every squadron in PWCG is staffed. Every plane in the mission maps to a pilot in PWCG Out of mission events affect pilots in PWCG. If a pilot gains a victory out of mission, the victim will also be a pilot in PWCG. The fate of the plane and pilot are separated - a pilot can easily survive being shot down. A replacements pool of pilots exists.- During each time cycle, "needy squadrons" request replacements. Replacements are distributed from the pool. The replacement pool is drained to compensate for squadron losses. There is a lag between the time a pilot is lost and the time that the request for a replacement is acknowledged. The replacement pool is periodically replenished. Over time manpower will become more of an issue, but not to a severe degree. Slightly depleted AI squadrons may not fly. Severely depleted AI squadrons will not fly. The player's squadron will not fly if severely depleted. PWCG 4.1.0 Every squadron in PWCG is equipped. Every plane in the mission maps to a plane in PWCG Out of mission events affect planes in PWCG. If a pilot gains a victory out of mission, the victim will also be a plane in PWCG. A replacements depo of planes exists.- During each time cycle, "needy squadrons" request replacements. Replacements are distributed from the depo. The replacement depo is drained to compensate for squadron losses. There is a lag between the time a plane is lost and the time that the request for a replacement is acknowledged. The replacement pool is periodically replenished. Over time equipment will become more of an issue, but not to a severe degree. Slightly equipment depleted AI squadrons may not fly. Severely equipment depleted AI squadrons will not fly. The player's squadron will not fly if severely equipment depleted. Made tweaks tp odds of other squadrons flying. Landing improved: planes on the Moscow map will land and taxi to a revetment before disappearing. @Murleen A first for PWCG. Murleen has contributed Java code. This is the first time in nine years that an outside author has written Java code for PWCG! Also a first: PWCG is now available on GitHub. Murleen's contributions were a bug fix for spawn parsing and .. this was a lot of work on his part ... the landing correction noted above. Many thanks. Bugs: Fixed spawn event parsing error Fixed failure to create ground attack missions Fixed failure to note missions flown. Fixed Italian campaign. PWCG 4.1.1 Call signs added (Murleen). Added Stalingrad taxi mappings (Murleen) Added planes lost to debrief UI. Bugs: Fixed replacing pilots in briefing causes AAR errors after mission. Fixed failure to create create campaign later in war Fixed player transfer error (Murleen) Fixed inactive campaign members not saved (Murleen). Fixed failure to properly apply modifications (reported for E7 but could affect others). PWCG 4.2.0 Changed ground unit generation to avoid excessive number of ground units generated by AI flights. Bugs: Fixed error where depleted squadrons could be further drained. PWCG 4.2.1 Incorporated improved graphics (Riksen). Disassociated pilot name from campaign name (prelude to multiple human pilots) Bugs: Incorporated fix for Kuban taxiways (Murleen). Increased PWCG memory. PWCG 5.0.0 Support for multiple players and coop mode. How to create a coop campaign: - On the campaign creation screen choose coop campaign at the top/center - Complete campaign creation process Adding another human pilot - In the campaign, choose "Add Pilot" - Enter the rank and name of the new pilot - Select the AI pilot to be replaced. Added fog of war setting in advanced config. Makes victories less descriptive. - Advanced Config -> User Preferences -> DetailedVictoryDescription - Set to 0 for less descriptive victories. Default is 1. New visuals: There is a small icon on the right of the pilot name, giving pilot status.  I don't have a mission button - All of your human pilots are dead or wounded. - You can create a new AI pilot - You can go on leave to heal your human pilots (info is on the leave page). Bugs Fixed: missing LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Ships\torpedoboat38.txt Fixed: Planes sometimes do not take off (Murleen). Fixed: Too many out of mission AAA losses. Fixed: Player not being made commander after promotion to major. Fixed: Duplicate entries in squadron log Fixed flight not taking off at Dugino airfield. Fixed planes not being replaced when squasron transitions to new arch type PWCG 5.0.1 Fixed: Unidentified Object popup (Thanks Murleen) Fixed: Planes not properly oriented on runway (Thanks Murleen) Fixed: Concurrent map update exception Fixed: Planes span on top of each other in CAP Fixed: No planes sighted on intercvept or CAP Fixed: Error bundler is not bundling all directories. Fixed: Marder scrip path not properly set PWCG 5.0.2 Fixed: number in formation counter (Thanks Murleen) Fixed: Train target is on the wrong side Fixed: Floating smoke PWCG 5.0.3 Equipment replacement enhancements: - Increased equipment replacement rate - Increased odds of players squadron getting replacements if severely depleted - Increased odds of any squadron getting replacements if severely depleted - Accounted for actual need in squadrons in generating replacement planes Made Italian campaign available for Moscow Fixed: Historical aces appear twice in top aces board PWCG 5.0.4 Fixed: issue where adding Italian squadron earlier was causing problems in existing campaigns. Fixed: Escort missions. Rendezvous fixes by me, separation fixes by Murleen. PWCG 5.0.5 Added U2 as daylight attack aircraft. - To play U2 campaign choose Russian. August 1942. Stalingrad map, 588 Bomber Air Regiment. - I don't ownthis plane but the ME loads a mission with no errors. Added P47, Spitfire Mk IX, P47, Me109 G14, Me109 K4, FW190 A8 - Not tested in game at all. - Not incorporated into the campaign - To make a dummy campaign, replace the assignment in a squadron and start a new campaign. - Or wait a week or two and I will have something that looks like Bodenplatte (on the Stalingrad map) PWCG 5.1.0 The Western front in WWII comes to PWCG with Bodenplatte on the Stalingrad map. All available Bodenplatte planes are included. Airfield names changed to match western names. Squadrons are correct. Squadron equipment mapped from actual to available (i.e. P51 squadrons are flying P47s) - Will be changed as new planes are introduced. Fixed: U2 payload. Now has bombs and gun. PWCG 5.1.1 Modified PWCG to understand the difference between end of production and withdrawal from front line service. Should help get newer types to the front faster. Fixed: modifications for P47 Fixed: modifications for Spitfire IX Verified squadron assigned skins work Verified user assigned loose skins to squadron mates work PWCG 5.1.2 Packaged over 70 skins for squadrons - thanks to the skin creators for making these available. Configured squadron files to use the skins. Skins and updated PWCG are available for download at the PWCG site
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    Having BOS and BOM versions as a whole

    As you buy more product you can mix and match planes and maps. Many planes were in use on multiple maps, or at least they would make a decent substitute (Example: I use Stuka Ds on the Moscow map regardless of whether the D was there or not). If you somehow install separately you lose this ability.
  15. PatrickAWlson

    SP Career Appreciation

    RPG vs Strategic gameplay. Both are fun. I prefer red baron style RPG but I have to admit that the strategic more in BoB was fun too. IMHO one can argue the superiority of one over the other but in the end it's opinion. Some micro level of dynamic campaign is possible even in the context of a historical campaign. Aces can be killed in a non historic fashion. A unit can be temporarily depleted of men and equipment. Tracking damage to structures is certainly possible. These things can be done without altering who won the war. I am hoping over time that better hardware combined with continued performance improvements will allow for an increasingly active world. This has already happened to some degree as the game certainly takes more ground units than it used to. Hopefully the trend continues.
  16. PatrickAWlson

    ME 262

    Except he probably didn't. Hartmann hated the 104 so much that he pretty much lost his job arguing against it. Anyhow, back to our originally scheduled programming ...
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    Nothing too exciting. Core campaign has been reworked for multiple human players. Working on mission generation now. probably about 50% code complete. I have new rules for in place for spawning and attack triggers. Working on despawning now. Once mission generation is done then AAR. Rules: AI flights will spawn for any human player. Ambient ground units will spawn for any plane coalition. Target ground objects will spawn for any plane coalition. AttackArea command MCUs will trigger for any plane (AI or human) in the attacking flight. AAA will spawn for enemy plane coalition. Basically, if a plane is around then ground units in the area will spawn. This will end up being mostly human triggered because AI flights will not spawn until there is human contact. However, once an AI aircraft is on the map it could cause ground units to spawn. This will result in a bit of chaos as, for example, your train target could spawn and leave the station based on other airplanes. I like this kind of chaos as IMHO it makes life more interesting. Triggering of attack MCUs will be limited to the attacking flight.
  18. PatrickAWlson

    russian bombers

    PE2s I aim between the engines and wing roots (I'm not nearly a good enough shot to be more precise than that ). I can usually get at least one by setting it on fire or knocking out the engines. Sometimes one has to be good enough. Shoot from close range.
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    PWCG - Enemy Fighter AI observations

    NP - just trying to clarify what I can and cannot control. I can definitely control the AI setting and, as stated above, getting contact just right is always going to be an ongoing process. Feedback is always welcome. Hope I did not come off as defensive but I need folks to understand what is within my ability to influence and what is not.
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    PWCG - Enemy Fighter AI observations

    As Sketch said it is fairly easy to determine what the AI settings are. If the offset is not working and AI setting values are too high then that is on PWCG. If the game chooses to make a novice AI fly like an ace then that is the game. If anything I would think that PWCG AI settings are lower than the stock campaign because PWCG always sets everything other than fighters to novice. On average German planes may have a higher AI setting than Russian planes, but both sides should use novice to ace. Back to this statement: PWCG can set a number from 1 to 4. That's it. What the game does with that number is frequently changing these days and not controllable by PWCG. One way to tell is to get into the QMB and set up a fight against different AI levels. Do you see a difference between novice and veteran? PWCG does not in any way have any control over the damage model. It does not and cannot influence the DM in any way. Are you aware that 1C changed the damage model and/or the gun effectiveness a few patches ago? Everything is harder to shoot down now. Many threads in the general section on this. Contact or lack thereof is a forever ongoing process. Getting it just right is not an easy task and one that I will continue to try to improve. I think the experience can vary significantly depending on what squadron you are flying with at what time. PWCG intentionally reduces enemy air activity for non fighter missions and campaigns, as it could get impossible to reach a target without getting jumped. Fighter campaigns and missions should generate more contact. Feedback on where lack of contact is occurring is helpful. What squadron? Date? What kinds of missions?
  21. PatrickAWlson

    Simple and advanced config settings...

    just 1
  22. PatrickAWlson

    PWCG Now has Bodenplatte campaign

    1. Best to zip up your campaign directory and save it. install the new PWCG and then put back your campaigns. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. You can also just unzip the latest copy of PWCG. It will not overwrite or erase your campaigns. Recommend the first though, Updates are usually backwards compatible. I will explicitly say so when they are not (you will also see a major version bump in those cases). 2. How big is your screen in pixels? I can look at PWCG's line creation algorithm and try to make fixes.
  23. PatrickAWlson

    I love the new loading screens!

    That's the contest - who can build the time machine.
  24. PatrickAWlson

    Simple and advanced config settings...

    Not really. No changes at all to simple. Maybe one or two small changes to advanced. The easiest way to find out what they do is to open the PWCG advanced UI screen and hover over the config parameter name. A description pops up.
  25. To add to all of the previous: best VR experience out there. Just amazing in VR.