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  1. @dburne I am still in the middle of the large rewrite of the front end of flight generation. One significant change: the mission box will be a box created up front over some point of the front lines. It is currently a box around the flight path of the first player. There is already code in place to route flights into the mission box. By changing the box as described it should move the box away from the player's airbase causing fewer flights right over the player. If you are close to the front lines then this might still happen frequently, but bases further back will almost certainly experience less interference. Even bases closer to the front should be helped, but somewhat less so.
  2. I am probably going focus on intercepting twin engines since we don't have 4 engines. The targets the bombers are going for will still be more tactical than strategic. I am also going to mix in ground attacks for fighter 262 squadrons just for the fun of it. The ground attack 262 squadron (only planning one of each) will be dedicated ground attack. You will always be able to freelance as well. As with other plane types, other stuff will be going on. Later, on the to do list is generating specific allied jet intercept flights. This will be some addition fun for allies and add to the challenge for axis. I honestly think the 262 will be more of a side show than the main event. The mission types for the prop planes will be much more varied and IMHO much more interesting. The fun of the 262 fighter will be flying a jet for a few months at the end of the war, but really it would be boring if it went on for too long..
  3. At the moment you have to hit every WP. The cover command is not triggered until the last WP is hit, which is not triggered until the previous WP is hit, etc.
  4. Start the cover from a MissionBeginUnit instead of chaining it to the waypoints? I did something similar with attack mcus for bombers with mixed results. It works, but quite often the attack triggers before I would like it to. In the case of attack MCUs I might be triggering on coalition and not planes in the flight, which is a mistake. Even set up perfectly there are scenarios where independently triggering could cause problems. The first that I am thinking about is when the rendezvous takes place close to the player's home field. You could trigger the cover when you are only a few hundred meters off the ground and end up tail chasing the bombers in a climb while they proceed with their mission ... stuff like that.
  5. Going to be a little while. I am in the middle of a significant chunk of code that I have to finish before moving to the next thing. Once I have that done I will turn to the 262. I posted in the OP what I wanted to do with it - as a fighter it will be used in intercepts mostly and will not do routine front patrols and the like since it really was not used that way. As a bomber it will be used much like the IL2 - low alt bombing runs. I might have to adjust the attack area timer down.
  6. misread ... never mind original post. Yes, they did. I think mostly to get out of search lights. Probably did it against fighter opposition too but I am less sure of that. Makes sense that they would. Thing is night bombers were flying individual routes and were not in formation. We all know daylight heavies flew in formation in a box - that was the prime 262 target. Medium bombers are what I am curious about. Most of them were pretty agile and could evade, but what tactics did they use when in formation? In the BoB I think the German bombers flew much like the American heavies did, counting on mutual fire support more than evasion. I sort of suspect that American mediums did the same but would be very interested in details if somebody knows.
  7. Acknowledged. I think that I have to raise the bar and assign Ace Ai capability for 10 or more victories instead of 5. Then make sure that an excessive number of pilots do not meet the criteria out of the gate. The LW will always have better pilots in the east. By 1945 the difference should be much less, however, we can't get to 1945 in the east. In 1943 the LW was still a very effective air force. However, a lot of veterans and fewer aces is the goal, not a sky filled with aces.
  8. Quick update: I am in the middle of some major changes to flight creation. These are necessary for coop support and should help SP as well. Details for those interested ... @Murleen Some very important things about a flight are decided during the flight build process. The flow is very problematic for the new set of problems created by any number of players, any squadron, any role. I am in the process of extracting as much decision making process as possible and moving it to the beginning of the flight generation code. The result will be separation of decide and build. The output of decide will be a flight profile - a set of instructions that the build process will use to create the flight. Here's an example of a problem: How many planes should be in the flight? How hard can that be? How many players are in the squadron? Are they active (i.e. not wounded)? Should they been included in the mission? If there are no players from this squadron involved in the mission then are there enough AI pilots to staff the mission? What happens if there are more human players to be included than there are planes available? When you start factoring in all of the ... well, factors ... it gets a bit more complex than one might think. Anyhow, no drops coming soon (sorry, no 262 until I have a stable mission generation process.) but I'm working on it.
  9. Iknow everybody is up for the new planes but 🏆 for the AI improvements too
  10. There is ... but first I have to identify the skin. I have the same problem Sublime has in that I do not know how to reference the skins embedded in the game.
  11. The skin management page on the campaign screen is for assigning downloaded skins to your squadron mates. Right now there are very few configured skins for BoS. If you have skins in your game's skins directory for the selected plane they will show up as Loose skins.
  12. I need the map and the two seaters. Without at least one two seater per side I can't create a WWI campaign, as they are the heart of WWI aviation. However, they are coming at some point and when they do I will implement PWCG for FC.
  13. If the skins are embedded in the game I don't know. That is one reason why I have not done much with them.
  14. Yes, You have to open the squadron JSON file and add an entry to the skins section. There are some skin entries in some of the squadrons so an example should be there. If the change works please share.
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