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  1. "Report Error" zips the campaign such that it can be transferred. As @Hetzer-JG51 points out it's really the contents of the user folder. Just zip that up, email it to the new host, and he sees what the original host sees
  2. To the extent reasonably possible it is already there. Choose parked start in advanced configuration and it will do what you want. <Campaign>->Advanced Configuration->Mission Limits->Start Type It comes with a warning: it may or may not work. If it does not work on a given airfield then you have to revert to runway start
  3. bridge_railroad_200 is used all over the place. It is also still defined in the in game files. Not really understanding why that would be undefined.
  4. I appreciate your raising the issue because prompted the thought process on how to make it better. What I proposed can probably managed in a couple of evenings. Probably going to find it's way into the next release.
  5. That is only a bug if the lack of buildings occurred in the mission area. PWCG limits the structures that it puts on the ground. I might make a simple config for ground structures that will let people decide how much stuff to put down in a mission. I don't think ground structures consume much CPU but they do bloat the mission and increase load time. Still, with PWCG generating binaries these days that might be less of an issue. Or ... maybe it really is a bug or a deficiency . The algorithm for adding ground structures did not change in 11.9.1. That doesn't mean that it is necessarily what it should be. Example, if your base is not that close to the mission area you might fly over empty spaces. That would be where the configuration comes in. Last but not least would be an issue where PWCG really was not populating the mission area. I doubt that this is the case because if it was everything about 11.9.1 would fail.
  6. This thread is what 11.9.1 is largely about. Besides adding structures as destroyable, creditable targets I also added logic to make level bombing missions prefer non moving structural targets. Hope that helps the bomber experience.
  7. PWCG won't help with most of #1 and any of #2 or #3. Those are AI issues that you would see in all missions. I was told that planes circle to get set up based on wind. I have not heard any confirmation of this from the development team so I really don't know. I do agree that I would like to see the AI use whatever ingress path is provided - to heck with the or anything else - and attack. There were special units to protect the 262s but no special units to attack them. Allied fighters were encouraged to be very, very aggressive. They would look for bounce opportunities at German bases, jet or otherwise, and use them. What they did not do was slow, suicidal, low altitude circles over the airbase. They would fly over, see what they could see and make a fast attack when the opportunity presented. I did put in a request for a proper finger four formation in the suggestions forum. Maybe that can happen and help with #3 as it might make for a looser formation. If you look at the AI fly a plane it is a series of constant overcorrections. Put your plane on autopilot and watch. The throttle is constantly moving from 1/4 to 3/4 and back. Go to an external view and you see the control surfaces fluttering from the constant input. Could definitely use work. If done it would not only produce more realistic flying in the AI but also probably save on a lot of CPU as the decision cycle would not be nearly as rapid. The down side is that it would probably require a near overhaul of the AI code, so don't hold your breath.
  8. Something that people might want to be aware of: if you have a favorite target type you can heavily influence PWCG's target selection process. <Campaign>->Advanced Configuration->Target Types Th number next to each target type is a weight that increases the odds of selection. Max value is 1000. Set something to 1000 and odds are pretty good that you will get that mission type. Caveat: the target has to be available near the mission area. If it's not then PWCG will not choose that different target type. Airfields, rail and bridges will usually be found.
  9. Read through several. I find it interesting that the reports don't have much to say about return fire from the rear gunner.
  10. It basically means that LW pilots are going to have to fly more missions before they are promoted. LW pilots were just being promoted too fast. In the background, after the pilots have flown, the virtual bookkeepers get busy. Every pilot in the campaign universe is evaluated for promotion. Evaluations inputs are simple: current rank, missions flown, victories, and number of victories on the last mission (pretty much the only indicator I have of valor). That goes into the the proper evaluation code (proper is based on armed service and role) and a decision to promote or not comes out.
  11. All campaign data and user setup data (config preferences) is in the User directory (PWCGBos\user). Zip that directory and save a backup. PWCG installs do not overwrite this directory so the zip is just a precaution. After you have backed up the User directory you can do it several ways: 1. Just unzip 11.9.1 and let it overwrite files 2. Navigate to PWCGBoS and delete everything EXCEPT User. Then unzip 11.9.1 2. Store your zip of user someplace safe. Delete PWCGBoS. Unzip 11.9.1. Restore User from the zip. I usually do #2.
  12. PWCG 11.9.1 Add Structures as creditable targets - Add structures as targets - Include structures in payload decision - Includes static planes and static trucks - Does not include every object in the game. - Add mission briefings for structures - Change target selection to make appropriate use of structures as targets - Make game report structure destruction - Ability to identify and record victories on structures Added "Next:" and "Back:" text to mission work flow buttons for clarity Remove high priority waypoints for some flights. - No need anymore since flights fly in formation. Verified AI adjustments in advanced configs work as intended - they do. Added Lydia Lytviak (thanks Dutch2) Changed Luftwaffe odds of victory bonus - Limited to LW on eastern front - Reduced bonus for non ace pilots - Also introduces concept of differentiation by front Added code to remove heading/trailing spaces from config entries - Helps correct typos on user entry Fixed ships not written to mission file Fixed issue where rockets could be assigned to PE2 on bombing missions What happened to 11.9.0? Short life span ... happens.
  13. It is going to be mostly P-47s as they were they supplied most of the tactical units. There was only one P-38 fighter group left in Europe by Bodenplatte. I'm not sure if the P-51 group was an 8th AF group that got moved to Europe or a 9th. The 9th (354th FG) did fly some Mustangs. Regardless, most of the planes doing tactical work were P-47s.
  14. They told the pilots that they could eject. One look at that jet engine two inches behind the cockpit says otherwise. And if you did eject you would do so right in front of your target. Doubt you would be received with great kindness by the survivors.
  15. Here's what I know - or at least what I think I know. The Ju88C served on the French coast. Prior to Overlord they were used for maritime patrols and anti shipping. As a mission designer I can also probably get them into nuisance raids, although that might not be 100% accurate. After Normandy they were used directly against the landing. They suffered terrible losses and didn't make much of an impression, but they were there. They also served in the east as train busters and other ground attack. From a min/max point of view there might not be justification. Anything the Ju88C can do in the game the Me110 can probably do better. The Ju88C had better range, which justified its existence in real life, but what mission designer is really going to put the player in the cockpit for several hours. 1C, however, does not put planes in for min/max reasons. They put them in because they were interesting and because they actually got used.
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