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  1. PatrickAWlson

    Forcing enemy to crash doesn't count as victory?

    Another PWCG plug here but also IMHO the solution ... In PWCG I make the player claim victories. On one hand it lets players not claim victories for planes that they damaged and much later crashed while well out of sight. On the other hand, the algorithm gives unidentified victories (a crash will result in a victim with out a victor) to the player if they match his claim and they crashed in the same proximity as the player. It's not easy, but it is possible. Clearly identified victories or planes that did not crash anywhere near the player are not considered matches, and would result in a denied claim.
  2. PatrickAWlson

    When the P51 will be available?

    That's not historical accuracy. Historical air combat was not some sort of man on man duel. In many cases, if all went well, it was cold blooded murder with no risk to the attacker. Otherwise it was more about best team than best man. Training, numbers, and initial advantage meant much more than 1.98 ata and 150 octane fuel. One of my favorite analogies is the mythical wild west duel. Meet at 10 paces, draw and shoot. That happened maybe one time in the history of the west. Most "duels" consisted of one guy shooting the other in the back of the head.
  3. PatrickAWlson

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    When I am sure. Flames or large chunks of aircraft gone. Out of control. I would rather get one for sure than ding three.
  4. PatrickAWlson

    Icon rework

    +1 to @lefuneste mod. I am using it and it is great. Icons are down to a single triangle. No text. I can still see the icon through my plane but I think mods handle that too if you want.
  5. PatrickAWlson

    When the P51 will be available?

    Two weeks. Be sure.
  6. PatrickAWlson

    ground attack mission bug ?

    I apologize for not dealing with some of the problems that have been reported. To be plain it's a matter of prioritization - lots to do and limited time. I am queueing up the work and do intend to get to it. For the foreseeable future the coop mode is going to consume all of my time. If the maps and planes for BoBP and FC are not yet ready then small fixes and improvements might be possible then, otherwise they are going to wait until my three large tasks (coop, BoBP, FC) have been completed. I appreciate the patience. 2019 marks 10 years of PWCG development, and I 'm still doing it.
  7. PatrickAWlson


    It's going to be awhile but once I get the map I will start in. I really have no idea when the map will be available but I need that and I need the two seaters done. Right now I'm plugging away at the coop online component. Making steady progress.
  8. PatrickAWlson

    ground attack mission bug ?

    I'll have to look into "primary objective completed" - that is supposed to happen when you land. PWCG does not care about the game's version of mission objectives, but Iif I don't have one yhe game splashes "failed" after the flight. PWCG couldn't care less, but people didn't like seeing that, so I made landing the primary objective.
  9. PatrickAWlson

    rendering 50 bombers

    I do that with every AI entity, but I still get complaints that things are not hopping enough, or complaints of slow downs.
  10. PatrickAWlson

    rendering 50 bombers

    @Flashy That is very true. I have spent a lot of hours in PWCG limiting what it can do. My life would be so much easier and the missions would be so much better if I could turn it loose and let the code do the things it is capable of. Instead I am constantly concerned about ground and air unit density, with large chunks of code first limiting density and then compressing and arranging what can be included into the space of the mission.
  11. PatrickAWlson

    rendering 50 bombers

    First, only 1C really knows the answer. I have been writing code for 30 years and the first thing that I have learned about performance issues is that when you start to investigate them you are usually surprised with the results. Software (C++ in this case) has performance analysis tools. You need to use those tools, make improvements, test again rinse wash repeat. Poor performance comes in two forms. The first is pure CPU usage. The code is just using too much compute power to do the job, therefore it cannot do many instances of the job. The second is latency. Your code is structured such that it is spending too much time waiting and not enough time doing. In my experience performance issues are usually a combination of both. On one performance improvement job I made many changes that all added up to a significant improvement. Then I found a single errant line of code that introduced latency across threads - fixing that gave as much improvement as all of the other fixes combined. Going into the job I had a good idea that the former was an issue and no idea that the latter existed. So ... Four engines will require AI changes such that it knows how to fly a four engine plane. Then it will require compute cycles for monitoring and calculating the status of four engines instead of two. Then there will be up to 10 AI crewmen per plane instead of 5. And it's hard to know which will be the biggest contributor to performance degradation. One thing that is almost certain is that any performance improvements made with respect to 4 engine types will help everything and not just 4 engine bombers. If they can halve the CPU cycles dedicated to AI gunners, for example, that cuts across every plane with a gunner. I have noticed that the AI pilot loop is way too tight. Watch the speed with which the AI performs corrections. The control surfaces practically flutter under AI control. Can something be done where the AI makes a decision and then operates the controls to carry through on the decision, rather than making a new decision every cycle? Would this help (I can't help but think it would)? How much code would have to change to do something like this (I suspect quite a lot)? So there are a few considerations. It's a complicated subject and no easy task.
  12. PatrickAWlson

    Just started Career

    Shameless plug for PWCG. You can start a career in PWCG and then set fighter opposition to zero. That will limit odds of being shot down. Worst case you are flying around and looking at scenery, or you will get bombers and attack planes as targets.
  13. PatrickAWlson

    What is your favourite plane

    I always start my careers in the 110. It really is a pretty good plane for ground attack and works really well for intercepting bombers and IL2s.
  14. PatrickAWlson

    What is your favourite plane

    FW190. Love those cannons. On the Russian side I really like the I16.
  15. PatrickAWlson

    BoS - Cannot shot down planes

    Since you're pretty new to Il2 it might be good to learn a relatively gentle plane and then go from there. I fly mostly German but my understanding is that the Yak is very pleasant to fly. Pretty fast, very maneuverable, and with good handling characteristics. Not heavily armed to I go back to my first response - get close before you start shooting. When attacking bombers the engines tend to be the best target. The fuselage will absorb a lot of damage so shooting directly into the rear of the target might not bring it down. If you do target the fuselage then firing at the front (where all the crew is) will require you to be somewhat above or below the target.