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  1. I don't think you can minimize BoX but you can get back to PWCG or any other running program with ALT-TAB
  2. @Yogiflight Got a cause and fix. PWCG was miscounting pilots and including wounded when deciding how many planes a squadron could put in the air. Later, when it came tome to actually crew the planes it properly excluded wounded pilots. The result was a mismatch in terms of how many pilots were expected vs available. In the meantime you it looks like about half the missions will work. the error will only occur if a large flight is created for a particular Russian squadron that is depleted. @Almenas You do not have any coop user records. You can fix that immediately by restoring your PWCG install and making sure the coop user folder is there with the default "Host" file. Of course, PWCG should not expect such a record to exist for a SP campaign, so I have made a correction such that PWCG does not need this folder for SP campaigns. This will not happen in the future. Fixes will be posted by end of day tomorrow, hopefully sooner.
  3. @Yogiflight @Almenas Please press the "Report Error" button at the bottom left of the campaign screen and post the zip file. PWCG changes and morphs state in a million ways over the course of a campaign. The odds of me reproducing some of these errors is near zero without your campaigns in their current state. With the campaigns I can usually discover the problem and generate a fix in less than an hour. The report error function had not kept up in the PWCG 7 releases and that is certainly my fault. One of the last things that I did in 8 was to update this to match the current campaign structure. It should work completely now.
  4. It's just a Java program. Takes about 5 minutes to install - pretty much an unzip. Give it a try. If you don't like it, uninstall is as simple as deleting the PWCG directory so there's not anything to lose.
  5. New video on the new mission and target configs Using Mission and Target Configurations
  6. New video on the new mission and target configs Using Mission and Target Configurations
  7. PWCG 8.1.0 Added enemy cover for balloon bust missions Added opposition for balloon defense missions Artillery now fires at a target Ground vehicles now have individual waypoints to avoid collisions Bombing mission selection is now configurable Recon mission selection is now configurable Transport mission selection is now configurable Ground target selection is now configurable
  8. With the Yak 9 and the current La5 series, do we have enough planes (never mind maps) to simulate end of war for Russia? I know we don't have the La7 or Yak 3.
  9. My understanding of the Germans in particular is that they did not do that. If a Leutnant was left to command the squadron so be it. PWCG accounts for this with a formula of rank/victories/missions flown in that order to establish command. TBH I think the inaccuracy is probably on the Allied side who were more persnickety about rank structure, but I have not created entirely different logic for each service.
  10. The whole mission accomplished thing is an in game mechanism that PWCG informs but does not care about. PWCG is coded such that survival = mission accomplished and it used to work that way. I think something changed in game in terms of mission evaluation because right now it seems like success/failure i semi random. Since it is not working as intended it is something I will have to revisit, but since PWCG doesn't care one way or the other it's not at the top of my list.
  11. That is handled in much the same way. It takes a week for new pilots to be replaced. Of course, with new pilots they are always novices or maybe average depending on who they are flying for and what date. However, the delay in replacement is much the same. The idea is that a squadron might suffer heavy losses in planes or pilots and be put out of action temporarily, but usually the losses are replaced fairly quickly. In the case of planes it will be with newer models because that is what is coming off of the factory floor, although stocks of older models are also used if necessary. For pilots it is almost always a downgrade and then they have to gain experience to become more capable.
  12. Good - that's the way it's supposed to work, although it may not be that fast, PWCG notes the date of loss but only considers it for replacement after a week to emulate paperwork and bureaucracy. It then does resupply based on need, leaning towards preferring to restock the player's squadron. Once losses are replenished there is another sweep for upgrades to see if older types in a squadron can be upgraded. Once all is done there is what is in the squadrons and what is in the depo. With all of the moving parts there can be quite a bit of variation in results.
  13. Can you post your campaign? It does seem to be failing to match a pilot with a plane. If your campaign is in a state to create the problem it will help to reproduce it.
  14. Before VR and TIR here's what I did. Three keys that must be bound to easy to reach places (I used my joystick) Find nearest enemy Padlock Look forward When in combat find an enemy and padlock him. Follow him with padlock as you are able. If you get disoriented click forward view to reset. Get settled and then padlock again. If you do it pretty quickly the game usually padlocks the same guy that you broke lock on a moment before. Did that from the 1990s with RB3d until I finally got TIR some several years ago.
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