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  1. 2 is cold start from parked position. If you are not sure what an advanced config does or what the possible values are hover over the text and you will get a tool tip with a more detailed description.
  2. I am doing some work that should make unit starvation more noticeable. On the intel report screen I am outlining resource starved units in red. At the moment resource starved units are excluded. In my case the issue was Russian units and not German. Plenty of planes and not enough pilots. Resource starvation on a larger scale is the doing of the out of mission calculations, and not intentional. With the new system it should happen less frequently. One thing that I noticed was an inaccurate usage of active units (they are on the map) and viable units (they are on the map and have resources). I am changing some code to make more accurate use of the distinction but it has to be done carefully.
  3. Repeating myself a bit, but with a very similar setup (slightly less good than the OP) I did run VR with a Rift CV1 for awhile and it was functional. Definitely not ideal, but it was usable. After awhile (delayed by several months when the prices of GPUs surged) I did upgrade from a 980 to a 1080 and that was obviously much better. Point being it will work. Whether it is acceptable or not is up the user. As @SAG points out the OP already has everything except the game, and one module is not that expensive. May as well try it.
  4. I think it is the vast number of AA guns on one floating platform that creates the problem. I put dozens of AA guns in a mission but at any given time probably fewer than 20 are active. Drop one of these suckers in a mission and you have 30+ AA guns in a 300 meter area. Yikes! BTW: "gun turret" in the game refers to pretty much any AA position and not necessarily an actual turret.
  5. I would love to see spotting and other forms of situational awareness tied to AI skill level. Aces will spot you, novices won't. Not completely related to a Mosquito but sort of related to any plane that depends more on speed and surprise.
  6. Your system is very similar to my older one and IL2 ran well enough for me. The graphics card is a little light for VR but it should work. I ran my Oculus Rift CV I with a 980 (not ti) and it was OK. You might have to turn down some options and not overload your missions with stuff but your system is pretty similar to my previous one overall I would say that you're fine. There is no downloadable demo but the older modules are not that expensive. Stalingrad is a very good first module. Kuban is heavier on the system so maybe not that one right away. I would pick up one of the less expensive modules and try it out. VR in this game is IMHO mind blowing. If you played 1946 you probably already have decent flight gear. Top of the line is not needed but mouse and keyboard IMHO don't cut it. Joystick minimum. Joystick and throttle preferable. Rudder pedals very nice to have but with a WWII module you can probably get by without. WWI birds IMHO really need rudder.
  7. I'm guessing that there are hand edits to your data files? I started debugging and I can't open the campaign because at least 3 squadrons that seem to exist in your install do not exist in mine. I deleted those files but apparently they are critical to your campaign because it could not resolve the player without them. If there were no hand edits adding new units then I am confused. Maybe a very old campaign and we changed the squadrons? I don't recall doing that but I have to admit I don't really know what's up.
  8. This already came up in the PO2 thread a few hours ago. At least one person has reported seeing one. PO2 was a night attack plane so you would expect to see them at night (or not since it's going to be dark ). They do exist in PWCG. You can fly for the night witches. If you get a night mission you might encounter them while flying for a different unit. I'm pretty sure they are in the in game career mode as well. Not sure how they are treated there.
  9. Don't recall the details but yes, formation size depends on who is flying when. Germans, Americans, and British always fly fighter missions in groups of 2 - preferably 4. Russians will start the war flying in groups of 3. I think bomber formations are less strict about even numbers since the idea is a defensive formation. So yes, there is something there. Exactly what could be improved is TBD.
  10. Have it coded. Need to write some tests around it. Instead of a fixed replacement quota per armed service I have a multiplier per armed service that I multiply by squadrons in PWCG. This way each service resupplies at different rates (Americans highest, Germans lower) but the number of units represented n PWCG is taken into configuration. A bit of quick math says that Allied resupply rates should not change too much, nor should German until there is war on both fronts.
  11. Just install it again like you did the first time. Everything is in the licenses which are stored on their servers, so after a brand new install just start the game and log in. Your licenses will be downloaded and you're good to go. You do not need anything from your old rig. Things you might want are setup files, skins, mods, etc. but you don't have to have them.
  12. The P51 was better than adequate. With its speed and acceleration it was an above average performer. The best in a furball? No. But it should be a good plane even in a tactical online environment. We all know what really made it good: that it was a good fighter that could take on anything the enemy had to offer, gave the pilot a good chance of coming home, and do all of that while flying from England to Berlin and back.
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