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  1. The music download lays music in the background when PWCG is running. The music is professionally written by Matt Milne so it is quite good. The skins download provides skins that PWCG will use if they are available. Gets American skins onto A20s as an example. The files are separate downloads because they are big and there is no need to download them repeatedly. Once and you are done.
  2. At the moment the "nation" parameter is set to Russian. I have to write some code to use the correct (Russian or British or American) setting. At the moment I am still eyeballs deep in FC and therefore not working bugs yet. So ... if you want voices to be correct you have to change the nation setting in the mission file. As pointed out above you can kill an hour trying to change everything in the mission editor or you can open the mission in notepad and change all of the country settings in about 5 minutes
  3. Makes me think of some faux campaigns ... Use western Stalingrad (again ... now that the Americans and Brits have cleared the area ) to extend the eastern front into 1944 Use Kuban to create a 1941 Battle of Britain campaign with the Hurricane II, Spitfire Mk V, Me109 F2, Me110E, He111, Ju88, Ju87D. All the right planes in the wrong year
  4. The five allied flights sounds like a glitch. If you say two allied flights it should be two allied flights. The max planes is a bit more complex and maybe not quite what you think. It is a kill switch on the number of planes that will spawn. So if you have max planes set to 5 PWCG might still put 15 planes in the mission but the kill switch will trigger after the fifth. I am guessing the kill switch is not all that precise either. Every spawn increments a counter which in turn triggers the kill switch (a series of MCUs that disable further spawns). However, it seems entirely possible that a flight of four could spawn even if the number remaining is only one, given that the flight will spawn near simultaneously while the kill switch will take a second or two to kick in,
  5. 1. I imagine that is a server setting. The mission files do not specify things like that. 2. To support players across multiple squadrons the campaign has to be a competitive campaign. This is true even if the players are on the same side. 3. The Rhine map does not currently support cold start. Every taxiway has to be mapped and I have not had time to do that yet. In fact, I have to learn how because colds start has been done by Murleen to date. Probably not going to happen in days. 4. For that many players it would be necessary to spread them across multiple squadrons, which gets back to question 2. 5. That cannot be done right now. Also on the to do list.
  6. The Eastern campaign is not intended to extend past early 1944. I may not stop a player from continuing but really PWCG stops keeping track of movement after Jan/Feb 1944. The idea is to link east and western campaigns for Germans. It would require a 9 month layoff. P.S. The new Bodenplatte on the Rhine map starts in September and not August. Try advancing to September. The old BP career on the Stalingrad map started in August because ... why not? However, September is the earliest that I can do anything on the Rhine and even that is stretching it quite a bit,
  7. P51 and FW190 are fairly similar to me. Any ham handed, and sometimes even not so ham handed, throwing about of the stick is rewarded with departure from controlled flight. I am not a real pilot and certainly have never flown a real WWII plane, but the characteristics seem to match what I think I know. If you stay fast and keep control inputs smooth both of these planes have great high speed controllability. They are definitely (to me) harder to fly and control than other planes in the stable.
  8. @sevenless Appreciate the feedback. Will certainly move to different airbase better suited for jets. Will also do something about the payload description. Can also move up the start date. all are simple enough. Making the AI drop bombs is more difficult. Reviewing that is on the to do list but might not be immediate. The game changes and PWCG doesn't always change with it. It can pay to review an AI issue to see if there is something to be done. I'll have to review but I think weather is configurable in advanced configs.
  9. You are correct on both counts. In . order t work the skins have to end up in the game's skins folder, not anywhere in the PWCG folder structure. If they are empty then there are no skins.
  10. I was impressed yesterday when a Camel flew away from my Pfalz. Such a simple thing but so ... real. I was behind him. He was faster than me. So he just kept flying. This scenario was me trying to get info on the WWI planes. I had one of every type and I took the Pfalz. All close. Both times I got hit really badly. Got one Bristol, but that's it. The AI was definitely challenging and definitely not just turning in a circle losing altitude. All were normal AI so not even vet or ace. Big thumbs up to the dev team.
  11. Never say never but probably not. The whole structure of PWCG centers around one mission. If you rearmed, refueled and went back up odds are that nothing would be happening.
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