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  1. Good thing I had Murleen helping me ... and that I don't live in Canada
  2. Various targets - check Stationary targets - check Designing the career mission progression to learn during the career - Nope, and not going to happen. Either learn on the job or practice on QMB. Improving the movement from station to station - that is currently manageable by changing key mapping. Maybe not perfect but doable today. Going on auto pilot while taking control at the bombers position - agree. Can't do anything about it as this has to be coded by 1C, but still agree. Switching between low and high level attacks - check. Not as a progression though. Y
  3. Did the Germans even organize by schwarm or was it ad-hoc within a staffeln on a mission by mission basis. I always got the impression that the pilots in a schwarm could change quite freely.
  4. Shameless PWCG plug here: PWCG bomber campaigns do address some of the issues that have been raised. Bomber/ ground attack campaigns have less fighter activity so you are not always getting mauled. Player flights always have an escort by default. Bomber missions can attack several different target types, including airfields, troops, structures (cities), etc. Bombers are a little closer to the front to reduce flight time. Coming soon: Stalingrad will have a period where the focus is bombing of the city. Coming soon: Kuban will have a period of dedicated naval activ
  5. I wish that I had an answer but I do not. Glad you get get there.
  6. Try clearing the browser cache? I'm reaching, but it is one of those "reboot your windows machine" type of solutions. Sometimes it actually works.
  7. My very memorable flight of many years ago where the cabin crew sat strapped in for the duration would disagree with that assessment
  8. There are certain things in the game that consume lots of CPU. Bombers are apparently #1. Airplanes in general are #2. CPU allowance limits the number of bomber flights and also limits whether or not to apply escorts. Lower value means you see fewer bombers and more unescorted flights, but hopefully your mission does not turn into a slide show. Skin Analysis allows the player to find missing skins. A missing skin is one that PWCG has configured but is not available to the game.
  9. Just checked it and it works. Might have been down for a bit.
  10. Pretty much what @No457_Stonehouse said. I cannot put every structure available into a mission, so I have to have limits. Low/Medium/High lets the player decide how much to add. I would recommend medium to start. On low things will be noticeably missing. If your system is having difficulties (long load times, low frame rates, etc.) you can go down from there. In general "medium" is meant to be the right answer, but there is a reason why these configs are tied to a campaign and not every campaign in PWCG. Depending on the kind of campaign you are running you might want to emph
  11. Feedback is always appreciated. The payloads can be tricky. With the Bodenplatte release they changed quite a few things about how payloads were designated. Until I understood what was done I had something like 3 payloads for the P-38 because that was all that could be generated using the old designation methods. it is also the case that 1C is constantly improving existing product. This is a very good thing but I do not necessarily pick up on it when it happens. New payloads, new skins, new ground unit types, new statics, new structures ... I always appreciate it when somebody points it
  12. @greybeard_52 I do not necessarily model every possible payload. Sometimes more are added and I miss them. Others, especially the IL2, have so many combinations that it becomes onerous. The one that you point our seems worth having.
  13. That is something I can look at. Hurricane squadron - do you remember the date? If it is placement on the runway I can fix it. If the airfield just stinks I can fix that too by not using it.
  14. PWCG offers two configurations to limit direct opposition: maximum enemy fighter flights in a fighter mission (default 3) maximum enemy fighter flights in a non-fighter mission (default 1) As you can see, if PWCG really did generate 3 fighter flights (usually it won't) and they all converged on you at the same time (usually they won't) then it's going to be a rough mission. In no way is PWCG coded to gang up on the player, but it is also not coded to prevent it. You could set the max fighter opposition to 1 or 2 flights to limit the worst case scenario. PWCG will subst
  15. If you use the ME it will drop ground units at the correct elevation of the ground, but I do not have access to elevation data from PWCG. I know that putting trucks on the bridge at zero altitude will put them under it. Putting units on the map at zero altitude tends to produce the correct results. I start my trucks off the bridge, usually up the road about 200 meters, at zero altitude. The trucks are grouped using the formation command. The trucks should drive on the bridge if they start off the road. Not sure whether those trucks were not started back far enough or whether t
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