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  1. it's what they called a dynamic campaign 25 years ago. Now it's a career
  2. OK, I figured it out ... The problem is that the campaign is named "coop". PWCG looks for the campaign name to start the mission name. The directory is named "cooperative", which starts with "coop". So instead of finding the mission name: coop 1942-03-01 PWCG finds the directory/mission name cooperative/coop 1942-03-01 People naming their campaign starting with "PWCG" for SP campaigns might have a similar issue. That was unanticipated ... I handed edited a fix by renaming the campaign FairchildCoop. Unzip the FairchildCoop zip into the User\Campaigns directory. That is your Coop campaign with the name changed and the mission file updated to reflect the new name. Unzip the missionreport zip into your <BoS Install>\data directory to overwrite your log files. I changed the log header to match the mission name to your campaign name. That will allow you to proceed to the combat report. FairchildCoop.zip missionReport(2020-10-25_20-41-40)[97].zip Did not see this zip so posting it again
  3. PWCG always searches the game's "data" directory. It also searches whatever log location is configured in the startup.cfg file under "text_log_dir" or whatever it's called (not at my home computer so can't check, but it's something like that).
  4. Thanks for the feedback I'll take a look. The issue i always some flavor of not finding the right log set to match the last mission create by PWCG. Whether that is something to do with not finding the right directory or log files not existing is TBD.
  5. If you are replacing a skin for any pilot other than your squadron, the assignment will be overwritten on every new PWCG install. It will work in the short term but I would not make a project of it. When I do releases the data files change as well as the code, so keeping an old version of the data files saved and replacing newer ones will eventually lead to problems. If you change a file in the BOSData directory you're on your own from that point.
  6. First thing - find the campaigns and back them up. If the campaigns are in the PWCGBoS\Campaigns directory and you have an empty PWCGBoS\Users directory, delete the empty PWCGBoS\Users and rerun PWCG. PWCG will recreate the Users directory and move your campaigns into it. The existence of Users tells PWCG that the copy has already been done and is not needed.
  7. Is the new pilot a historical ace? You cannot assign skins to historical aces. If not zip up the campaign file. Whatever the case this is not related to changes in 11.4.0.
  8. The flying ships is a thing that I have seen but have no answer for. I thought that there might be a mistake where the ships spawn at altitude, but that is not the case - altitude is zero. I'll take this mission and pare it down to the ships and post it in the ME section to see if I can get some help.
  9. Looked at the squadrons and realized that no Ju87 units were designated as ground attackers. I have code in place to use Ju87s as tank busters but since none were designated for the role it won't happen right now. So ... I made the necessary changes to the data and tested it. The answer is going to be I/STG 2 starting 1 June 1943. Will be available next release. That issue is a side effect of the changes in version 11. It impacted virtual flights - which is most of them. Usually only the player flights and their escorts are not virtual. Got it fixed. Will be available in the next drop.
  10. I had never planned for backwards compatibility that far back, but you can try. I do try very hard to not break careers so it might work. Worst case it doesn't work. Back up your campaigns first and let me know how it goes.
  11. 11.4.0 Simplified virtual waypoints No more deleting planes. Not necessary as performance is fine. Fixed linkage of virtual AI attack flights to attack MCU Set virtual bombing attack flight payloads such that they are full if they spawn before the attack and empty if after So far version 11 has been a slog. Appreciate the patience. Simplifying the virtual waypoints is a big deal. You can't accidentally delete a plane if you never delete any planes. Did some stuff with bombers flying virtual missions. They were not hooked up to the Attack MCU which is why they circled. I was not able to visually verify ordnance drops but I did check the mission files and verify that triggers that were not in place before are now.
  12. Thanks for posting. AI behavior is tough to get just right. I will say that AI will ground attack - seen it happen often enough - but sometimes they won't - seen that often enough too. Posting the zip is the best thing. TBH i don't have the time to look at everything but I do try to get to these things when I can.
  13. Damn, and I thought I was getting an answer
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