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  1. PatrickAWlson

    Moscow a no fly zone.

    Doubt it is going to happen. Time and resources (= money). They would have to model all of those special landmarks, ensure performance, and return on investment would be zero. Meanwhile there are thousands of other things they could do, many of which would generate income. Sorry to rain on this thread. A dogfight over Moscow would be fun. Just don't see it happening.
  2. PatrickAWlson

    PWCG Bug Reports

    @Murleen Apologies for the confusion on my part. I saw taxi and figured that the experimental download was being used. Never occurred to me that the game might think that planes lined up on the runway - clearly not starting in parked mode - would feel the need to taxi.
  3. PatrickAWlson

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Taxiing to the runway is experimental. It is not 5.0.4. For those interested, download it and help Murleen debug it. If you are not interested in cold start stick with 5.0.4.
  4. PatrickAWlson

    Why does the AI kill fps so much in career?

    As far as I am aware the AI code needs optimization, but when we last heard resources were not available. Go to an external view and look at the plane on autopilot. The control surfaces are fluttering. The AI is making micro corrections way too fast. This is not an easy task: the AI has to be slowed down all without making it so slow that it is completely stupid. Oddly enough, if done really well, slowing the AI down can actually make it smarter. If the AI makes a decision and then COMMITS, then the decision does not have to be revisited for some fractions of a second. That savings could then be used to let the AI make more complex decisions. Bomber and gunner AI can be slowed down period - allowing more cycles for fighter and attacking AI to make better choices. Example: AI decides to perform a half loop. That maneuver is coded. First the AI goes through prep - getting enough speed. Prep phase is only revisited to check if it is complete. Then the AI goes to step 2: perform the half loop. It pulls back on the stick. At this point it is committed to the maneuver. Again, the AI is only revisited to verify that the maneuver was done. Once at the top of the half loop the AI performs step 3: half roll. The AI has now completed the half loop and can use a more complex decision tree to decide what is next. That maneuver probably took a few seconds, during which the AI was not consuming much CPU at all. Going down the decision tree might take a bit of CPU, but it is not happening very often in computer time (once every couple of seconds for major decisions). I would also look into software architecture, maybe allocating dedicated thread pools to major AI decisions (maneuvers, changes in state like running away, etc.) and minor Ai decisions like input corrections needed to perform the maneuver in progress. The advantage would be that CPU usage is bounded by the size of the thread pools. The thread pools can be sized based on machine specs or, better, some user configuration much like graphics - let people play with it to determine best usage. The disadvantage is that AI without access to threads is flying dumb, but that is better than a slide show. Done right, there will be plenty of compute for AI decisions because those decisions will be made less frequently. Another thought: make the queues priority based with priority set by AI level. That would give ace AI priority over novice, so if somebody is looking stupid it is the novice pilots. But like I said - not easy.
  5. PatrickAWlson

    This is where we will discuss PWCG for BOS

    You can't right now. New planes have to be incorporated into PWCG. There is code involved (mostly around payloads) as well as data, so it's not a simple matter of editing some JSON. There is no 1944 map available, east or west. There are no western maps at all. There are no 1944 Russian planes that would allow meaningful extension in the east. It will happen, but the underlying structure for a 1944/45 campaign is not there yet.
  6. PatrickAWlson

    PWCG 5.0.4 Released

    New PWCG is out: PWCG 5.0.4 Fixed: issue where adding Italian squadron earlier was causing problems in existing campaigns. Fixed: Escort missions. Rendezvous fixes by me, separation fixes by Murleen.
  7. PatrickAWlson

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Your response is exactly why a date should not be given. Entitled nonsense about "misinformation" as though they are actively trying to cheat you. Take a deep breath and look at their track record. They have been delivering a very good product since 2009.
  8. PatrickAWlson

    PWCG Bug Reports

    I'm confused. You are not getting a medal or you are not being credited with a victory and therefore you don't get a medal?
  9. PatrickAWlson

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Smart developers have stopped doing that. You give dates in terms of quarters and even there you give yourself some slack. It gets released when it is done. Specifying a date just creates unnecessary pressure that can lead to cut corners and bad work.
  10. PatrickAWlson

    Tried out soviet birds yesterday

    I fly mostly German but i did do a bit of a campaign in the I16. That little plane is a blast to fly. Because of AI limitations can be a real killer in an offline campaign. It can probably be a real killer online if you find bad German pilots .
  11. PatrickAWlson

    PWCG Bug Reports

    @No457_Stonehouse I do bump the version number. @fubar_2_niner Noted. @Picchio I can take a look at that, but I rely on the files provided by 1C to place objects on the map (I don't do that myself). Sometimes the object file is updated. if a new one is available I will look into incorporating it. I am working on fixing escort missions, which is proving to be a little more difficult than I had hoped. Making progress but not there yet.
  12. PatrickAWlson

    This is where we will discuss PWCG for BOS

    Answers inline
  13. PatrickAWlson

    PWCG Bug Reports

    @No457_Stonehouse Thanks for the report. I think I know what is happening. I added 21 Gruppo to the Moscow campaign. That creates a problem with existing campaigns, because now they think that 21 Gruppo is active but there is no data for 21 Gruppo because the campaign was created before added them in. I made a change that validates the campaign every time it is opened and adds any missing squadrons. I will have a hot fix out by the end of today. @Olt_Kloetenburg Your second post indicates the same problem that Stonehouse had. My bad. Thought I was doing something safe the scenario that played out was just not an effect that I thought of. It was in trying to recreate your first issue that I figured out the problem with the second, so thanks for taking the time to post the data. On the bright side, after I fixed the 21 Gruppo problem your first AAR issue went away. @dburne That is a known problem but thanks for posting an example. That is the number 2 priority and, with the #1 taken care of I am going to try to fix escort missions before the end of the day. No promises but I will try.
  14. PatrickAWlson

    IL2 Missing an Air Defense Tactic

    From my reading it wasn't that great if the opposition used B&Z tactics against it. The mistake is to lock onto the tail of one and let his buddy saddle up on you. If you dive into the formation, take a shot, and zoom away the circle doesn't work that well.
  15. PatrickAWlson

    PWCG 5.0.4 Released

    Other than "ace is better", unfortunately no. No details as to what the difference between novice and ace is,