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  1. In the regular coop mode PWCG fuzzy logic comes into play to resolve the holes in the log files. In competitive coop that is not done for the reasons outlined previously - competitive coop depends completely on the log files. Not using claims was done with the thought that it would not be viable in competitive coop. However, I can try enabling it for competitive mode to see how it goes.
  2. I think that's why I like the older Typhoon more than the newer one. If you're going to go ugly, may as well go full butt ugly.
  3. Just posted this in another thread: if you go manual and you use autopilot be careful. Make sure the mixture setting is not full rich or full lean otherwise you risk your engine cutting out when you come out of autopilot at a different altitude.
  4. Autopilot turned on or turned off? I always lose engine power when I start on autopilot and turn it off in Allied planes. Reason is mixture. The game does not auto set mixture for you when you come out of autopilot. You stat on the ground full rich, go to auto pilot, climb to altitude, come out of autopilot and your mixture is wrong and the engine cuts out. Solution is to set mixture to something in between before engaging auto pilot. This way when you come out it may not be ideal but it won't be so far off as to cut out the engine. Anyhow, that's what happens to me. My or may not be what you are experiencing.
  5. Both: the logs are different from the combat report splash screen. They are different in that they frequently do not assign a victor. A plane that you shot down in the game and was credited to you on the after mission report in the game is not credited to you in the logs. PWCG uses the claim system and a very lenient fuzzy logic algorithm to pretty much give the claimant what they said they shot down provided there is at least some evidence that this actually happened. In a bit more detail,PWCG collects all of the unallocated plane losses from the logs and does best matching with claims to assign the victor. Without claims the best matching algorithm doesn't have the data that it needs. If I make claims a requirement as I do for SP and cooperative mode then I force the coop host to gather claims for every human pilot involved in the mission. As an intermediate step I could make claims an option for competitive mode. This way if the host can choose his pain point: collect claims or deal with inaccurate logs.
  6. Its niche will be "crap plane - can I survive" for single players. I could see @Gambit21 putting together an interesting Normandy campaign. I will put a unit in PWCG - might be interesting to fly for a bit before transferring to something else. Which is pretty much what it did in real life when it had to deal with Allied fighters. It seemed to be a pretty good plane for its original purpose: long range patrol and nuisance bomber. Ask it to be a daylight attack plane against a well covered and massive invasion and the results are about what one would expect.
  7. Competitive mode is different. It uses the logs directly without claims. That was my earlier post: the logs are not reliable. The game will tell you one thing but the logs tell you another. I do not do claims in competitive mode because collecting claims for potentially a couple dozen participants won't work. My best suggestion at the moment is keep shooting until the target burns, falls apart, and crashes directly beneath you. That makes it more likely that the game will log a distinct victory. If you watch a badly damaged plane limp along for a bit and crash the game is more likely to log it as crashed (nobody shot it down) rather than shot down. That and help me raise a stink. I have raised this in the bugs section and talked to Jason, who talked to the team. He got a "everything works as it should" response. Unless 1C does a little work in this area I'm sort of screwed.
  8. Thanks Infantry and vehicles in the river are unfortunately a thing. I have no idea where a river is so, unfortunately ground units sometimes end up in them. With kills: if you are playing cooperative are you submitting claims for every human pilot? There should be a tab for every human pilot when you start the combat report to submit a claim. In SP and cooperative kills are not awarded unless a claim is submitted. If you did submit claims were they denied?
  9. I can still predict the future based on chicken droppings. My dog will think that they are yummy treats. He will eat them. He will get sick. Guaranteed 100% accuracy.
  10. Pretty much. Ground attack bomber and interceptor. I have read that it was used to interdict Allied anti submarine patrols or to act as escort for FW 200s on maritime patrols. They were pressed into daylight operations against the . allies at Normandy with predicable results - they got slaughtered. People have posted that in the east it was used as a train buster. 3x7.92 for fixed armament honestly is not that much of a punch at all.
  11. @Blitzen Try startup.cfg. If that's it then apologies for the error.
  12. Realistically I would hope for an update on the Panther, Hurricane, and Yaks. Not out of the realm of possibility: some word on performance or AI improvements Not likely but would love to hear it: FC2, or WWI collector planes (two seaters)
  13. @Tomsk Thanks for the feedback. Coop is a relatively new add on to PWCG and I appreciate any feedback that might make it better. A mission planning section sounds like an intriguing possibility for SP and cooperative mode. Would not be good for competitive mode because you would not want the ability to plan your opponent's mission
  14. I like the idea for SP as well. I know that German formations often went out with the junior (but superior) combat pilot in the lead position. I think American and British units were less likely to do that, but even there the #3 pilot (leader of the second element) would generally outrank the #2 (wingman to first element lead). So definitely some good things that can be done both automated and providing a user override.
  15. I'm going to try to answer the question without really understanding it as written In the Great Battles data directory is a text setup file that allows the player to set game configurations. One configuration is mission_text_log which will cause the game to emit text log files of mission events. These log files are critical to PWCG to perform the combat report. So yes, mission_text_log = 1 must be set properly in the Great Battles setup file. If it is not set then text log files will not be created and PWCG will not be able to do a combat report.
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