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  1. No, it is not. Just exit the BoX mission menu and reenter. BOX will reread the mission folder and show the new mission. Alt-Tab is required to switch between PWCG and BoX, but you do not have to shut down and restart BoX. In mind numbing detail: Start PWCG Start BoX Alt-Tab to bring up PWCG Create a mission in PWCG Minimize PWCG Fly the mission in BoX Alt-Tab to bring back PWCG Enter your combat report in PWCG Create another mission in PWCG Alt Tab to bring back BoX Exit Mission Menu in BoX Reenter mission menu in BoX - the new PWCG mission will be there Fly the mission in BoX Keep doing this until you fall asleep at the joystick.
  2. Going to take full advantage of that. 1942 - 1945 on the western front. Spit V, Hurricane II, Me109F, FW190 A3. Transition to Spitfire IX, Typhoon, 190 A5/A6 and 109 G2, 4, and 6. Later we get razorback P47s- might be the wrong version but they will as soon as reasonable. Get the Mustang in there. Focus on cross channel raids and intercepts. Relatively sparse activity to keep the campaign moving but still potentially 100+ missions before Normandy. Then Normandy and end of war. German pilots moving between east and west. British flying 1942-1945. Americans 1943-1945.
  3. I want to be careful about how I say this ... but say it pretty bluntly anyway If you want FC2 you have to buy FC1. Period. Full stop. The end. I acknowledge that nobody has the right to tell you what to do with your hard earned money, However, if you expect development to continue you have to buy in. 1C is not the kind of organization that can sink money into an ongoing product and hope that people buy in eventually. There has to be a revenue stream that justifies continuation. My happy story is Kingdom Come Deliverance. I bought in with barely a description and a demo. What I got is one of the best games that I have ever played. There is risk involved. If you do buy in nobody is promising FC2. You might burn $60 and end up with a product that you don't care for. I have bought into others and not really got a good return - so it goes. On the positive side is this teams track record. If they are developing a product that sells they keep on developing it. Totally your choice, but if you care enough to be reading this and you have a few bucks in your pocket and you have not yet purchased FC and you want to see more WWI content then you might want to pick up FC. If you don't care to support continued development then that is a choice you have the right to make, but you cannot be surprised when development ceases.
  4. It's relative. The Tiger had very strong side armor that was difficult to penetrate at medium range with a US 75mm or a Russian 76mm. The Panther could easily be defeated by a Sherman or T34 76mm from the side. The trade off is mobility. Front armor of the Panther is better than the Tiger I. So ... Panther ... always point at your enemy
  5. Should be fine. New versions of Great Battles rarely break PWCG ... like almost never.
  6. They need to work on specific performance issues to expand the games capabilities (AI performance to allow more planes - especially bombers). Iterations of targeted work that produce gradual improvements until product needs are met. That is different from a rewrite on a new engine. We do pay for it every time we buy something. The team is constantly putting out "free" improvements - i.e. they are working to improve their core code as they add new for pay product. If you like what you see so far keep buying and you will get more of it. I'm willing to bet the team would like to continue to go to work and get paid
  7. My problem is that I don't see. Need icons. I use a mod to make the icons small but still need them. Mid 50s is not the ideal age for WWI or WWII fighter pilot
  8. It's not QMB vs Career. It's 1v1 as opposed to many v many as well as dogfight v mission. The Ai will react differently when there are more elements in the decision tree, and more planes and ground units will put those decisions into the AI decision tree. Mission requirements also go into the AI decision tree. I would expect the QMB AI to be more focused and purposeful. It only has one possible decision to make: how to kill you. Career AI might have to choose to cover a flight, save a wingman, complete a flight path, save itself if its damaged, etc. All the things we want to see in a career but on't really care about in the QMB.
  9. Given that the P61 is a purpose build night fighter that always had a radar and Jason has said that radar management is not on the road map, I don't foresee a P61 any time soon. The thing about the other planes (Ju88C, Mosquito, Me110 to name a few) is that they were multi role and do not require implementation of on board radar to have a place in the game. P61 does require this.
  10. I get what you're saying - that without in game support of a radar crewman or ground based radar it's not going to fully encompass night missions. In fairness to 1C you have Jason coming on and being very straight forward: radar intercept is not on the road map. So what do we have and what can we do with it? The tactical environment that is supported by the game is (I think) pretty much what they had. Pretty sure there was not much radar used either in the east or on the front lines in the west. And those night missions were flown in real life. They are part of career mode and could be a part of any mission created for any reason. In PWCG I have both night bombing and night intercept missions. I don't ask anybody to dive bomb . In support of tactical night missions we have spotters, search lights, and AI that emulates flying at night (i.e. does not "see" the same way that it does during daytime). The Ju88C (topic of this thread) can be used exactly as it was used by the squadrons that flew it over Normandy for both daylight and nighttime missions. Probably with about the same results ☠️
  11. Damn SNAFU from above sending you to an enemy airfield. Didn't update their maps that morning. Hopefully the Germans will enjoy the perfectly intact Spits that you delivered for them
  12. The turbulence is really modeled. You are being tossed. How much depends on the turbulence setting for that particular weather band.
  13. The game supports it. Winds in layers, turbulence, precipitation, it's all there. Now it depends on how much mission makers want to use it.
  14. If I played actual dead is dead I would never make it past Moscow. Kind of like my lone excursion into paintball. Outdoors in the woods. Great fun, but I got shot in the face a couple of times. Tells me all I need to know about how an actual deployment would go.
  15. I thought the A6 was actually closer to the A8 than the A5. The wing rework I believe carried through to the A8. As stated by Cujo, the Mgs are still the smaller ones.
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