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  1. 10.3.3 American and British skins Tons of P47s and P51s by 361st_Bugsy. More by Tom Weiss, E69_julian57 and others. - New skins are in skin packs 8, 9, and 10 - P47s, P51, A20, Spitfires, Tempest On to the German skins. This might take awhile
  2. @PaladinX I do not really agree. Maybe I'm just not as good as you are but I can pretty much only score three victories max, often only one or two. Sometimes none. I get shot up often enough. To me the AI represents an average (i.e. not very good) pilot. If you want it to represent an ace pilot then yes, it's not there. In combat the issue remains the same as every other combat sim I have ever played. The AI is just better at turning than handling any form of energy fighting. There have been nice strides in the right direction but there is still more to do. The most important thing for me is making combat less lethal. Pilots simply did not hang around with holes in their planes and smoke pouring from them. Most did not try to engage when badly out numbered. Most would try to disengage and escape when they found themselves in a bad situation. If they were flying a fighter that they knew was faster and heavier they would frequently break off and reset if the initial attack failed, often choosing not to engage again. Those would go a long way towards making the AI more realistic, but I can imagine the howls of despair when the AI actually does not hang around to be finished (the AI isn't fighting me!), Accuracy: what the AI lacks is ace accuracy. For a representation of an average pilot it is plenty accurate (the average pilot couldn't hit a moving target). Flying skill: it is fine for a representation of an average pilot. Again, it is not ace level. Getting it to that point is still a WIP. Thought processes: This is the biggest area of need. Seemingly little to no concept of team work. Little to no survival instinct. Little to no ability to assess a situation beyond the next two seconds. If 1C perfected the AI - as in made it behave like real WWII pilots - I doubt the average AI would shoot better or fly better. Higher AI levels certainly would. What you would have is a lot less combat and much more "I'm out of here".
  3. They should present horizontally first, not vertically. Four medals is about what should fit in a row. What size is your monitor display?
  4. If you consider a swing to the Pacific there are more than enough planes for the next four or five years. BoB offers 10 planes easily. Two land based Pacific modules easily offer another 20. That gets the team into 2025. One possibility is Great Battles Version 2. Break backwards compatibility and make a new version of the game that works with any module that the customer has bought, but not necessarily with customers using V1. Offer better AI and other goodies. Sell it instead of giving it away. Would you pay $70 for a significantly better game? I would in a heartbeat. Probably no need to go there for several years though.
  5. The gap can be filled all the way back to 1942 with the current and proposed plane set. Normandy is the battle the the product will be named after but the map is one of the most stable and long lived in the series.
  6. Yikes - sorry about that. Fixed. To all: skins take up an absolutely enormous amount of space. The new skin files are 2 GB compressed on ultra. Not sure what they are uncompressed but probably on the order of 10 GB. That's just the Russian skins. Working on US now and then Germans. In the end this could easily be 30 GB of disk space for skins.
  7. As stated: alpha English characters only. That validation is there because the game seizes (no kidding) if you feed it a non English name in the eng file. Niccolo' Ferrara has to become Niccolo Ferrara (no apostrophe)
  8. 10.3.2 Russian skins. New skins cover most, if not all, Russian planes - Special shout out to szelljr this release because I covered all 32 pages for his skins and pulled dozens. - Added more skins by SARFlytitus, Almenas, 352nd_Siqhter, and SR603-Flowbee, E69_Julian57, flyingfisch, CCG_Pips - Added skins by several contributors from the Russian forum - New skins are in skin packs 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 ... yes, there are that many - Some P-38 skins made it in too Changed skin algorithm to allow many more personal skins to be used 10.3.2 adds about 200 mostly Russian skins. Many were done by szelljr. Most of the IL2 skins came from the Russian forum. Others came from different sources. Next up are western allies. I am saving the Germans for last because they are the hardest. As noted in the release notes, the code has also been changed to make more use of configured skins. @thepiespy Squadron skins are designated in the squadron json files. I have something for most of the squadrons at this point, although many, especially the German squadrons, could be improved.
  9. To some extent there already is different AI for each plane as every plane has its own unique requirements just to fly it. However, for what I am referring to, it would be a different AI for different situations. So instead of 40 different AI routines you would instead have maybe 2 or 3 or 4. The AI would choose which one to use based on its plane in the simplest case, and maybe also considering the opponents plane. To their credit they are already doing that. Many AI improvements have been made around faster B&Z style fighting. Now do a bit more. Make the AI break off and refuse to engage in a circling fight. Make the AI understand that low and slow is bad in many plane types and break off before it runs out of altitude and options. Small, incremental steps.
  10. Giving the team credit, there have been very significant AI improvements over the past year. With that in mind I am not complaining about the effort, just noting that for speed oriented planes there is still some work to do. IMHO the biggest single improvement the team could make for the AI is adding logic for when NOT to be aggressive. That is not an easy task.
  11. What @vanson77 said. I found my AI mates were doing just fine in 109s once they got some experience. In 190s they are next to useless, so plane type makes a big difference.
  12. Focus on keeping them alive, even at the cost of a victory or two for you.
  13. The 109 still had to face faster, more heavily armed, more heavily armored opponents as time went on. That meant more armor, heavier weapons, and bigger engines for the 109. I don't think the 109 ever went through a redesign specifically to carry bombs, but it did have to react to what was being done with the planes that it would oppose. 109s were use to attack US heavy bombers. Beyond the heavies, everything else was getting faster and tougher. If the 109 had stuck with lighter and smaller it would have suffered the same fate as the Zero - too slow and too fragile.
  14. If this is the campaign with the modified squadron files can you post those as well?
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