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  1. That's why AI comes scalable, I certainly want to see differences between a rookie and a veteran. Another thing well done in 1946, where not only you can sneak up on AI from their blind spots, but also will the AI take measures to cover its blind spot. Veterans more so than rookies. Yeah, hope they keep going!
  2. By now (or better for years by now) the AI in 1946 uses the same FM as the player, including engine management. There are some shortcuts around take off and landing, but that hardly matters in a dogfight. I sure hope that when the devs find the resources to rework the AI here, they take some inspiration from there. Certainly worth it.
  3. I had a small comparison with Il-2:1946 recently. I had done a couple of 1vs1 fights against the AI, me in a LaGG-3S29 and the AI in a Bf109G-14. Basically I was curious about what the AI would do with a plane that superior. It did what it always does, same predictable and strange manoeuvres, only to be shot down in the end every time. I then had the idea to check how this setup would work out when doing the same thing in Il-2:1946. In the first run, I ended up on its six fairly quickly, only to suddenly have it go into scissors, which I couldn't follow. So I decided to hide in a cloud to prevent it taking advantage of me overshooting, and when I came out of the cloud, the 109 had used the superior climb rate to get into commanding position. So I left the fight. On the second try, after the initial merge, I looped and the 109 got into a steep climb. I tried to score a lucky hit, counting on it to spin out of control on top of the climb before I did, but instead it did a clean hammerhead turn and came down on me guns blazing, while I now struggled to keep my plane under control. I think I took a hit or two, at which point I again went for the nearest cloud, and didn't even look back to see if re-engaging was an option. These were to two best 1vs1 fights I had against AI in a long time, with a 5 year old game. Unpredictable, smart and effective manoeuvres that, after years of flying in BoX, came so surprising, that in both instances, I was happy to get away with a draw. Against AI. I'd really like to see something similar in BoX some time.
  4. I don't know, but the Sherman 'Zippos' interiors look off to me. There's no fire anywhere.
  5. JtD

    restarting Ironman career as replacement

    I like that idea as well, should go to suggestions!
  6. JtD

    Is il-2 1946 worth it still?

    Not what I said.
  7. JtD

    Is il-2 1946 worth it still?

    Ignorance like this kind of hurts the relationship between developers and modders. You have no idea what lenghts the folks went and still go. Despite of the huge amount of crap they got from some of the more vocal modders over the years. My opinion is that 1946 could probably have had 10 more years had all the core features braking backwards compatibility been implemented no matter what instead of leaving them out or rewriting them for the instant benefit of keeping more of the mods alive.
  8. JtD

    Hype about ME262

    Milo, where's the A-9 in these figures? There were plenty around before January 45 and they cannot all have been lost. Imho, the G-14/AS could also be rolled into standard K-4's, given the improved high altitude performance over the standard version. Thanks for the figures, couldn't find them when I wanted to post them a page ago.
  9. JtD

    Hype about ME262

    As an average over the entire time frame, I agree. In that sense, for the Allies you'd need to restrict all aircraft except for the Spitfire, given that it was by far the most common type, with P-38 and Tempest being nearly absent.
  10. JtD

    Hype about ME262

    Yes, and you're also saying that the K-4 and D-9 were rare while you threw the G-6 into the mix of aircraft that were common. All that is only true if you look at September only, and neglect 80% of the time frame covered. To me it looks as if either you're wrong, or you're selective.
  11. JtD

    Hype about ME262

    It doesn't end in September 1944. It stretches on to at least January 1945, putting November 1944 right in the middle of the time frame. If of course your Bodenplatte ends in September 1944, I can see where you're coming from. The MW50 injection.
  12. JtD

    Hype about ME262

    All aircraft were limited in real life. There were more K-4's and D-9's than there were G-6's. That aircraft is anachronistic for a large part of the battle. Given that the G-14 is mismodelled in game, the G-10 is missing as is the DB605AS engine, the K-4 is the only stand in for about 50% of the Luftwaffe fighters at the end of the war.
  13. JtD

    Hype about ME262

    Never happened in this universe.
  14. JtD

    Hype about ME262

    I don't quite agree, as attaching bombs will reduce its speed to interceptable and when that happens, it is just a Pe-2 without the rear gunner. Also flying fast reduces the accuracy of the bomb run and the MK108 is not really a ground attack cannon. Additionally the Me262 is relatively vulnerable to all sorts of small arms fire, something dedicated ground attack aircraft aren't to that degree. Also don't forget that the 500kg of bombs also have a significant impact on the CoG and dropping them causes all sorts of funny behaviour. You shouldn't trim up or pull up while releasing them... In Il-2 1946 I found Me262 fighter bombers difficult yet not impossible to deal with, but left alone they weren't much more than a nuisance. Typically they'd crash, miss their target or light up as they attacked, sometimes all of these. As a fighter, however, I found them to be extremely dangerous and that amplified with the use of proper tactics. To properly counter a well flown one coordinated team work was almost mandatory.
  15. JtD

    Hype about ME262

    No statement about operational use - as expected. No ordinary roads - as expected. Basically just parking of some newly produced aircraft along a very few selected stretches of the Autobahn - as expected, because that bit is well documented.