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  1. I'm lip reading the first picture and it clearly says North Africa and the Med.
  2. I went via set up of gamecontroller and didn't use ctrl-shift. Calibration worked only until reboot. Now that I did what you wrote, I rebooted and it's still OK. Thanks a lot!
  3. JtD

    Spit Mk9 Post 3.006 Update

    I left a PM with AnPetrovich, hopefully he finds the time to read it. I think on the bottom line the 30psi should be used, for consistency (P-51, Hurricane, Spitfire) and common sense. How else would the figures from the PN's make sense?
  4. Some time ago I got a new computer with a Windows 10 OS. Since then, every time I boot up the system, my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stick is out of calibration, somewhere left (~360 out of ~1000 - clearly not the centre). So before I play, I need to calibrate the stick. I've tried Logitech software for calibration, I tried updated drivers, I've tried calibrating as an administrator (which would be BS because my standard user should have all the rights needed), different USB ports - no change. I boot up the computer, and need to calibrate the stick before playing. Same happens on my other Windows 10 computer. If I plug the stick into my ancient Windows 7 laptop, it works OK without any calibration, never mind a need to recalibrate every boot up. Why does Microsoft think that 360 is half of 1000? Can anyone give me a hint how I teach Windows 10 to do what I want, i.e. keep the friggin calibration until I, the user, decide to re-calibrate? Since the stick is quite old, I wouldn't even mind buying a new one, but I'd go with a current version of the same stick. So what would be the chances of a new one working OK in Windows 10? Is there anyone using the same stick with Win10 trouble free?
  5. JtD

    Spit Mk9 Post 3.006 Update

    To share what I found so far: Spitfire VIII F, LF, HF manual: It's what it says in every Spitfire manual I have. It should be emphasized that it is a "thermostatically" controlled relief valve and it might be more than just a pre-loaded spring as it is in simpler systems, like that of a Yak-1. I suppose that valve works the same way it does on the Hurricane, description below (just focus on the valve bits). Bottom line, it's +2.5lbs while it's cold (just thermal expansion of the coolant), +3.5lbs above saturated steam pressure and +30lbs maximum. Which would make sense and the last figure agrees with the P-51 description.
  6. JtD

    Spit Mk9 Post 3.006 Update

    I've only been reading up a little on the radiator relief valves fitted in various aircraft. The relief valve in the Spitfire was mentioned to relief itself at about 0.25at overpressure. Which might be enough for a glycol mix to reach the referenced water temperature limits. I also had a quick look at my Hurricane documents, and there the relief valve limit is also 0.25at, but followed by quite a bit of extra info which implies it's not all that simple. Before a bug report goes out, it would be nice to know the details of the Spitfire V and IX. The point of relief valves is not so much to not damage the radiators, it's more about preventing the water from becoming hot enough to damage the engine. In this sense, time limits coming with temperature limits might also refer to losses of (pressurized) coolants.
  7. The figures aren't accurate in the first place. While they are supposed to mean what you are saying, they are painting a wrong picture. Testing these two aircraft myself a while ago I could get the following sustained turning performance at sea level: Bf109F-2: 22.4s @ 250IAS Yak-1S67: 19.5s @ 280IAS Which means that while the Yak-1 is still faster at completing a 360° turn, but not as much as the developer figures suggest. Also, the minimum sustained turn radius of the two is very similar, and if you don't use the flaps on the Yak-1, it's quite possible that the other guy can slow down quicker and turn tighter than you do, owing to flaps and LE slats.
  8. It's been like this since I first tested it years ago. You overheat for too long, you lose too much coolant and cannot maintain the temperature limits any more. It's just more obvious now with changed temp limits and new graphic effects.
  9. This has already been brought up and commented on by AnPetrovich. These cooling systems are not completely closed loop. There's always some gas in the system, be it air or steam. And these systems have valves that went into the surrounding atmosphere. Basically they are just overpressure systems - in case of a M-105PF in the Yak about 0.5atü, in case of a DB605A in the Bf109 about 0.75atü or in case of a V1710 on a P-40E about 0.2atü. So, roughly, where an unpressurised system boils (low alt/high alt) at 100°/70°, the P-40 system boils at 105°/80°, the Yak system at 110°/90° and the Bf109 system at 115°/100° (water assumed).
  10. True, that's odd. These systems had overpressure release valves of various types and thereby still were somewhat altitude dependent. Though the higher the absolute pressure, the smaller the effect of say half an atmosphere pressure drop.
  11. Thanks for the numerous fixes, improvements and additions. I apologize for what follows now, still have to ask it. I appreciate what you've done. That said: When do you plan to fix the A-20 firing arcs, the MW50 behaviour on the G-14 and the overheating of the Fw190 (in particular the A-8)?
  12. JtD

    Spitfire Mk.V Visual issue

    Or adjust the view to where you want it to be, save view (F10, I think).
  13. JtD

    G14 vs MK9

    At 18lb the second gear produces ~1500hp. A reason for the the poor climbing performance of the G-14 might be the improperly working MW50 injection. But even with a properly working system you'd not have a significant advantage up to about 17000ft, and be at a disadvantage above that altitude.
  14. JtD

    FW-190A8 Speed Chart

    If you're not saying it, then I am. In fact, a properly designed outlet flap can reduce drag when compared to just a flapless hole in the side (same airflow assumed).
  15. JtD

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    The manuscript probably got lost when he got shot down, after a V-engined aircraft turned inside his radial engined aircraft, which he thought was physically impossible.