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  1. There is a video about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEfrwHHZ480 it’s based on a previous version but can be still useful.
  2. I had this issue, server with mission up and nobody could join and I found that the problem was the mission itself. It worked in previous versions but not now even after resaving, I don't know yet why. Try to change the .sds file to host one of the stock missions and give it a try. The most common problems arise with ports, firewalls, connections... then the .sds file configuration, the mission files location and sometimes it is the mission itself that doesn't work properly.
  3. Excellent. I've been also able to start it up. I have a problem with the web interface, I cannot reach the web from the outside, but this probably has to do with firewalls, routers or related stuff. Right now a minor issue.
  4. I have the same problem. As I remember now, DServer only admits relative paths with respect to \data dir or absolute pahts without blank spaces. This may be the problem. A solution is to move/reinstall IL2 into a new path without blank spaces in it.
  5. Coconut, thank you very much for your programming effort. You have done an outstanding work. I'm planning to set up your software in a modest server and test it.
  6. Creo que emplear un contador sería lo más eficaz. Cada puente destruido incrementa en uno el contador y con el sexto se activa el objetivo de la misión. En los manuales tendrás ejemplos de cómo usar los contadores.
  7. The web and the code are available for anyone. There is also an english version of the rules and the website itself. Look for the flag icon on the web or just here: http://www.halconesrojos.com/hrcodwar/en/home
  8. The red side uses to work together to suppress AAA before attacking. It is a very rare instace to see a single bomber to deal with a defence position, most times this bomber will not end the mission alive. Also, I don't know why blue medium bombers can't do the job the Pe-2 does, it is not a "superplane". Populate the blue side with motivated and organised blue squads/pilots, coordinate operations with other pilots using TS or chat, look for the way to exploit the blue side planes to its maximun and you will see a different campaing. We try always to fly 4-8 pilots together and anounce and coordinate our operations with other pilots/squads on our side via chat or TS and it works great and had lots of fun. Don't let this campaing fade away.
  9. Congratulations for this great server! It's a pleasure to flight ther! good work! But I have a little problem with the statistics site. I registered myself long time ago but I can't log in now, may be I forgot the password. I can't find a way to reset it. How can I change the password? Otherwise I won't be able to join my squad mates.
  10. Buen trabajo Chester, veo que has aprovechado el verano.
  11. We noticed it yesterday, specially when things got hot. Intense AAA fire and several planes fighting around low level are enough to casue intense lag and trouble, but navigation is more friendly now. My rig is low end, I can fly, but sometimes not I'm not confortable enough. About balance, well, it's not good to force pilots to fly one specific side, they will fade away, but it is extremly difficult to find good procedures to create an "artificial balance" and please everyone. War is not balanced, just relax and enjoy the situation you are flying and adapt to it. Fight against the odds is a chance of a greater victory. Nevertheless, any good ideas to avoid a constant unbalance by sheer force of numbers for one side is a good thing.
  12. Halcones Rojos side; VVS 6 pilots, may be more but somehow in an irregular fashion, it's summer and damm hot over here. European Time Zone HR_Amilcar HR_Barripower HR_Colibrí HR_Oso HR_Pingu HR_Tofolo
  13. Thank you Blakhart!, it was our pleasure to participate!
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