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  1. Any idea when the server will come back up?
  2. I wish some of us could play... I guess because people were complaining about lopsided sides through out the day, now we cannot play because your side is "too heavy". I am sitting here waiting for a spot to open up, when it's only 14:6... If this continues, I may not have the time to wait around for allies to free up the spot, even though, there are only 20 people on the server.
  3. I got to the BIOS menu and from there navigated my way to graphic configuration. My DVMT Pre-located (whatever that means) was set up at 64M. After I raised to 128M it, my FPS in Il-2 improved - flying above the ground was registering 20+ FPS with over 30 FPS at high altitude. However, after raising the DVMT to 256M did not further improve the FPS. So, whatever that was it made the game more enjoyable. Thanks, LLv34_Flanker, for your effort to help.
  4. Thanks, LLv34_Flanker, for a quick response. I checked the power settings and it is set to maximum performance. Also, is there a way to manipulate DDR speed and how does it affect the performance? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi, I have a similar problem on my ASUS laptop. Even with downgraded resolution to 800X600, I get only 12 FPS at altitude, about 10 FPS on the ground, and only 7 FPS at the menu. I read about my video card, and does not seem like it has bad reviews, so I would expect at least closer to 25-30 FPS, especially after reducing the resolution. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated. Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 @ 2.40GHz Haswell 22nm Technology RAM 12.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. G750JS (SOCKET 0) Graphics Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz) Intel HD Graphics 4600 (ASUStek Computer Inc) 3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M (ASUStek Computer Inc) 35 °C ForceWare version: 369.09 SLI Disabled Storage 698GB Western Digital WDC WD7500BPKX-80HPJT0 (SATA) 33 °C
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