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  1. What he says...... it’s Dramatically realistic and not found anywhere else. This is Not [enter any other combat flight ”sim/game” here ]
  2. Almost missed this one. As much as I enjoy small funny clips, there is nothing like a really well Done Cinematic one.. thanx for including that Word in the thread’s name. this is one of the better ones i have seen in years! Excellent timing, angles,pace and shots...reeeeeeally well edited,!! the only constructive criticism i can give is work a bit more with the color palette, the saturation settings and contrast... otherwise...top notch and one of the best... Excellent choice of music as well.. S!
  3. ...and I’ll forgive you if you should start a Swedish sentence with ”Men” . 🤟
  4. Just a friendly reminder... Aerosociety podcast keeps updating with interesting topics the latest NASA Flight Research, Past and Future This presentation will cover the conduct of experimental flight research at NASA Armstrong flight research X-airplanes. The talk starts with the 70th anniversary of the X-1 supersonic flight and a discussion of why this type of flight test became focused at Edwards Air Force Base. Early accomplishments in supersonic and hypersonic flight will be highlighted. The speaker also discusses his involvement with the X-31, X-38, and X-43. The talk will then transition to a discussion of the future of x-planes and the emphasis on all electric aircraft, quiet supersonic flight, and ultra-efficient commercial aircraft.
  5. Sorry to hear friend... It's an awful disease and a HUGE burden for the family. /B
  6. online wars were just... fab really... it was a great sensation when ALL (on each side mind u) in a mission had a specific task and we all worked together in order to be successful... thus affecting the outcome of the "war" Alas, this was at a time when .. I had more time on my hand.. the only downside to the concept was the waiting in order for the mission to start... and then maybe the neccessity to restart the mission for some reason. Maybe this time around connections are more stable and organizing takes less time.. but it was good times! s
  7. Just Wanted to swoop down and let you guys who pass by what an absolutely Awesome server this is (expert)... In my view... been on a hiatus for awhile.... this is by Far the most versitile, focused, mission/target oriented server around..... I pretty much nodded in agreement at each and every point of design philosphy listed in the server docs . and as far as I have seen, these points have been implemented very well. I am sure it’s an ongoing work with tweaks and such. Many thanx for running this server... it’s definately a Fresh Breath of air! oh btw... an excerpt from the server documentation; ”...but in the end it’s clear this will never be a large-population server.” I truly believe this is not true. We have a cr@p load of seasoned pilots/players around who I am sure have been longing for a server with this ... shall we say ”point of view”... they just need to find their way.... Still I appreciate that it is not the server’s Goal to be a large population server, and I absolutely agree. With a well balanced presence of AI’s, and Objectives with a Purpose - Great fun can be had without a sh•t load of players. I had an absolutely Blast with night time/early morning raids yesterday evening with some fellow squad mates... been awhile since I felt such a rush and a sensation of something... different and on the spot. cheers da klunk
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