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  1. Mostly just read don't reply much but I really laughed at that 3rd line. That was great. 😁
  2. Yes Yes my bad. Air field under attack, shot down a 109, turned my head and there were bombers over the field, snapped off a one second burst, and cussed myself. My bad. And yes my aim has always been the better part of my flying.
  3. Looks like you can't quote a locked thread, but here's the exact words copied and pasted. "Your list is also very Eastern Front oriented. If we only focused on the Eastern Front we’d be in trouble." Pulled from this locked topic.
  4. You ever thought in GENERAL most Americas don't give a $$$$ about playing in the same Russian theatre for 5 years. I know our squad hardly flies because of this fatigue. The only thing that peaked interest was the recent p47. The games narrow theatre is why the American time zone is dead. It's common business since. Very recently said by Jason, can quote but too lazy now, if we stayed in the Russian theatre any longer we'd be in trouble. *Will leave the spelling and grammar mistakes in Just know I was typing fiercely on my phone while it was auto correcting. lol
  5. agree the "fix" just made things double worst. 2 flights, one disco, next plane falls apart 3 mins after making a pass on a bomber. Game locks up while in shoot, for 5 mins, then unfreezes itself. Really bad now. hope for a new patch, I guess I should have waited on buying that new 47.
  6. Well I wanted to fly for the first time in about 4 months and . . . yea. 🙄
  7. 1946/War Birds of Prey/Zekes vs Wildcats There was a early war map where the allies had wild cats and B17s. The japs had A6M2s and some other bomber. It was so, so difficult to take down a B17 with a A6M2. I mean only 7 secs of cannon and then 7.7 mguns. It was hard. So hard I developed a strategy of taking off with a (A6M2) 250kg bomb and going B17 hunting. Yeap, I dropped the 250 on several B17s air to air. The key was to dive from high 12 and place that sucker right in the cockpit. It wouldn't explode but the bomb would rip right through the 17 and take it right out of the sky. There was rules against air to air rockets but not air to air bombs.
  8. Just want to say thanks for the server. It's a great mix of single player, coop, and multiplayer all rolled into one. This server has got me playing IL2 again. I vote for i16 (I"ll fight A5s with it just to have it.)
  9. I am happy to quote this from a thread just a few weeks ago. I
  10. Just re downloaded Clod again because the squad was playing around with it. It's alright, something different. Not Russia right. The thing I noticed right away, is mapping the controls was excellent. The game has it's own axis tab where all the axis controls are kept together. Nice, simple, easy. Anything from trim, to landing gear, to (God forbid flaps . . . ) can be mapped. I can actually use up all my axis boxes if I wanted to. I know Clod was an awful bust ( I think I bought it the first week) but the programmer that did all the controls was spot on. If you guys are looking at how to rework axis controls, go with something like Clod. In my opinion it's almost the perfect control layout.
  11. Love that 202 in the 61 skin. Is there a link to download the skin?
  12. This is one of the many mistakes that was made in the beginning of this game that hasn't YET been fixed.
  13. I have supercharger mapped to axis. It works now with just 2 positions but later when super 3 is added I don't know how it will work.
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