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  1. Here's my 5 kill sortie last month. https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/851547/?tour=25 Thing is both of us know the 50s are trash. Anyone that has flown the 51 enough to get 5 kills in one sortie also knows hundreds of times the 50s do absolutely nothing. How about yall two fly the 51 enough to get 5 kills in a sortie and then you can express your opinion. huh......... πŸ˜„ And why is it that only the 51 pilots need to learn to aim. Flying german this month I found out I don't need to aim at all. Just point and pull the trigger. 🀣
  2. A dev did respond to me and said that the FM of the d9 would be looked into. He couldn't give me a time frame though. And no every plane can not fly with the vert stab. Did you even watch Count Zeros videos. RIGHT BELOW MINE. πŸ˜„
  3. Our squad is flying blue for the month on CB. Really eye opening. We have no fear of the 51. We say "just drag and let him hit you. Be down in a minute to clear you". πŸ˜„ Check this out. 🀣
  4. Normal squad night on combat box. Unedited video. Targets hit and planes downed and surprise no losses.
  5. Please stop the flip flopping. Game rewards flip floppers way too much.
  6. This happened 8-25-20 on combox box. Need to look at FM for d9 when vert stab is missing. It was not hard to control with whole stab completely gone. I even came out of my flat spin and back into normal flight before I started the video.
  7. This was neat stuff to hear over srs. Wing men and I very much like the progression. Your server beats all others hands down. Thanks.
  8. This is not going to be popular... but want a fair fight, leave it out.
  9. Nope..... Server admins balance the planes on their servers....... But I see we can agree. S
  10. Come on dude, I am no learner at this..... Just correct. 😁
  11. ok 😁 Unlimited 262 once you farm. This is a opinion, but I'm of the mind that there shouldn't be a 262 on the map unless there is something to balance it. There is nothing to balance it at this time...... Combat box does it the best but still not a fan. Granted it's a tough problem to solve, but last taw it was stupid seeing 262s vulture airfields. But anyway that's my opinion.
  12. What..... Just pointing out the obvious..... Honestly I haven't flown Taw since the western planes came out, and not really impressed how the plane set was handled last time around.
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