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  1. I went for a different angle on this one and used tracks that spanned a few missions.... Thanks for compliments S~
  2. I definitely miss those days of tangling with you guys in the Okinawa server... such a good time. Even to this day we appreciate the pair of Hellcats you drew for our squad. Such great work
  3. I can't wait for your work Taro. S~
  4. I remember you Coolhand, good to hear from you. Hop by our forums sometimes if you ever want to fly. UnionJak, Ducky, Gos, and Sluggo are still around I think the link is in my signature
  5. September 18th, 1944. Mission #263. Major Cooper led a flak suppression mission from 1210 hrs to 1520 hrs. Landfall came at 1252 hrs near Overflakkee and the group destroyed 35 or more flak positions enroute to Nijmegen. Lt. James Perry (359th) was hit NW of Nijmegen and crashed in an orchard, while Captain Reginald C McDowell (361st) bellied in near Groesbeck. He was rescued by US troops and returned to England.... 359th FS had 14 planes, 360th FS had 12 planes, 361st FS had 11 planes. Stele, a member of VBF-12, recreates this mission for the squadron to take part in IL-2:Great Battles. 15 Members gather online and fly this mission in celebration of the Virtual Squadrons 15th anniversary.
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