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  1. Sorry if this is asked before but why I can't change fuel amount below 60% in campaign mode? Known bug? In quick mission I can set 10% minium. At the moment I fly only HE-111 and 60% fuel is way too heavy
  2. All gauges is now working (fuel/pressures), when did this happen?
  3. +1 It is very dangerous to sit and watch your plane burning! Need to get out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPofR1nsPY8&feature=youtu.be
  4. No problem, we have all night here and a lot of beer
  5. Good job dev team, I have really enjoyed BoS so far
  6. Had the same problem, but no need to remap controls. I noticed that if you copy current.responses -file to input folder, game freezes. So copy all from your input backup folder except this current.responses -file, game starts fine
  7. Yeah, LaGG is really dangerous when you know what you are doing Can't wait Yak and multiplayer, BF-109 pilots will be in trouble..
  8. Exactly this helps me a lot, no difficulties to identify. And from behind it's easier, BF-109 have two radiators, LaGG "one" edit: oh and visibility is Very good
  9. Tested also and no problems to fly 11 km alt. RPM was about 2470 all the time. And yes, use throttle to control RPM.
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