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  1. um... well this mod helped me too, its not perfect, but its a lot less severe, planes do not completly disappear infront of you while you are in a dogfight, wich is very nice. (I'm using htc vive VR, gtx 1080ti, i7 4790k@4.6ghz, no AA, low graphic settings) But the problem is , that mods need to be enabled, and no server get displayed to me, that allow using this mod. Is there any way to play with this mod on servers ? otherwise its more or less useless and I'll have to continue to deal with cloaking/ghost planes. I also tried high settings, this mod seems to be better than high settings. I played on high settings over the day, problem on high setting without this mod was pretty much unchanged compared to low graphic settings (in VR). Aside high settings, it reduced the framerate a lot, witch introduced reprojecting and any slight head movement introduces a ghosting picture, so you'd see 2 planes when there is only one. basically everything doubles druing quick movement, wich makes IDing planes even harder than with high fps on low settings. On low settings its really funny, you can watch planes warp into your drawdistance. This cloud thing needs to be taken serious, because when spotting distance is that low, and IDing is so hard, having planes to be invisible if they just happen to cross a cloud from your point of view, gets you killed quite a lot, since you dont stand a change against an invisible player approaching you. In VR you can litterialy be 20 meters away from the target, if he's infront of a cloud that is somewhere even far far away on the map, he is invisible. Use the zoom feature and you bearly can make out some jagged lines where he's supposed to be, looks like a grey haze around the actual plane.
  2. do you think upgrading from a 980ti is worth it ? thinking for 1080 or 1080ti but i wonder if the money is well spent. I only get 90 fps atm on super low settings. I'd like to have 90 fps and crank up viewdistance and play it at least on medium
  3. what cpu ram ssd are you running on ? im thinking about upgrading from my 980ti to the 1080ti to exactly increase viewdistance and stuff. I would enter rage mode if i spend 300€ more on gpu to have exactly no benefit.
  4. hey guys, im currently thinking of upgrading my 980ti for vr purposes. used 1080s are around 100€ more expansive the 1080ti is 300€ more expansive. ( got 2 offers on the table) I do own a i7 4790k with some 1800mhz 16 gig ram, ssd's, and I'm asking myself if the money is worth upgrading and if yes, wich one. I currently have 90 fps on suuuper low settings, on berloga they may drop down to 40 fps when encountered a battle with 15 airplanes. I wonder if a 1080 or 1080ti will make it possible to me to crank up the settings from low to medium towards high while keeping 90fps also in more crowded dogfights. Il2 is my maingame, thats why i'd like to invest in it, make the pictures prettier while I spend my time flying. Also I'd hope to be able to increase the viewdistance as I mostly see dots when we are within a range of 3-4km, so quite close ! As well as I see a sharp boarder of the rendered trees, doesn't look very pleasing seeing a harsh line where trees stop beeing rendered. If I turn my head, that line moves accoardingly :S Does anyone know if il2 currently even takes advantage of the new VR-technology-features of the 1080's vs the 980ti or does it simply come down to raw performance. How about the sli vr tech, if you own a sli setup, one renders the pic for the left eye and one for the right ? Anyone with a 1080 ti running on high VR settings with buttersmooth results even in crowdy places ? Anyone dissapointed by the VR performance in il2 with a 1080 ti and hoped for more fps ?
  5. Well I'm sorry to post it then "again" :S ... I am sure the increased base sound comes from the reflections inside the canopy and the plexi glas dampening mid to high frequencies. But that's what you hear when you are inside a bf 109 I'm certain the increased bass has a natural cause and is not edited through equlizer. And usually those cams do not have a very responsive microphone to lower frequencies, so I would believe that if you sit in a 109 the base is again a lot more present. also the type of sound appears to me different than ingame. this one has more flaws, it's skipping ignitions and grumblely, especially at low rpm. But I'm happy with the way it is ingame now, it's just a little flat to me, the power of these engines does not come through acoustic wise. I'll just try to play with an equlizer if I am the only one feeling that way
  6. See what I have found on youtube. Listen how much base there is in the low end. think that recording is quite helpful to reproduce the engine sound of a 109 g4
  7. FW 190 A3/A4 `? you guys mean A5 right ? hope you collected the right information, not that our loved A5 becomes an A4 now :D ​Can't waiiiit nice updates !
  8. Well, feel yourself invited to contact me, I'll show you what you'll need to know about those fighters and bombers. We'll exercise a bit Just like in DCS you need to be a artist in handling those weapon systems, WW2 is stronlgy about knowing the capabilites of your own aircraft and those of your enemies, then applying maneuvers that are in your advantage.
  9. are you guys sure you are still on charge of your steam account ? you didn't have to give your bankaccount and pin ? xD great work if this really works. someone much more experienced than me, would never have found this solution. well, think I'll still just wait until tomorrows release ^^
  10. Thank you so much Jason for your Support and effort. I do have the problem with the vive too, It may look like one would get stuck, but if you look at the bottom in VR you see the charerone circle. So you are actually in a black room, fully working. I also do hear the sounds of the main menue in the background and if I press esc i am able to hear the popupwindow "do you really want to close il2" press "left" and then "enter" and the game closes. The problem must be on valves side. I'm asking myself, because of the circle on the floor, why don't we have the circle in War Thunder or DCS. Does their VR-implementation work a bit different ? I can't say how greatful I am for this day ! This is a huge step forward and now this just needs to get a little advertisement. People will buy BOS and BOM, have a amazing time, especially in VR it's hard not to say that flying in VR is a experience that is hard to forget and very addicting. Then not too far away in the future BOK will come out, and costomers will feel the drive that this title has some serious steam behind it's development.
  11. Jup! Same here. get stuck with a black screen when VR HMD is selected. It says loading, but it gets stuck. I already tried to reinstall il2. I'm now going ahead and reinstall my htc vive.
  12. hey man, I'd advice you to wait until we see the VR support and we'll be able to juge wether it works well to confirm to everybody, that now is a good time to invest into VR for people with a focus on flightsim, especially Il2. War Thunder is performance wise currently the best/smoothest in VR, a joy to play, good Gui, just the game seriously lacks depth, physical corectness/realism and just feels very arcade, especially if your background are flightsims. But quite refreshing sometimes, especially if your time is limited to like 30 min, call it the "call of duty of VR-flightsims". Gen2 VR will still take a very long time and it will kinda be like, "ohh wow, Playstation 1 is out now, ahh I'm gonna buy Playstation 3, that one will be good". If you are that type of a person, okaaay, but I'm going to be the guy who enjoys every single Gen of VR, it's really is becomming close to be worth it for everyone. I was within the first people to receive a HTC VIVE, It has been a pain at the beginning due to the absolute lack of content. You basically couldn't do anything with it beside playing Jobsimulator or buying 15min playtime demos for the price of AAA games. With WarThunder (freetoplay) came the first flight game to be fun in VR with good implementation right from the beginning, having still the lead in terms of performance and support. Then came DCS. DCS is wonderfull but it still sometimes has serious problems in terms of performance, especially when clouds are activated on servers and you are flying WWII aircraft (20fps with 980ti). For some reason performance in Jets is better, solid 50-60 fps (probably because you arent that close to the ground most of the time). But hell is it fun on the high populated player servers, since those use low terrain details and no clouds most of the time. DCS has still a long road ahead, updates do take a long time, so not the best horse to bet on for VR if time is a important factor to you. DCS is the only one who has implemented a ZOOM-Feature for VR (IL2 listen carefully, we need that too !) making targets indentifyable at longer ranges (200m). I do have a lot more love for DCS as described and would recommend it already, this text is just already getting way too long, i should just finnally make a video about all of this stuff, since I think it becomes more and more imporant to share and compare. After DCS there was the IL-2 BOS alpha VR support with directx9. i had around 30-50 fps with a 970 upgrading to 980ti, it was 40-55fps. So it really depends on how good the VR performance will be, and if the GUI-system is good to use in VR, we'll see shortly. We are hands down the target group who profits from VR the most at this time guys, there is nothing as much fun in VR as flying airplanes. You'll get sucked into and once you have seen it and performance is fine, you will understand why some people already resigned to continue to play il2 without their VR-heaset after the release of directx 11 and the temporarly shut down of VR-Support. Until now, prices of VR-headsets have dropped remarkably and the used market is full of offers, basically to our advantage since there are a lot of sad faces due not that many amazing games beside flightsims, who surprisingly currently do not do a lot of commercial for their VR-support, so casual gamers do not know about it. Buying used VR-headset has a low risk since the max age of the units is at most a year, so anyone of them still has warranty even without receipt. When VR-support from il2 is out, I will test it and hopefully, finally make a comparision video with WT, IL2 and DCS pro/cons and performance tests, including an overview what to do with them besides flying. hopefully I can find someone in germany close to me with a occulus/OSVR, so we'll be able to spot differences (e.g. ingamevisability) between them. Question could also be, if you own a dedicated flying-seat, would occulus gamers need to change the position of their camera everytime they choose to fly or play desktop games ? I just want you to safe money if things are not ready yet, cause, yes to me it is worth it right now, BUT!, i have spent 1000$ on the goggles plus more on additional hardware upgrades, I knew the risk and I basically did not look at my wallet. I will start recommending to purchase for VR when good performance / solid 60-90 fps are possible with good hardware towards high-end (gtx 980ti/1070/1080) (single-gpu). I did upgrades to my hardware in the past and had to realise that I got only 10fps more out of it at max, not worth the money. If I would have purchased my stuff today, i would probably have been able to safe already 400-500$. Was the flight-experience worth 400-500$ until today ? definitely, NO! more like 100 to 150$ at max for the privilege to be alpha tester and the pain I had to go through. Do i regret it ? No, it's a joy to see VR-flying coming closer and closer to the point of beeing a no brainer and a must have. By now I have developed a detailed vision where I'd like VR for flightsims to go and wich features are useful and wich not. If I had the choise to purchase my VR equipment again, when would that be ? Exactly the day, when I start telling everyone to get into it. That could be by the release of il2-vr support or a little more in the future if things need a couple more updates. Until that day we see the il2 VR update, start exercising your neck today ! don't underestimate having to turn your head to the 180° position left/right/up/down, plus bending your back a lot to be able to track airplanes in dogfights. you are at some serious disadvantage against track-ir users and VR will put a lot of stress on your body wich is intense and unbelievably fun ! You'll find yourself in situations having to strech your neck so far, that you feel your pulse, making it harder to breath, feeling the blood beeing squeezed into your head, makeing you even feel a little dizzy the first times doing that. Get your back and spinal column ready, since field of view is limited in VR, you'll have to turn around right after the part of your hip. You can't turn your eyeballs much to reach a greater angle, but a vr-headset does feel very natural on your head, since the field of view represents a vision as if you'd wear a helmet with goggles. sometimes you'll find your hand pushing against your face additionally to be able to take a better look at your 6. Once in VR, let me tell you, if you want to become a good pilot you'll have to get outside of any comfort zone, especially against those superb pilots you find here in IL2. And boy is it thrilling and exiting ! You'll get a much closer impression on what kind of absolute athletes WWII pilots had to be. VR will bring you many steps closer to feel like one yourself. You'll love it.
  13. Just wanted to say thanks a lot to makeing it feel that my voice has been heared ! That's all I wanted, can't wait until the end of march Awsome !
  14. for me, the winter is over and can't hold it much longer. I miss VR-Support so much that I'd rather have directX9 back. At least some words from devs would be nice if they have made progress or still need another "winter". I just don't like the silence around this topic. The devs of star citizen almost report everything, why can't these ones just update from time to time, saying "hey, this is what we are working on, these are the current problems with implementing vr, bla bla bla ". you see the same question about VR everywhere. People would like to know about this stuff.
  15. Also the Htc Vive, but i felt completly fine with the Resolution of the Instrument Panel in IL2. I usually also moved my virtual seat into the front so I get a Little closer to them and when I turned around to check my 6, I had a better field of view. I dont really have any Trouble concerning the Resolution. in Dcs its a Little hard to read but everything is doubled on the hud so no big deal.
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