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  1. ok, thought the problem is on my side. thx therion for clarifying!
  2. My Problem is back, since the last update. Now I need to additionally click a button to confirm I played the game before and have an account. Then I need to retype my username and password everytime to link my accounts. But the linking does not work. What went wrong with the update?
  3. That's it. The startup config file was on write protected. I made that years ago, to keep gamma at 0.7 instead of 0.8 Thanks for the hint !
  4. thanks for your answer. No I haven't. Where am I supposed to do that?
  5. so its normal, that I have to klick link every time I get into the game and type the password in every time?
  6. For me that linking seems not to work. It wants me to link everytime I start the game (over steam). But all the content I ever bought (fromt he website) is there. I don't know what to do. The only thing changed for me, is that I now need to type in my password everytime I start up..
  7. Also made a quick mission with the suggested settings but without GPS on the Map this time trying to reach an Airfield more north. Starting around Socchi, I followed a river into the mountain area. Suddenly the valley forced me into the clouds though. I pulled up immediatly avoiding the hill in the last second. (Pic 2 shows the moment I pulled out of the valley) I was stunned by the scenery. Alle the mountains coming up of the clouds, just amazing.. ! I continued my flight mostly north, flying a bit into the wind to avoid drifting away to much. Further north I noticed that the hills start to disappear into the clouds, knowing this should be close to my destination. Now I had to descent back into the clouds hoping I wont hit a hill. Not easy if you dont have an artificial horizon and the plane gets thrown around all over the place. So I was descenting rather quick, that I dont have to rely too long on my doubtful instruments. It went well but I ended over endless, same looking fields. It took me a bit to get to Maikob but I've found it after all. Its fun to play around with the weather. It would be cool if it would be dynamic and a bit more complex to adjust (lightnings, other raindrops, fog,..) DCS is a little ahead with its weather engine I guess. What I dont like is the transition into the clouds. Feels like you loose your view to early without being in the cloud already. Also it gets really bright when you fly into the cloud in the evening, even if the cloud is rather grey and dark. I really hope that we see some multiplayer missions at the Mountain range, even if I dont know how with so less airfields. Can you set up an airfield anywhere actually? Also on a flat part in the Mountains?
  8. Just flown your mission to relax a little in the mountain area but it wasnt as relaxing as I tought.. :D 5-8 min after the river ends it is hard to stay on track without climbing out of the clouds i like more complicated weather to fly in. Luckily TAW sometimes has more harsh weather we need to deal with. Something else I was wondering, we have so less airfields in the mountain area.. There is nearly no mission making possible
  9. After looking up some videos of plane crashes in youtube i think your right, there is no big fire after a crash. The initial fireball propably eats up almost everything, which is able to burn. But still, something remains after a crash, also a little bit smoke. My impression is, that it looks just a little bit too peaceful after a plane went down Now we already became a difference between water and ground, which is pretty cool. Im hoping crashes to be improved anyway over time. Physics look amazing already now.
  10. Thought about this a while ago. I really like it in DCS. It just is a different feeling if you're able to park the plane and sit there waiting for resupply. On the other side from a rather practial view.. there are points who might be against this. We already sometimes have problems with spawning, because there are too less spawnpoints available. Airfields in DCS are bigger, so there is easily a place to find for parking. In IL2 it might get cozy and many would propably just stick to the old way and quit. I cannot judge how much work it is to implement it, but it sounds rather like an addon not everybody will use. People are already too lazy to taxi ..
  11. Well, DirectX11 is here finally. So maybe they work in it It still can surely be stressful for a PC to handle multiple smoke columns over the field. But that could been adjusted in the settings individually.
  12. When you encountered the crash; While airborn, around 20mins after takeoff, I-16, 4000m In what game mode (MP/QMB/campaign/scenario); MP In what mission; Tactical Air War, What did you do before the crash; Dogfight, after that we turned north together near Kalach, game crash What happened in the mission before the crash; - Additional info you think is relevant to the crash. - Il-2.exe.6004.zip
  13. bomb run pe2 ser 37, formation flying... on TAW, russian side GroundAttack, 4x250 bombs took off from kalach - Il-2.exe.3008.zip
  14. I prefer it centered on my sight and added some deathzones to my X and Y (not pitch and roll, ) so it "slips" into place. Like that I stay focused on it when I zoom in and little position changes of my head wont affect that. Having the sensitivity that high can also cause accuracy problems in my opinion. Of course you can act very accurate around the center position of your joystick. But I find myself in many situations where Im already pulling the stick away from the center. And with 100% Sensitivity its very imprecisely at the outer zones. (does that make sense, you guys know what I mean? ) Well.. at the end its a matter of taste. That you need any kind of sensitivity setting on your curves is for sure. Or you get a stick extension. Then your stick is naturally more precise because of its greater lever edit: oh yes, and trim your plane out is very important! you are normally trimming it all the time.
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