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  1. Yep same here, that game will be tons of fun - for 9.99€ at a steam sale, not for 50.
  2. So are we now allowed to make our own graphic settings decisions again? Or at least turn &%!?# SSAO off? (sorry for the negativity, but I'm simply not seeing myself shell out 400 bucks for a new GPU just because of this...)
  3. Whatever you guys did in this sprint, it brought the original performance back on my machine. So I'm a happy camper again! And after the first four dogfights, I like the Bf-109 more than the LaGG-3 ;-) At least for fighting - the LaGG is the more interesting plane, from a pilot's perspective (as long as that tail wheel lock is inop, anyways). Three small requests for playability: 1. make the game remember across sessions that I clicked away that stupid "to bring the HUD back press 'H'" message already! 2. make the game remember that I disabled SSAO - whenever I change something in the graphics settings, I have to quit the game and manually edit the startup.cfg again 3. make the game remember across sessions all of the joystick curve settings I put in (in this case for pitch) - it's forgetting one of the three curve properties, deadzone I believe but would have to check again Otherwise - great feel, keep it coming!
  4. I agree with the OP too... But one of the reasons is that the Bf109 has almost no systems modelled. If it at least had the prop pitch working... plus it bounces around on landing like a mad cow, but that could be me ;-)
  5. FSX is as close as you can get to real flight? Who said that, Microsoft? ;-) FSX is very good for certain things like practicing procedures, flight planning, general around-the-world sightseeing (with good scenery addons), enjoying all kinds of airplanes and scenarios, etc. But the actual flight models vary from 'quite good in normal attitudes' with high-end add-on planes to 'don't even mention it' for things like spins, taildragger groundhandling or helicopters. All the serious plane addons substitute their own FM DLLs into FSX, in my understanding.
  6. Again: when the tail wheel is swivelling freely, as it was for those first four days, then runway friction doesn't matter - you'll have no directional guidance for the tail whatsoever. You could brake ok on the runway, and the main wheels had enough grip in turns. On the second note: yes that actually works very well! Fluttering the rudder around neutral a bit, continually, keeps the plane from breaking out in one direction. That's a tip I was given by my tailwheel instructor in the Super Cub, and it works in this sim too! I was delighted when I found that out.
  7. Thanks to all who are working on this masterpiece - you're on a good track to putting all the other programs to shame that carry 'flight' and 'sim' in their titles ;-) Might start to beg you for a civilian sim, once BoS is done
  8. Yes. But it's hard to notice initially because as mentioned already, the brakes on the LaGG suck. Good thing is, you won't nose over unless you try really hard! Once BoS gets the flight recording feature, I'm going to be interested to watch my legwork on rollout from the outside. Can post that, too, if there's still interest at that point in time
  9. You can keep her straight without throttle - it has 'automated' differential brakes, i.e. as you push the pedals, the air to the pneumatic brakes is automatically distributed to the side you're pushing. The same system as e.g. in the Spitfire, but the brakes of the LaGG are really bad... As mentioned above you just need to be very quick on the rudder on rollout, to catch her before she can swing in any direction. And you only can relax once the plane has come to a complete stop.
  10. Well... no. It is sometimes too simplistic, but overall that throttle-controls-altitude-pitch- controls-speed is no better. Go read this: http://www.avweb.com/news/pelican/182148-1.html It boils down to basic understanding of energy management, and how an airplane actually works. So any correction/change you make to the attitude and path of an airplane usually requires manipulation of more than one control, in sync with the others.
  11. Unless you've flown a real life taildragger with a skid or a completely free-swivelling wheel like the LaGG's, I don't think it compares that easily - in a RoF plane the contact between skid and ground gives no directional guidance at all. And - it is completely possible to get the LaGG to stop and roll out straight just with rudder, easier with brakes of course. I manage that 90% of the time by now, a lot better than my ratio of beautiful landings.
  12. Also you have to be *very* proactive on the rudder - as soon as you see the slightest beginning of an unwanted turn, apply opposite rudder. This will mean you're constantly dancing on the pedals to keep her straight - which is the most realistic experience I've had yet in a sim!
  13. +1 for the OP - as I've stated elsewhere, this is the only sim that I'm aware of that actually allows for decent taildragger training. On FSX: while I'm not that negative about the actual flying bits - I think it's very useful to practice many things, but spins might not be among them - the ground handling of any taildragger in FSX is a joke. I've got some real world Super Cub time myself, and while it's not as bad as the LaGG on the ground (the tailwheel isn't completely free-swiveling, for starters, and it's a lot lighter), in FSX any plane just rolls straight like on rails.
  14. Finally a game where you can properly practice ground handling of tail draggers! Feels a lot like my time in a super cub, plus a lot more weight/inertia. FSX sucks big time in that respect.
  15. But... will the LaGG-3 have brakes?!? ;-)
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