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  1. Dakpilot

    9600K best option?

    Parts have arrived 😎 9600K MSI gaming Edge AC Superflower White 750 platinum psu 970 evo nvme 250gb G. Skill 16gb 3200 CAS 14 GTRZ Corsair H150i Pro And some other stuff Time to start reading up and slapping together Cheers, Dakpilot
  2. Dakpilot

    Real VS IL2 (part 2)

    This has been explained long ago in FM section sticked at top of subjects by Han. The Lagg is not capable of inducing more than negative 1G The La-5 is not capable of more than 2G And Yak more than 3G negative This is due to actual design of control authority at full 'push' with max trim. 190, 109, and Spitfire for example have much higher elevator authority and are thus able to induce critical negative aoa/G much more easily. This translates to more forgiving/foolproof handling of some VVS fighters, the reason for which is mis-understood and complained about by many.. Cheers, Dakpilot
  3. Dakpilot

    9600K best option?

    CAS 14 is available in 3200 Mhz 16 x 2 but comes at an 84 USD premium over the CAS 16 version. In my part of the world that is a weeks salary for most. I find it hard to justify that much more for what would probably/possibly be a very small real world gain... 20 or so USD more I would go for it.. if I could find it 😎 Cheers, Dakpilot
  4. Dakpilot

    9600K best option?

    OK, will do some, it should be an interesting build compared to what I have done before.. Always mini ITX. It seems that front mounted rad pulling coolest air is best for CPU and I will put a 360mm there. Two 200mm exhaust on the top, slow running and nice and quiet, 3 120mm intakes on the bottom alongside the Psu intake for good measure and a quiet 140 exhaust at the back just because I have one around 😎most of the stuff has RGB which I detest, but maybe just for kicks I can set up some nice (subtle!) white lighting effect to complement the white Psu and white GPU and white fans that I already have, a mainly black (and white) theme should look nice against the red wall where it will sit (# sad) LOL Cheers, Dakpilot
  5. Dakpilot

    9600K best option?

    For the foreseeable future I will continue with my 49" LG 4K. Having read multiple reviews things are not much clearer... But a tiny bit I (think) I will be better off with 9600K and higher end MB, it will be easier to cool and likely to run 5.2 ghz 24/7, IL-2 (and most games) is unlikely to be restricted by high speed six core during the (5 year ish predicted life of my rig) even if IL-2 gets a multithread/graphics API update during the rig life.. And there is an upgrade path to a second hand 9900K in future..and a better MB will help with that. Thank to all for the comments May post some pics of the build if peeps are interested Cheers, Dakpilot
  6. Dakpilot

    9600K best option?

    Small update, If I change the MB to a cheaper MSI Gaming Edge AC, I can get an i7 9700K for the same budget instead of the i5 9600k Asus Rog XI hero combo.... Balance with a system is always key but my heart says go for the 9700k lol, but will the extra two cores make any real world difference in my use? and I would be better off with a higher quality MB and potentially cooler and more stable 24/7 O/C with the i5 for the same cost.. Although cooling should not be an issue with 360 Aio and decent case airflow with room for almost umlimited fans.. My head says go with the better MB but the MSI board does have 99% of the features I need, just maybe later I will regret it? Mid/low range board and 9700k or high/mid board and 9600k? Or (heresy!) save some money and go MSI + i5? *Edit* Now i see some new stock of i7 8086K is coming cheaper than 9700K just to confuse the issue ... Cheers, Dakpilot
  7. Dakpilot

    9600K best option?

    Thanks for comments! my next build will have Samsung 970 evo 250GB nvme for boot/Win + IL-2 and re-use my older Samsung evo 840 ssd's for storage this will most likely cover all my needs and give as good real world performance in gaming as possible without overspending Having done a bit more research am certain that 9th gen Intel are as follows 9900K = 8 core 16 threads with H/T 9700K = 8 core 8 threads no H/T 9600K = 6 core 6 threads no H/T In my part of the world a 9900K cost almost double that of the 9600K and for me is just too expensive to justify considering small returns in IL-2 on normal (4K) screen I am guessing that it would be upgrade time again before IL-2 will make use of 8 core over 6 cores so the win goes to the cheaper 9600K which as I understand is identical architecture to 9700K so would overclock the same IPC (maybe better due to less heat) As an aside the 9 series are soldered rather than using paste so supposedly have better thermals than 8700k and 8600k but have a thicker chip which apparently is less efficient at conducting so although overall better they still run hot even though soldered..another real world win for the 6 core 9600K which should be easier to cool at 5-5.2ghz In my use and needs the cheaper 9600K is (seems) the better option Yay! Proposed build (list) so far CPU = 9600K -- reasons given above..cooler than other options with same real world (IL-2 and my use) performance for near/long term future at best cost MB = Asus ROG Hero XI wifi --- highest quality/cost/feature/value set, spent long time looking at all Z390's and this one meets my needs/value (some others are a little cheaper but all miss some feature or two) RAM = GSkill 16GB 3200 8 x 2 Trident --- run GSkill flawlessly in previous build for many years, these are cheapest available in my part of the world Storage/Boot = Samsung 970 EVO NVMe --- never had problems with Samsung SSD before unlike other makes, best value/real world performance Cooling = Antec M360mm RGB AIO water cooler------- best performance/noise/cost ratio, 1/2 the price of similar corsair version PSU = Superflower 750W platinum full modular (white) ---- semi passive (silent when not under load) OEM supplier to EVGA and highly rated at very good price Case = Thermaltake Core X5 tempered glass edition ---already bought-- Huge! can take 5 360mm radiators if you wanted, and MB is horizontal which I prefer GPU = Galax GTX1080 EXOC SNPr white --already have--- used Galax 970 for years was very happy, very good price in my area compared to all others feel free to comment /rip apart 😎 Cheers Dakpilot
  8. I am tentatively looking at upgrading, my 3570K has done tremendously well and still actually performs great. However right now I have the possibility for some spend!! In the real world (and for the foreseeable future) is there really any benefit in going above i5 9600K I don't do many things that would benefit from 8/16 threads from the 9900K and it will be a long time before IL-2 benefits from having more than 6 (fast)cores, I understand that the 9600K is just a 9700K with 2 cores disabled, and as for overclocking, I am guessing it is easier to keeps temps under control with 6 vs 8 cores of the i7, and as I live in a very high ambient temp region this is a consideration. I will be very very unlikely to be using VR this generation (using 4K normal screen) and do not do content creation type tasks so am thinking the benefits of the more expensive 9th gen chips will be redundant and the cost saving (considerable ) will be better used on higher quality MB/cooling/PSU for a solid 24/7 5.00ghz + I will be continuing on with my GTX1080 also for now, and building in a rather (VERY) huge Thermaltake core X5 case I recently got every way I have looked at it the 9600K looks more sensible for my uses..am I missing something? I don't mind spending money..but I hate wasting it when I can use it more wisely as I do not have unlimited budget Cheers, Dakpilot
  9. Have recently bought a Thermaltake core X5 tempered glass edition case, very impressed so far.. will take E-ATX motherboards horizontally and multiple 360 radiators (6 max) multiple 200mm fans and 2 psu's. It is Big! Previously I always went for mini ITX builds so was time for a shake up. Should be quiet, cool and easy to work on and very versatile . Horizontal MB is a plus in my personal preference, all my builds have been in this format previously. This case should last me a long time and many iterations Cheers Dakpilot
  10. Dakpilot

    3D Print a Warbird: why not?

    Am fairly sure 3D printing is used in some F1 engines but don't quote me on it 😎 read it somewhere but can't remember link now Cheers, Dakpilot
  11. Dakpilot

    3D Print a Warbird: why not?

    Was being done by Chinese in 2013, titanium 3d printed fighter parts. https://www.3ders.org/articles/20130529-china-shows-off-world-largest-3d-printed-titanium-fighter-component.html I remember reading the article then, I imagine things have progressed since then. Your idea has merit Cheers, Dakpilot
  12. I doubt at the same noise levels.. And the functionality of the included software is a clear bonus, I have never been happy with the engineering principle of hanging a heavy air cooler off the motherboard. Nothing wrong with air cooled beetles, they still work great.. But it will soon be 2019..😎 Carbs vs fuel injection etc. etc. Tech moves forward, I was very sceptical of water in my PC but I have been won over by my experiences Cheers, Dakpilot
  13. I have been using closed loop watercooler for many years 24/7 (since my 3570K was 'cutting edge' lol) without a single hitch. The included software has been useful, intuitive and simple to use. The H100i I used has now been updated with version 2 which also has good reviews. Closed loop systems are no gimmick, as simple to install to CPU as air-cooled and if the case is designed for radiator (as most are nowadays) can be installed by a five year old. There are multiple reasons most modern cars and motorbikes are water-cooled. With modern systems offering one click stable overlooking having cooling solution with ample headroom and simple automated noise/performance profiles available just makes sense to me. Cheers, Dakpilot
  14. Dakpilot

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    I wish there was a facepalm reaction emoji 😎 Cheers, Dakpilot
  15. Dakpilot

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Yes you are... If misunderstanding how things work is doing it right, LOL Simply fly axis aircraft at max continuous power setting and you will be able to fly all day without overheat or damage Cheers, Dakpilot