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  1. Perhaps, but the DD I was referencing deals with 109 tail, which is what the post I was replying to was talking about 🙃 Cheers, Dakpilot
  2. Happy birthday...! United States entered WW1 on this day 1917, Cheers, Dakpilot
  3. It's not really your fault in the poor quality of your friends... 😎😀 Also suggest spending the easy earned money rather than the hard earned type Cheers, Dakpilot
  4. No, am sure the fix was done according to the workflow schedule, But some people can kid themselves that it was due to their rants, accusations of bias and threatening to withold on buying BoN that got the fix done. LoL Cheers, Dakpilot
  5. Everyone whines about things and never makes proper bug reports and then complains that Dev's make no comments. But carry on.. The first proper bug report on 50 cals was only made last month A proper bug report in the correct format will be passed on to the correct people As I said it is not rocket science. Dev's do not have time to trawl through complaints section with multiple discussions and memes etc. Cheers, Dakpilot
  6. Why not put this in correct section in proper format? This section will very likely not get the attention you want. Although it seems people are spamming the bug reports with general chat rather than the requested format... It really isn't rocket science Cheers, Dakpilot
  7. The Allison memo is from Dec 1942, the - 39 had gone though many changes, different casting of blocks, better cylinder head and multiple other upgrades by then. The aircraft we have in game is modelled as P40 E-1 as delivered in late 41 as export lend lease version. I would welcome later variants. When the P-40 was released aircraft were more specifically modelled without multiple Mods to cover various upgrades. I see it is "well known" on the forums but in all the discussions over the years pretty much the only evidence given is that memo.
  8. Am-35 engine in Mig 3 was nearly 47 litres Allison V1710 was 28 litres not really a valid comparison. The Allison memo is from Dec 1942 the V1710 had undergone a lot of development by then. We are talking about V1710/P-40 as used in 41 early 42 in Russia (our game A/C) Better to compare DB 601 (33 litres) Cheers, Dakpilot
  9. Can't remember which DD it was in... Or one of the year end briefings, but this (detonation based damage) was outlined as future long term plan. It is quite a big subject to tackle as all (most) engines are different and have to be modelled individually. Cheers, Dakpilot
  10. It seems amazing that every allied air force was not clamouring for 1700hp P-40's in 1941 even if only for 20 mins while everyone else was struggling with 1000 -1200hp max. Why is there not a server with option engine damage turned off, can that be set up? Am sure a lot of people would be happy? Cheers, Dakpilot
  11. Silly question, Is it possible to put an ammo truck on a flat bed on a train in the ME? Cheers, Dakpilot
  12. I'm confused The updated Antwerp railway is on the Rheinland map I think a re-read of the DD will show the plans for updating Rheinland map Cheers, Dakpilot
  13. Compared to a VR G2 reverb and the PC/hardware required to run it BoN seems quite cheap. Comparing BoX to a real AAA title is fallacy the advertising budget is probably more than the entire BoX series. This type of product is very niche in comparison. Maybe people think that a module is expensive, I have the view that you are also paying for the massive amount of new features and updates that keep on coming to the whole series. A scan of game update section will give an idea of how many "free" upgrades we have got which effect every module. E
  14. Which is why a proper report(s) should have been put in the FM/Damage/Armaments bug section months ago Cheers, Dakpilot
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