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  1. I use a very basic set of commands, map on off, wingman commands. no flight control or systems as yet, enough switches on Warthog for that. Will definitely use it more with my Rift when it arrives.
  2. Outstanding, can't wait (hurry up oculus)
  3. Saw this again on the aussie news today, they reported it was written off.... OK sure thing, I guess they make AP lamp posts in Russia :D
  4. Philips 40" BDM4065UC coupled with 1080ti.... amazeballs. As for identification, 6/7km's ok, but keep your screen clean cause every dirty spot could be your foe :D
  5. Just a quick search turned up these pages. Unit is said to be KGr806 (Küstenfliegergruppe 806/Kampfgruppe 806) http://www.south-lancs-aviation.bravepages.com/ju88.htm https://www.asisbiz.com/Luftwaffe/kflgr806.html http://www.ww2.dk/air/seefl/kflgr806.htm http://oldwirral.net/bromborough_Ju88.html https://www.military-art.com/mall/more.php?ProdID=4089
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