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  1. No worries, problem solved, with ignore list.
  2. Sorry wrong, I fly missions, some might think fur balls are the icing on the cake when it comes to flight sims, I do not share that view, and with out logistics not one fighter would have left the ground. But I suppose you are not familiar with tournaments like SEOW? Transport planes unimportant, that is a good one! Even with IL2 over 90% only bombers for me, as they are far more challenging than those little wizz dings everyone else favors. Maybe spend a bit of time checking up what role the transport planes really played at Stalingrad. Looks like some "armchair generals" think fighters won a war, or played more of a role than a defensive one? It was the big birds, the bombers that had the real impact. But of course for those whose only interest in vintage aircraft is, "does it make bang or boom and is it fast" a little reshaping of historical facts is very favorable. Using your words, fighters played also a rather minor role in Stalingrad, why not dump them? <_<
  3. What is wrong with transports? A Ju 290 was never anything but a transport, and planes like the FW200 and the He177 where used as bombers in other theaters. Believe it or not there are people who find unrealistic fur balls the most boring thing to waste time on.
  4. I am missing the big birds. No one has mentioned the FW 200 the Ju 290 the Ju 86 the He 177 all where there at Stalingrad, instead there is debate how aircraft that at best where only near Stalingrad can be added. I do hope it will not be same procedure as with every sim fighters, fighters fighters. Multi engine aircraft just a waste of time. Make it realistic and I am a customer.
  5. Like the option of being able to create own runways! So it is now possible to create accurate air bases! Guess I have to install 1946 again!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=vKChRkqaLf0
  7. Ich denke die wollen "wirtschaftlich" vorgehen, erst dem russischen Markt ein Zuckerchen verkaufen, um dann die aus russischer Sicht weniger popul???
  8. Found this nice picture, try reading the top name painted on the tail next to the kill marks!
  9. An interesting artical on German aircraft losses, interesting that no fighters are mentioned!
  10. Hmm I prefer the real ones, they are not that "crumpled"
  11. Good to read that a disc solution, is being viewed as possible!
  12. Gerade entdeckt ein Bild vom Flugplatz wo ich wohne, passend f????r RoF, ich wu????te das dort Bomber gewartet wurden im ersten Weltkrieg, einzigster Unterschied, in den drei????iger Jahren kam eine feste Piste hinzu, die existiert auch noch heute. Die meisten Geb???
  13. Nettes Video kannte ich noch nicht Otto! Obwohl f????r die Winzlinge die ich zuvor gepostet habe, braucht man nur so was:
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