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  1. I know what you mean, the AI is pretty predictable, even on the highest setting. I'm not sure if they will improve it, but it does need improving. If "excitement" is what you want, then no AI, no matter how good, will ever be a substitute to fighting real humans. Nothing will get your palms sweaty and heart pounding quite like trying to outwit and shoot down another plane you know is being piloted by a human! Maybe try flying a few sorties in Wings of Liberty or one of the Normal servers. Playing online can be quite daunting, but nothing feels more satisfying than getting that kill on a human player!
  2. You may find this playlist useful: Also, check out the rest of that channel. Tons of useful playlists and information for new players.
  3. Yes, this is not meant to be a "which is better post", just learning the strengths and weaknesses and how to best use the 190 compared to the 109.
  4. Thanks for the info everyone. Is it correct to summarize the difference in strategies as follows? Due to its faster speed and excellent maneuverability in high speeds but bad climbing ability the fw-190 is strictly more of a hit 'n run, boom 'n zoom type of plane, not to engage in any direct fighting. Just dive and climb, or extend. No horizontal turning and keep its speed up. Whereas the 109 is more capable in an energy fight due to its superior acceleration and climbing ability. Meaning it can perform loops, spiral climbs, yoyo's, rope a dope, etc with greater effectiveness.
  5. So I'm still too inexperienced that performance difference between planes aren't immediately obvious to me. So far I've spent 90% of my time in bf-109s and understand that they climb better than any other plane, are good in a dive and have fast acceleration and speed, but not as good at turning as the Russian planes and as such are better suited for "boom 'n zoom" tactics. How does the fw-190 compare to the bf-109? (climb ability, diving, speed, acceleration, turning, energy retention)? How should one fly an fw-190 compared to a bf-109? I tried flying it a bit and my initial impression is that they roll extremely well (why is that?), turn well at high speed (don't seem to lock like the 109), but I think they're bad at climbing . Anyways, I'm just looking for performance comparisons with the 109 and recommended strategies.
  6. Ah, I see. Cool. Thanks guys
  7. But when you buy off Steam do i still get the Steam-y features like automatic updates and such?
  8. I noticed Battle of Kuban is not available to purchase on Steam like the previous titles. Is it not fully released yet or something?
  9. The amount of shots it took to kill that T-34 just shows why tanks are unpopular, but the potential fun is awesome!
  10. Dude, I want to be a loader. I imagine a little mini-game where I have to open the breach, look around the tank for a round, use my mouse to pick it up and drag it into the breach before closing it and letting the gunner know it's ready.
  11. I completely, absolutely 100% agree with all of that! I too am a tank fan and dream of the ground units being player controlled (ALL of them if possible, including the trucks and artillery). Choosing to make the pzIII playable over the pzIV was a decision only one that enjoys shooting himself in the foot would make. I would also like to see the same attention to detail put in making the tanks as they've put in making the planes. Something like the implementation of Red Orchestra 2. Make just one tank type for each side and such a tank set would be a DLC I would gladly pay a decent amount of money for! A tank sim module would also attract a new kind of simmer, other than just the flight simmers, to them game since the tank sim market is pretty lacking right now.
  12. Am I the only person laughing hysterically at this GIF?
  13. I prefer buying games through Steam so that it works with all the Steam features, but I'd like to give you 100% of my money. If I buy it through the IL-2 store could I get a Steam key and would that make it as if I had bought it from Steam so that I get all the Steamy features?
  14. I think you can map vertical stabilizer and elevator trim to the same keys. I believe some planes use one and some use the other but they do the same thing so it's simpler mapping them to the same keys. I think the same is true for propeller pitch and rpm control, but I could be completely wrong!
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