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  1. Great fights everyone, salute! My only regret is that I didn't get to see the big 20+ plane strike in sector C. Did anybody get a track or video of that fight? Looking forward to next week's battle.
  2. I think Cynic is referring to a different Plank fellow, but that was a fascinating read.
  3. Here is a link to the Unclassified Mission Briefing, with a description of the event rules, mission objectives, and aircraft involved. Please review this in preparation for the first mission on Saturday. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14NjWrzpQLheSSAzP-AGPRWfxSC3I6QKiJ648EPvUdSE/edit?usp=sharing
  4. During Black September, I remember fighting a lot of generic-looking planes because I didn't have other players' skins. Now that we've got Haluter's Skin Downloader available, it is easier than ever to stay up-to-date. My hard drive isn't big enough to download everything, but I'd at least like to have most of the squadron and personal skins from everyone who's flying. So what all skins are you using? I, for one, plan to use my personal skin, and I highly recommend the FNF skins for all of the Entente pilots without a squadron or personal skin.
  5. This list appears to be missing a few entries. Where are my check boxes for tank commander modules and Flying Circus modules? I like the sound of Pacific Theater as much as anyone else, but it's all one dev team, share the love!
  6. I agree, Sunday Afternoon Fly-Ins can be lots of fun. Jasta 5 flew a big sortie last weekend in the northern sector, and Tommy and the Crumpets scrambled from all directions. The result was quite a fight!
  7. I figured I should post these here, since they all took place on Thursday Night:
  8. Absolutely fantastic fights tonight, gentlemen. Gascan and I joined Jasta 5 in a big SPAD hunt, and the 3rd Pursuit did not disappoint. We managed to spring a couple of nice traps on the 3rd, and they pulled a few clever reversals on us. I wish the Central side was always this organized, it's so much more interesting when you get the big team fights with 5-6 planes per side.
  9. I've got a few questions here about the mission. 1) Where will the fighting take place? Would it be possible to get a picture of the basic map area? I would like to familiarize myself with the sectors of the front I'm supposed to defend so I don't get totally lost. 2) On the Flugpark, the Observation Post target has been switched from the tower itself to a set of boxes adjacent to the tower. Will this change also be included in the Operation Michael map? 3) I'm not entirely clear about the objectives for the 3rd phase of the operation. Is it Infantry Contact OR (Tr
  10. Photo Recon Halbie back at the airfield. I think I ran into every single Entente player in the air during this mission, but my escorts were able to chase them off or distract them. It was a bit of a rough landing but we got the photos home
  11. I always love running the Recon missions during the big days like Thursday Nights and Sunday Afternoons. Get a recon together with some escorts, and you can reasonably expect a group of players on the other side to intercept. The end result is almost always a very interesting high-altitude dogfight. Unfortunately once the two recon missions are done, there aren't really any more map objectives that require high-altitude fighting. Everything that's left is low-altitude strike missions. I adore the variety of targets to bomb (great job, Sizzlorr!) but I wonder if there are more map-critical mis
  12. I, for one, am very excited for this event. The Black September campaign was quite the experience. Both sides learned and evolved their tactics throughout the event, and Entente came very close to winning as they improved. I look forward to seeing what life is like when the upper hand is on the other foot.
  13. I don't know why people keep complaining about the Halberstat. I flew through a gaggle of SE5a's, a herd of Bristols flying recon, a flock of SPADs, did the recon, and then flew back through a flock of SPADs, a herd of Bristols, and a gaggle of SE5a's, and then set her down safe and sound. I can neither confirm nor deny that my perfect landing may have inspired a famous scene from the hit movie Top Gun:
  14. You could always drop a 20lb bomb on the balloon. Works like a charm, I've killed four balloons on the flugpark that way. Just be careful, the bomb detonates the instant it touches the balloon, with potentially lethal consequences if you're too close to the blast.
  15. Yeah, I'm not sure why but in all the FC planes I've flown you have to have a 5s time delay for the bombs to work. Drop too low, and the bombs don't arm, and the odds of hitting a moving target are a lot lower unless you drop a line of bombs. Fun fact: you *can* hit mid-air targets like balloons. In cases like these, the bomb detonates instantly and usually damages my plane pretty badly. Quite amusing, though
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