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  1. Just posting to say I am impressed with the new map, but it has a few oversights that could use attention. 1) where's the target practice and AI dogfighting area for Entente pilots? The areas you already have are great, but I'm feeling a little left out since my favorite planes aren't available. 2) in the AI dogfighting area, the AI planes will follow you all the way down to the deck, and strafe the airfield while you attempt to repair. Is it possible to move the airfield outside of the area, and put up some defenses so you don't get shot up on the runway? I expect you guys are pretty busy with Black September stuff, but if you could get around to these eventually I would appreciate it.
  2. I am VERY impressed with the new spotting/tracking/visibility changes. It makes team-flying much more do-able, and getting into big swirling dogfights much more likely. I'm not sure if it was the ease of flying loose formations, the ease of spotting/identifying distant targets, or the ease of tracking/reacquiring targets mid-fight, but I had an absolute blast on the Thursday Night Fly-in last night. About halfway through the night, I realized something had fundamentally changed. I felt like a kid in a WWI theme park, riding the roller coaster and having so much fun that as soon as the ride comes to a stop I immediately hop off and sprint back to the start of the ride. It was a positively electrifying experience. I'm pulling together a short video right now to show just how much I enjoy Flying Circus.
  3. This is a couple weeks old now, but I had a blast. Thanks for hosting!
  4. Ahoy folks! Here is the most recent video from a coop campaign Gascan and I are playing with the PWCG. I did the awesome shooting and Gascan did the editing. Enjoy!
  5. Ahoy there! I've been playing Flying Circus in VR for a while now, and recently decided I wanted to post some of my missions from the Pat Wilson Campaign Generator to Youtube. I couldn't find much info about that on this forum, but I did find some excellent YouTube videos describing the general procedures, software, and method to take the output directly from your VR goggles and turn it into something viewable on YouTube. Here is my first video: The basic idea is to use OBS Studio with the OpenVR plugin to directly record the video for one of your eyes, before the distortion is applied for viewing through the lens. OBS Studio: https://obsproject.com/ OpenVR plugin: https://github.com/baffler/OBS-OpenVR-Input-Plugin/releases Here is the guide I followed to set it all up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSCJtQMHZ4w One issue I encountered was which drive I saved the videos to. I initially had the output set to my 8TB RAID array, due to the large filesize (about 1gb per minute). This didn't work for some reason, and the whole video would be jerky and unsteady. When I set the output to my main SSD, however, the videos came out buttery smooth. I have no idea why the difference, but all I have to do is transfer the completed file over to my storage drive once it's complete.
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