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  1. Added link to the print friendly (black/white) version of the guides.
  2. This is a timeline that attempts to record the combat usage of all IL-2 GB aircraft across two sheets. The timeline doesn’t reflect aircraft production dates, but instead indicates when you may encounter a given aircraft in the eastern and western theaters. There are some caveats: The timeline does not indicate the quantity of aircraft present at a given time, and therefore fails to provide the likelihood of an encounter. Aircraft included in each GB “battle” are grouped, and the conflict period itself is highlighted. However, other aircraft also ov
  3. Updated archive to include the Spitfire XIV. Also, Spitfire IXe and VB guides have been updated to v1.1. Fixed minor errors, improved pilot notes, and added critical information about supercharger operation for 100 and 150 octane fuel.
  4. I was just sitting here looking at the Spitfire XIV wallpaper and dreaming... then all of a sudden, it drops. Thanks for the hard work 1CGS, greatly appreciated.
  5. These data sheets are an attempt to collate existing critical aircraft operational information, into an easy-to-read single-sheet format, which you can view at a glance. On each sheet you will find information divided into three regions: The upper left region introduces critical engine, temperature, and speed data that can be identified quickly whilst in combat or in the circuit. Information is sourced from the aircraft flight and technical specifications and operational details included in-game and on this forum by 1CGS. The lower left region compr
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