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  1. To make your opinion a theorie, please post all flightsims with and without guncam-videos.
  2. Battle of Britain is, where Brits won the war. Normandy is, where the US won the war. Stalingrad is, where the Soviet Union won the war. (So every wannabe-historican has his own story of his personal victory to tell.) And now go figure, where BoS is designed and programmed.
  3. Day 1-Fan of RoF, though I don't fly it now as often as I did before.
  4. Das Forum ist ja insgesamt noch recht jung. Warten wir einfach mal ab. Da wird sich sicher noch einiges ???
  5. I know it's arcadish, but people always think in terms of rewards, especially since online-playing is logged in RoF and hopefully will be in BoS as well: What about adding something like a Teammate-Saving-Bonus. e.g. if you clear your buddies six, then you get a bonus for it. Or if you kill a bomber with bombs still loaded or the bomber has to release bombs and doesn't hit anything while under your fire, you get a bonus. Now, I don't want a PopUp-Window like in BF3 or CoDuty, but think about a simple message triggered with "Thanks buddy" or something like that. It would add to immersion and probably help teamplay.
  6. Currently: DCS World with A10-C, P-51D, Black Shark 2, Flaming Cliffs 3 & Combined Arms Rise of Flight IL2-1946, but I rarely play it now. Every now and then on my HDD: Falcon4 BMS, but I can't stand the graphics for long. CoD, but I can't stand the overall state of the game for long.
  7. A bullet in the arm, can do you little harm. A bullet in the head, can make you very DEAD. When you are in combat, and the odds aren't fair, don't look for me, I won't be there.
  8. And my favorite is: "Thin people don't live longer. They just die healthier."
  9. Why don't you just vote for an option to not show custom skins? Why do you have to deny people the chance to paint their planes in whatever color they want, just because YOU don't like to see them?
  10. A little biased, your vote. Something between a and b would be it for me.
  11. Was that a vote for "Please no info on this title until it's gone gold", Tree?
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