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  1. I didn't use my RoF discount code. I want you guys to get every penny to keep making more awesome content. My game budget for the month is shot, but I'll be getting Tank Crew as soon as I can! FC is yet another dream come true in VR. Il-2 Great Battles is the coolest experience I can have in my living room. And a lot of other places too...
  2. Just point me towards the receptacle in which I should deposit my money. I've been waiting for this ever since I first flew in VR.
  3. I recently picked up Wallpaper Engine on Steam for around $4. It lets you create dynamic wallpapers from animations or videos, so I immediately set out to create a seamless video in Il-2. This is my first attempt, I mostly fly in VR, but the flight recordings are only viewable in VR as well, so it doesn't do me any good for making wallpapers (two stereoscopic images) I definitely see room for improvement, but I am happy with it for a first try. Flying is way harder without VR, but I plan to make some more in the coming weeks. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1395797354 You'll need to get the app to use this. It seems exceptionally light on performance which is nice. I was able to play in VR with the app in the background with no performance hit. https://store.steampowered.com/app/431960/
  4. Motion controls for VR. It's actually quite viable for stick and throttle control, especially with the Vive. Just plant the base of the controller on your knee or seat and precise movements are quite natural and easy. https://steamcommunity.com/games/434030/announcements/detail/1654381705277432851
  5. I am probably missing something basic, but I just started a career in Battle or Kuban. I quickly decided I'd dabble in skin creation and made a simple skin for my pilot. Loaded it in, checked it out in quick flight and it worked, went back into career mode and can't find any way to enable custom skins, and the tab is missing in the loadout menu.
  6. Now that we have the server integrated into the game client, I'd love to see them add an option where you can set up a flight like you do in the quick mission creator. A lot of times, my friend and I just want to dogfight or coop taking down some bombers or fighters, or just flying around searching for ground targets. I'm still really slow in the mission builder, but have made a couple missions that kind of accomplished this. I'd put a static truck on the ground with a very narrow trigger around it, so when you fly over the truck, it spawns a set of planes that follow waypoints. Had different trucks for different planes, but it's still lacking. I love the feeling of coming over a hill and seeing artillery fire arcing across in front of you, or the telltale white puff of a locomotive in the distance, or the white streaks on the water from a boat. I haven't been able to find much in the way of user created MP missions short of very accurate historical missions where either side has to navigate and fly for about ten minutes to meet.
  7. So, Vive and Oculus are pretty comparable. I would recommend Vive if you're wanting to go current generation. As far as resolution goes, if your PC can handle it, you can supersample which helps with target acquisition and makes the screen door less noticeable. It's also salient to point out that, no matter your decision, the Vive Pro will be launching in the next couple weeks to months and will nearly double the resolution of the current rift/vive. It will also have updated sensors for tracking, but the setup and tracking for the Vive is far superior to the rift. Since all the tracking data other than the base stations syncing their pulses, goes through the hmd on the Vive means you only need one usb port on your PC which is nice when you run a lot of peripherals. Another reason to go Vive is that I am a big proponent of roomscale in all capacities, even the limited capacity it holds in BoX. There's something indescribably cool about ditching your spitfire on a hillside, then stepping out on the wing to look back at the damage. Another mind blowing aspect of this is the replaying of flight recordings in VR. With this, you can walk around what amounts to scale miniatures flying in 1/16 real time speed as you stroll next to the tracers as they fly to impact the target plane, lean in to see the wings shear off as the engine explodes. You can appreciate just how close you skimmed past your target when you broke off your attack at the last second. It's truly mind blowing and some of my greatest moments of grief have revolved around realizing I forgot to start recording my flight seconds after something insane happens.
  8. As soon as I got my Vive, I had a single dream: Rise of Flight in VR. This is odd, because my heart truly lies with WWII air combat and I have played combat flight simulators since I was 7 or 8. But something about the feeling of Rise of Flight, the low speeds, the perilous feeling that at any moment your wings might fall off, the beautiful soft body physics of the planes has stuck with me since it was called 'The First Great Air War.' At that time I could only watch youtube videos of it, but finally was able to run it when Rise of flight United came out. Bought all the planes and expansions and loved it. Every few weeks to few months I will google 'rise of flight vr' in the vague hope that I will see some official or mod support for the Vive. This exceeds my wildest dreams. Also in one fell swoop, Il-2 (which I also have deep love for since 1946 and have played to death in VR, even struggling through making missions for my friend and I to play in our server.) is adding nearly all of my favorite ETO aircraft. The only one missing is the P-51B, but the inclusion of the P-38 more than makes up for it!
  9. The Vive controllers have as much force feedback as most modern joysticks. It's actually far better at inferring things like tension in a spring or, for example, a bow string. Watch the video. The guy braces the controller on his leg, could be an arm rest, could be an actual retainer that hinges and allows you to place the controller between your knees. I could throw together and print one in an afternoon. If you haven't tried a Vive and used the controllers in a similar configuration, it's easy to write it off as difficult. But when you have the visual feedback of the stick, with the force feedback from the controller, you'll find it very easy to make precise movements and recenter the controller. One point of contact is all that is needed. This wouldn't work as well with the Oculus touch controllers though.
  10. I know this would be hard to implement retroactively, but I would love to someday see motion controllers come to Il-2. I have been recently following a VR flight sim that uses motion controller hand tracking to allow an entirely interactive cockpit, everything from switches and throttle to stick inputs. The Vive wands would be especially well suited to this. With a 3d printed retainer that slides under your seat cushion to retain the controller while you use it as a stick, I think it might compare, or even exceed some flight stick or HOTAS setups! I know the force feedback is going to be better!
  11. First question: Rift or Vive? Second, as someone else mentioned, Have you tried supersampling? I am using 4x supersampling and the screen door effect, god rays, and unfocused look are all but gone. SS is a miracle. I have no trouble IDing aircraft, reading guages, aiming, etc. and the entire game is beautiful.
  12. Actually, after I got my vive downgraded so VR works again, I was looking at the rivers last night. I'm playing on ultra with 4x distance scaling and distant grass, and the rivers look much different. My rivers have appropriate sandbars and such at various points and at bends, etc. It might just be a LOD setting on your end. I'll update with a screenshot when I get off work.
  13. I'll give this a shot! Will update with results Edit: Works for me!!! One note I have is to log into steamcmd, use this format: login usrnme pword guard I was having trouble with the other format
  14. https://www.google.com/maps/@55.762897,37.284069,3a,75y,187.22h,60.41t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-dLA12Qd_Nao%2FU1zbsS7RJ6I%2FAAAAAAAAAsU%2FUUElUX4Uy0A8r-3wwt13UyHtP7DwPIUXACJkC!2e4!3e11!6s%2F%2Flh4.googleusercontent.com%2F-dLA12Qd_Nao%2FU1zbsS7RJ6I%2FAAAAAAAAAsU%2FUUElUX4Uy0A8r-3wwt13UyHtP7DwPIUXACJkC%2Fw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya134.55695-ro-0-fo100%2F!7i7168!8i3581 Found this, Moskva River outside of Moscow. It seems that, like most rivers, beaches are absent and foliage goes up to the water. This seems like it would just be a texture edit to me, Not sure how their terrain is built, they might have a river asset that would need to be edited. For some reason, most flight sims seem to like river beaches...
  15. Oh, nvm. I'm on Vive which is completely borked. Ironically it was an update to add functionality to the Rift that killed us vive owners. Enjoy VR, we're taking a hit for you all. edit. I deleted my comments to avoid confusion to rift owners.
  16. If you right click the game in your steam library and go to properties, there is a check box to prevent it starting in theater mode.
  17. The firmware update along with a Steam VR update to improve the experience of Rift users (ironic, right?) broke it for us. As for the firmware not taking, I rebooted my pc and that has gone away. I'm sitting here hoping for a fix tonight!
  18. I'll just sit here refreshing until it gets fixed or my fingers drop off. Sad thing is the Steam VR update that broke it was adding improvement to the Rift support. Good guy Valve being all open source. Oh well. I feel like a junky. I got ants and I need my fix!
  19. I'm having this issue. I can confirm that it started after a firmware update for my vive. Even before the update was installed, I would CTD on the login menu
  20. This is bringing me to tears literally because it's so beautiful I can't blink. Just got a 1080ti so I've been enjoying supersampling in my vive which all but kills the screen door effect and god rays. I have no problems reading the gauges in cockpit. it's so clear. The external views (especially when reviewing recorded flights) is insanely cool, like swooping around a miniature plane...in super slow motion...as it crashes and splits into pieces...seriously. This is fulfilling so many childhood fantasies as I wandered around for hours with my dog, mumbling as I told myself imagined stories of WWII pilots' harrowing adventures. (When I was young, I was limited to an hour or so of Microsoft CFS2/3 per day, so I filled the rest of the day with reading my technical books on planes and telling myself stories that I wished the simulator was advanced enough to replicate. Now it exceeds my childhood fantasies! Thank you!)
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