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  1. 9 minutes ago, -IRRE-Centx said:

    See above, there is a minimum flight duration to obtain a +1CM, your both missions weren't long enough (9min the first one and 12min the second one).

    Everything is clearly written in the manual.


    Read please manual before posting an answer. From the manual:

    "You may also resupply friendly airfields by transport airplanes. Transport planes are: Ju 52/3m with cargo, also Pe-2, He-111, Ju-88 with 100% fuel and no bombs and rockets. Ju-52 with cargo resupply airfield by about 7%, others by about 4%. You must takeoff from an airfield damaged less than 40% and successfully land on an airfield damaged more than 0%. If you successful in transport then you get  a Combat Mission."


    Transport mission has nothing to do with time flown. 

  2. LG's, @=LG=Kathon


    Hello, is there any problem with supply ? no +1 CM


    Problem 1
    Plane: Pe-35, 100% fuel, no modifications (transport)
    Take off: Dyatlova, not attacked,

    Landed: Lotoshino, damage: 51%, in stats it's ditched



    Problem 2

    Plane: Pe-35, 100% fuel, no modifications (transport)

    Take off: Nesterovo, not attacked,

    Landed: Kalinin, damage: 7%



    Thanks in advance to take a look at this.



  3. On 9/30/2018 at 8:28 PM, =LG=Coldman said:

    I think it is connected to last patch. Devs told that they tuned dmg detection. Before patch I had some situation when I was sure I saw I hit plane with 7.7mm I saw spark and debris but on taw log there was no dmg done. Maybe now it's calculated as 0 damage.


    Thanks for replying Coldman. I think this is going the wrong way. There is no way 7.7mm would not do any dmg to a flying plane. I have recently attacked with my wing man (2 Migs with 20mm guns) a Heinkel 4-5 times. Also a lot of 0.000 dmg. I don't think this is normal any more and i believe there is something wrong with the game dmg counting or dmg registration system. Is this a client-server issue? no idea but definitely something somewhere wrong.

  4. ...

    But no - when the devs do it right [for once?!] 



    The right way from my opinion is done in 1.005, an elegant solution when everyone is happy. I believe everyone should learn something for himself after this awkward situation. There is room for improvement on both sides of the communication line.

  5. Ach!

    those that lose patience or dump a load of unhappiness in here, do you really want to fly with them? Do you want them to have one of the limited online slots?

    If they leave for small stuff like this, does that not have a positive impact of some sort?


    just sayin'...?


    the only sad thing i see is the haters spreading their hate elsewhere and scaring buyers off.

    cool heads will prevail.


    Hawker, i understand your point of view and i respect it, but please don't say to me that i'm not patient and a hater. Patience and love for this game is what i've shown till now. I'm following the game from the first Developers Diary, bought it since the first moments. I never complained till now, when the Dev's tried to give me no choise. My opinion is that a small piece of bad plastic with 3 ir leds and a camera doesn't cost ~ €175.


    I think you misunderstood "unlicensed". Freetrack does not license NaturalPoint technology, and (from memory) instead spoofs the TrackIR dlls to trick games into thinking they're seeing a TrackIR. This is why Freetrack's support is fragile, as it relies on NaturalPoint never changing TrackIR software in order to work. Hardly any titles support Freetrack directly, and the TrackIR compatible titles it does support rely on either the built in hack, or more obscure patches available via the forums. (Yes Freetrack is under GPL, which is a license, but as it does not license NaturalPoint tech, and even if it did, that places its GPL compliance in question.


    Not being persnickety, just thought the license situation with freetrack may use some clarification. Opentrack suffers some of the same limitations (including licensing), but is more actively and openly developed, incorporates some of the best stuff from freetrack and facetracknoir, and has a more robust open 6dof standard with some hope of getting future game support, so is worth looking into if you wish to switch.


    Thanks for your info 39bn_pavig, I will definitely give a try  ;)

  6. After some research I found next information that i wanted to share


    "FreeTrack is a general purpose optical motion tracking application, released under the GNU General Public License (and is not a unlicensed piece of software  as Zak said). FreeTrack is compatible with the unencrypted version of NaturalPoint's head tracking TrackIR interface that has widespread support in simulation games"  conclusion is that Dev's knew on forehand that the new version of the NP API would make FreeTrack unusable. In the IT world you can't make an upadte of the software without knowing what it does (still angry that i got fooled). 


    The same problem has also occured in another sim game, DCS: Black Shark. When the Dev's from that team tried to implement a "HeadTracker" they where asked politely by NP to cancel the development (http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=33510).


    At the moment in the world there are only two games that officially support's Freetrack interface: 

    There is a very little hope that the BoS can be the 3rd game who will support FreeTrack on the other hand NaturalPoint kills any hope... 


    I would not be dissapointed in the Bos Team if they would clearly communicate from the beginning that they plan a close partnership with NP and it will be the only officially supported head tracking device. 

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  7. We have Loft's word, so lets not panic just yet ;)


    Upd: Zak is already offering a solution


    89, does these words sounds like a solution ? " If you have a Freetrack profile that doesn't conflict with TrackIR then send it to me "  , for me this is not a solution.


    It worked with ROF using ROF's profile for TrackIR (updated in 2008 IIRC). TrackIR updated it's profile. Freetrack did not.

    So, TrackIR keeps working because it has compatibility with recent BOS engine, Freetrack does not. Pretty simple. And I think there could be a solution. If you have a Freetrack profile that doesn't conflict with TrackIR then send it to me via PM and we'll consider adding it to the game.


    Zak, sorry maybe i do not understand something , you said recent BOS engine. Does the update 1.004 containing a new engine, more recent ? more than 1 year we used old engine and from today a new one ? 

  8. Thank you Dear Developers and Managers and all the BoS Team who did their best to make me believe and give away my money for a product that i will not use after this day. I've been with you since the the beginning  (28/07/2013) and followed you every week. There was no post/comment that the only head tracking system supported by BOS will be the TrackIR. And after all that time i spent and invested in your game (to buy a joystick,pedals, rudder), you leave me no another option than to give away €175 for a device that i can make by myself for €25. THANK YOU, but NO, i will not do that. 


    Maybe you owned another label like "Battle of Stallingrad is officially supporting TrackIR" but you lost another person playing your game. Please to give me my money back. 

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