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  1. Yeah, so badly so, that I redownloaded the whole game. Which fixes it too
  2. Is there any way to unselect the (F 10 key ) setting if you press it by accident?
  3. Hi, I'm having trouble getting the Mustang started. I figure it's the Idle cut off, don't know how to switch it to the (Run) position. Can anyone suggest a solution Regard. Scott
  4. I'm having trouble getting the mustang started ... probably the Idle cut off. Don't know how to turn it on and off. Please help
  5. Hi, I just bought the new (Havoc over the Kuban) campaign, and I'm having some trouble with the tail section. I can't stop it from vibrating. It's fine on auto pilot, but when I try to fly it, it vibrates so much, I can hardly see. Can any one help me?
  6. I would like the option of the wingman (or as the number 2, or even number 3 in a flight). It would give you something extra to do on a long mission. Plus its good practice for newer pilots.
  7. I'm having trouble with this microphone. It's logitech, any suggestions?
  8. I having trouble opening my IL 2 Sturmovic Battle of Stalingrad. I know I got the last up date back on Tuesday Oct. 27 or the 28. Tonight (Oct. 31) when I tried to open it, I got this message (10005: up date your game new version available). Can any one help me with this... maybe recommed what the link is I need. Sincerely Scott, call sign (Hackles)
  9. I'm having a problem opening my IL 2 battle of Stalingrad. I pretty sure I've got the lates up dates... last Tues. 27 or Wed. the 28 I think was. Now when I try to open the simulator, it gives me this message (10005: Up date your game new version available. Can you recommed what I should do? Sincerely Call Sign (Hackles)
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