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  1. Just have fun. Enjoy the simulation, and don't count Kill/Death ratios. I've been playing these games since CFS and still consider it to be a great night if I manage to land at a runway a couple of times.
  2. I started using my mouse last Christmas (the tree lights kept messing with my TIR) Haven't looked back since. I did have to get rid of the throttle, but mapped it, and rpm and mix and rads bla bla bl to a gaming mouse. I can look around a lot better than I could with the tir, and just kind of got used to it. Use it for DCS, IL2, ROF and try to do it with CoDblitz, but it's a little more work there.
  3. I'm not sure if it was a complete graphics fluke, or if I was just a little bit turn't up at the time....but I actually saw the windscreen and the dash move toward me when I nosed into the deck, right before i was killed. I'm almost convinced that it was more cerebral than modeled lol, but it was definitely a WOW moment that I've been hunting for ever since. I've become quite efficient at hitting the deck nose first too. I'm really good at it in fact. Maybe the best.....
  4. Prop radius effects the potential for thrust production. (RPMs) Prop pitch effects the thrust produced per revolution. The Propellers radius is more often matched according to the power-plants abilities. Obviously, the deeper the pitch, the smaller the radius and visa versa.
  5. During your turn, the object is to keep the ball centered. You step on the ball in other words. You don't want to punch the rudder in your turn. Instead, you just gently apply rudder toward the ball until you can hold it centered. If you punch it you're going to enter a slip-stall.
  6. 1) Check that 'auto-rudder' is not active. (I can't remember if 1946 had that option) 2) Check that your rudder input device is not inverted, or backwards. 3) If you are using a twist stick, check it's calibration.
  7. I'm lucky to get a visual contact of an enemy! My K/D ratio is about 1 to 2974. That's a lot of waiting around.....
  8. I have vehemently opposed Pre-Ordering anything, for years. For my own personal reasons. Today, I am changing my ways. You will be receiving my money very soon, and I am excited to give it. Thank you.
  9. It isn't the popular explanation these days, but I think that it is much....much more accurate than the "he left because I ruined his streak" thing. ....It's a busy world, and if you have to go, then you have to go. Video Game vs. Real Life. ...of course, it's just as likely to be a poor sport. Who knows?
  10. The vertical stabilizer more-so if you want to get technical. The rudder is only acting as a deflector, especially at the ground/taxi speed. Prop wash would literally be deflecting, but with the p-factor of the 109, that deflection would be a LOT more useful when turning nose-right. The torque will pretty much take care of nose-left with some throttle work. You can certainly maneuver all over the place with the tail wheel unlocked and just using rudder and throttle...but you have to anticipate movements. Basically, you have to start your nose-right input before you want to turn. Think ahead of the machine. Remember, that's a big v12 geared up front to one shaft turning 3 deep pitched blades. The damn thing would make one of today's semi-trucks pull to the left if you let it!! The toe braking isn't turning the airframe as much as it is preventing it from nosing left. The thrust is turning it and moving it. Jesus, I've probably butchered this reply!! lol.
  11. I've been playing the update online without any issues. Great game. Definitely has always and will always have a permanent home with me.
  12. Prop wash would have some effect. Probably not as much as thought, but absolutely some. It's airflow over (against) a surface. I'm of the opinion that DCS is probably a little more deeply modeled compared to IL2, so you shouldn't expect the same from both. For example, you have to use some toe brake in DCS on your run-up until you get good airflow over the rudder and can lift it. In IL2, you can pretty much do it with all rudder from start. Toe brake for taxi seems to work fine for me...(I usually crash because of my own mistakes, not the model)
  13. Like Jason says, this platform wasn't really aimed at the 'beginner'. I think the off-line missions are a good starting point for new players....if you have some background...but it's true that there is very little in the way of "Hi, welcome to WWII Flight Simulation. Let me show you how to do a few things." MP is a terrible place to start in THIS game, if you are new to the genre. You will only end up frustrated, spinning in circles on the taxiway, stuck in the mud/snow, or cooking your motor before you reach 1000 meters. Sadly, even though there are a lot of guys/girls that are cool, and will help you as much as they can, you're going to find that your mostly going to be finding deaf ears. Plus, the MP community is really pretty small relative to other platforms. IL2 1946 is still running a couple hundred players on the direct servers out there. You'll wind up in servers...looking for other flyers...that are Expert mode or very new player 'not-friendly'. (settings and complexity...not people) Hopefully, with some upcoming growth, and a very exciting cooperation, we will see the ability to expand quite a bit. What it is missing is not tutorial, or newbie friendly training missions. It is missing the ability for players to create those meta-worlds online. A Hyperlobby or other type of realm where you can have FFA, displayed complexity settings, player names in-room, mission outline...etc BEFORE you spend five minutes connecting!! lol It drew so, so soooo many people in CFS and IL2. New and old, and allowed so much flexibility for user/player skill matching.
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