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  1. Ghost trees is a bug alright. Couldn't you simply fly a just a little over the trees and in a straight heading? Detection wise it would make little difference.
  2. Attaboy Mr Norway! I was skimming your post, noting the impressive creativity before I saw that it was you. As I used to say in the Navy, Bravo Zulu!
  3. Gustaf

    Prop Damage

    Damn, you'd think by this time the spits (the MK.IX) would have done away with wooden props.
  4. So far, you have been given good advice. After 20 years of air combat sims, I've learned this about self-training. Once you've gathered all your sources - read, practice, repeat... over and over. Go at your own pace and keep it fun. Single player missions are perfect. Don't forget to record! Soon enough you'll know when you can hold your own online, and taxi your beloved aircraft like a sports coupe. Unrelated: Best reference for online air combat is "In Pursuit", http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/lento_ohjeet/inpursuit/inpursuit.pdf
  5. Showing that bare metal in the sun, looks stunningly real. Not so in the hangar (low light), but that doesn't mater.
  6. Gustaf

    Air waltz

    Very, very nicely done. Beautiful images. Music fit was perfect.
  7. I don't know how to disable it 'cause don't know mission building. But I do know, if you could place dot in the dead center of your monitor - like the reticle overlay that a few monitors provide - it would coincide with the exact location (or plane's icon) upon pressing the "Mission Route" button on the map. Eyeballing will work too. Most would call it a cheat, but "exploit" sounds more like it. The other day I tested it on the Coconut server (navigation aids off). At night, with heavy rain and completely blanketed by clouds; navigation by ground references was extremely hard. Since no one could navigate above the cloud layer, I had that airspace all to myself - traveling unopposed to any target. Together with my compass & altimeter, I had a virtual GPS system in place. The last thing I want to do is promote cheating. Everyone should be made aware of this exploit of the "mission route" function. Then, perhaps, the servers and/or developers will fix it. Thanks LLv34_Temuri for bringing it up.
  8. Big or small news, I appreciate - even look forward to - the weekly Dev's diary.
  9. You sure ain't the only one. Some of us are too old now to ever see anything like it in our future.
  10. I googled the same question. That's why I ended here. I read the link. Only one post explained the reason. It's a potential cheat for locking skins. And you're right it is sad. The argument is valid. It is an advantage. I know. I'm guilty of creating loud skins for me and my buddies - for that purpose. I, also make custom skins 'cause I love to. It's a magic feeling to see your paintwork come alive in such a graphics rich simulator as IL-2 BOS. * But, MD-Gunshy's question does belong here 'cause if "all" the servers banned custom skins, there wouldn't be - virtually - a need for this forum's category, Skins and Templates. * http://www.screencast.com/users/Eric-Gustaf/folders/Default/media/c05066b2-fcb0-4090-8caa-ac60a5b75474
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