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  1. Enjoyed watching, thank you. I liked the skin on the P-51. The yellow nose and matching gun ports look all business. Custom? Authentic? Haven't noticed it in the game.
  2. Note: Just been informed that "Attenuation" (Discord) is currently buggy. It may reduce Discord's volume in Windows (as shown in 2nd image). If so, you'll have to bring it back manually. Probably best not to use it until it's fixed.
  3. I've been looking an easy way to balance and/or coordinate the volume controls between Discord and IL-2 Sturmovik. Here are my two best finds/tips. #1 Discord can lower the game volume when you are communicating. # 2 Windows can adjust the volume of each program you have running (as a % of the master volume).
  4. TP_Jacko, I fly all types on the allied side. The Pe-2 dances great for a medium bomber and a well placed 250 kg/500 lb bomb does do the job. I'm thinking there's no quick/easy answer except practice and practice laying bombs while doing the mambo. Naval guns must be more accurate and powerful than the ground based ones. I practice in the quick missions and there, the gunfire is heavier than that shown in Requiem's video.
  5. Something about AAA equipped ships make them uber deadly. Not saying it's unreal, rather it's almost impossible for me to hit them when attacking alone. Dart put out this vintage video on the subject, but I'd like to hear your input in the context of IL-2 GB.
  6. Very, very nice visuals. Matter-of-fact warfare, yet pleasing to watch. Thank you for the hard work.
  7. To my X-56 HOTAS friends. Whatever controls you intend to use as "buttons" make sure you have identified them as "buttons" in the x-56's software. That was my problem.-------------- Also, when you are mapping these buttons as an axis (in plane control settings) it's a quick,split second, click-click. If you hesitate, the game may assign the first button twice. Once I got My Logitech software sorted out, I was able to rebind the X-56 as advised by -=-THERION. Trim issue resolved, life is good again.
  8. Ghost trees is a bug alright. Couldn't you simply fly a just a little over the trees and in a straight heading? Detection wise it would make little difference.
  9. Attaboy Mr Norway! I was skimming your post, noting the impressive creativity before I saw that it was you. As I used to say in the Navy, Bravo Zulu!
  10. Gustaf

    Prop Damage

    Damn, you'd think by this time the spits (the MK.IX) would have done away with wooden props.
  11. So far, you have been given good advice. After 20 years of air combat sims, I've learned this about self-training. Once you've gathered all your sources - read, practice, repeat... over and over. Go at your own pace and keep it fun. Single player missions are perfect. Don't forget to record! Soon enough you'll know when you can hold your own online, and taxi your beloved aircraft like a sports coupe. Unrelated: Best reference for online air combat is "In Pursuit", http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/lento_ohjeet/inpursuit/inpursuit.pdf
  12. Showing that bare metal in the sun, looks stunningly real. Not so in the hangar (low light), but that doesn't mater.
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