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  1. Agree 100% Saludos. 15(Span.)/JG51 Costa
  2. Hi hegykc. I am very happy that you have resumed, or rather, that you have continued with the development of your project. A long time ago I followed you in another forum, I have even got to message you, but that thread was closed because of the skepticism created. As I say, I'm glad that your project is still alive. Having said that, I must say that, like me, and many others, I fly exclusively in virtual reality. And that's why I ask you, please, continue developing this products exactly as you are doing so far, since I will really enjoy looking at them before putting on the HMD and also during the flight, since what interests me most is that what I touch it looks as close as possible to what I'm seeing in the virtual cockpit. And please don't take too long to develop the lufties. Saludos. 15(Span.)/JG51 Costa
  3. Hi gents. I´m a 8Kx Backer. (800,00€ + -) Don´t know if its safe to trust in a startup company. But till now, no complains as I have a 5K+ Loan that is great while waiting. Saludos. 15(Span.)/JG51 Costa.
  4. Sure! But I allso mean a 3dmigoto profile for PiMax 8KX. 😄 Saludos. 15(Span.)/JG51 Costa.
  5. Hi all. I’m waiting for my backed PiMax 8KX, I’m allso interested in the new GPUs arrival. I hope a 3080Ti its gonna be enough for such a big resolution and FoV. And I will defenetilly need a lot of help from the VR gurus around here to set it up correctly. Wishing for a 3dmigoto mod solución. Saludos. 15(Span.)/JG51 Costa
  6. I’m a PiMax 8Kx backer and is my plan too. saludos. 15(Span.)/JG51 Costa
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from 15(Span.)/JG51 "Escuadrillas Azules"
  8. Thank you for your reply. Reinstalled Steam and everything is fine again. Saludos. 15(Span.)/JG51Costa.
  9. Hi Lefuneste. First thing is a BIG THANKS to you for your great Job doing this sim enjoyable in VR. The Q: Is it possible to play IL-2 in PiMax with Steam not installed? I ask because I have deactivated launch SteamVR and it worked, then I unistalled Steam and it doesn´t work anymore. Thnks. 15(Span.)JG51Costa
  10. Hi Julian. Let me correct you: 15(Span.)/JG27 was the 1ª Escuadrilla Azul and never flown the Fw190. 2ª, 3ª, 4ª and 5ª Escuadrillas Azules belonged to 15(Span)/JG51 Mölders. Anyway nice work! Saludos. 15(Span.)/JG51Costa
  11. Feliz Año Nuevo señores! Saludos. 15(Span.)/JG51Costa
  12. Congrats Chiliwilli. Please tell us how it works. I’m really waiting forward for mine. Saludos 15(Span.)/JG51Costa. P.D: Pero la familia primero.
  13. Same here. Baker 8xx and got traking number today. Saludos 15(Span.)/JG51Costa.
  14. Congratulations TWHYata_PL. Hope you enjoy your new toy. I’m also waiting for a 5K+ (8KX backer) and I’m wandering how far you can spot a plane and how easy is to ID it. thankyou 15(Span.)/JG51Costa P.S: Are you using 3DMigoto?
  15. Thanks for your advice. I’ve been flying a lot those last days offline and coops and only happened in TAW. I’m going to keep an eye on the MB. Saludos 15(Span.)/JG51Costa. P.S: After all, I preffer the idea of sabotage.
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