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  1. MK_RED13

    Wings of War

    Wow.. fantastic!!!! Thx Pauk!!!
  2. CSL_Red13....long time ago. Many many days of fun with CSL_Kocour in original IL2... R.I.P.
  3. Very nice action!!! Thx for post... Wint...
  4. MK_RED13

    Gummy Bears

    MG151/20mm with netcode tunning??? .. very nice video!!! Thank you L29!!!
  5. MK_RED13

    bomber group

    Fantastic! SALUTE!!!
  6. Nice flight Superghostboy.. but where is any action? All is just "at the right time at the right place.." sorry..
  7. What I see (videos from Max_Damage): 2nd video - there is FW 190 flying at 580km/h and La5 is catching up with it... you mean that the La5 (=2ndSS=Envoy) is flying at 600 km/h at 0m alt???? Is It a joke?
  8. Ciao JAGER_Kampf! Thx again for your videos! If I see right.. the Yak that chasing you in the last video is flying the wohle time without one elevator? OMG.. incredible maneuverability in thin air!!!! Good job Mr. Yakovlev!!! More videos with toasting UFOs... S! PS: do you have trk file?
  9. [Edited] 17. Spreading false or harmful information about the product is prohibited and will be deleted by forum administration. Claiming ignorance of the subject to justify harmful or obviously untrue info will not be tolerated. Violations of this rule will result in the following: First warning.
  10. Die toaster die! again.. thank you very much geramos!!!!
  11. ... check this.. 3:12...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XRcfntE_Ng - ONEHITONEKILL WEAPON!!!!!!! without discussion....
  12. Fantastic work!!!! Love burning russian UFOs.. thank you m8!!!
  13. Nice shooting!!! Fenomenal DM of VVS 20mm gun! Thx for posting.
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