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  1. Kill Kill Kill.. yoohoo.. Fantastic! Thank you
  2. funny and surprising at the same time... very nice slow motion..thank you! Ed.
  3. MK_RED13

    Give me fire

    Funny.. but sad... thank you for your video Pienoir! Salute!
  4. First.. thx for posting your VIDEO! Very nice.... Second... muhehehehe.. are you kidding me? 1:50 omg.. this Yak has thrust vectoring? Only F22 could follow this maneuver!!! Funny... but sad.. FM of Yak is ridiculous... and this part of video is an example.. S! Ed.
  5. Wohooooo... very nice!!!! Thx!
  6. Muhehehehehe.. nice comedy.. and now... where is the problem!!!!.. Axis ammo? VVS Ufos?
  7. Thx.. now is it OK.. btw very very nice :-) I love burning FLAPS...
  8. :-( blocked video here..
  9. Fantastic shooting..S! :-D nice presentation of VVS weapons in action.. onehitonekill showtime… please give me the same DM of ShVak 20mm for minengeschoss shell in MK151/20mm please please.. :-D
  10. Hello pilots/players, is confirmed MK108 for G6?
  11. The QUACKlity video!!! Muhehehe.. very funny.. Thx!
  12. MK_RED13

    Guncam VII

    That's what I meant..
  13. MK_RED13

    Guncam VII

    Wooohoooo.. :-) I love it.. this is my new good nightes video.. thank you!!!!
  14. Wow.. thank you! Fantastic video!
  15. OMG.. who made FM for the SPITFIRE???? It is the best arcade airplane ever.. muheheheehhehehe.. .. Nice videos with the presentation of this plane! Thx.
  16. MK_RED13

    New Berloga

    Nice presentation! THX!
  17. Another nice demonstartion of the damage model of VVS weapons.. btw: great video with nice music! ED.
  18. Nice video thx!!! And nice "arcade" mod for russian weapon
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