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  1. What is it? Another Spitfire "tuning"? This Spit followed my FW at 580 km / h on the deck a few minutes…
  2. Korznezov is right! This game would be fantastic if these unrealistic features were corrected. But that's another topic thread. Ed.
  3. Nice presentation of lucky hits.. 😄 😄 😄 Nah.... thx for your video Chim. 👶
  4. Thx for reply.. yes.. it is recognised as a button..but in windows setting is Axis Z too ... 😕
  5. Hello, I have TM Warthog grip on T50 base.. is there any way to calibrate Axis Z or disable it when I dont have T50 grip ?Thx.Ed.
  6. Is there any chance that we could see the source documents that were used in LA5 roll rate determination in game development? Ed.
  7. FW 190 have the axis for trim? Are you sure? :-D
  8. Fantastic JOB! E69_G.. now we know where is truth..
  9. I'm testing FW190 a few days on BERLOGA server.. and I can confirm that FW is very good !!! Now I have a chance against La5... with a little luck PS: I have a new Joy T-50 - so...I'm testing the FW and joystick at the same time...
  10. Magical ammo ..... very nice slow motion! Thank you. PS: I did not see a wing hit... did anyone see it?
  11. MK_RED13

    Back to work

    Very nice! Ed.
  12. Very nice! Thx. Ed. PS: black smoke from Cobra engine is just graphics effect? No loose power.. no engine damage?
  13. [edited] Are you kidding me? This game is starting to head in a terrible direction :-/ [edited] Ed. [funny]
  14. Check the picture.. Lagg lost rudder... and still flying like a new plane.. my fault that I have no video :-/ Mr. "Mauser" and Mr. "Rheinmetall" should be ashamed to produce the bad weapons for Axis planes..
  15. Standard BERLOGA server situation.. Lagg gets hits from my MK108 (pic).... but he still turns, still climbs (with flaps down of course).. and in this condition.. he shot down 2 BF109...how is this possible? Wrong axis ammo? Or wrong DM of VVS plane? Ed.
  16. it's a mystery... Dakpilot commented. BTW... fantastic model!
  17. Thank you very much!!!! Fantastic work!
  18. @303_Kwiatek - I can't wait for others to say the data you found is wrong.. muhehehehe,..
  19. MK_RED13

    Yak-1B BERLOGA

    It looks like every BF109 have "glass wings"....(or VVS 20mm have the same DM like MK108????) ...but....great shooting KLEPA! S! for you.. Ed.
  20. MK_RED13


    When we will able to choose "JAFA" in the graphic settings? btw... EXCELLENT video!!!
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