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  1. Omg.. is it the new flapsclimbmaster??? Nice video.. thx!
  2. Woooooow…. very nice!!!!
  3. Muhehehehehehe.. Hispano won the war!!!! But just in this game.. 😉
  4. Muhehehe FLAPS + VVS ammo... Very nice presentation! Thx.
  5. VVS arcade mode.. muhehehehe.. very nice presentation 🙂
  6. We have ShVAK 20x99 O3 with K-6M fuse in this game?
  7. Latency??? Muhehehehe.. it is not about latency.. [edited] Try to count how many times I hit the La 5....
  8. Yakcopter killer.. 😄 😄 😄 Fantastic!
  9. is there any info from developers about this? Or..simple.. it is placebo.. Ed.
  10. Wow.. very nice ManuV! Thx for your video!
  11. I hope it is just graphical anomly and doesn't affect actual performance of G14!
  12. News from developers? Why is MG underpowered? Why is ShVak overpowered? Ed.
  13. Wow.. nice! Thx for explanation!
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