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  1. MK_RED13

    My Online

    Jesus..grandiose video!!!! Fenomenal killcam.. thank you very much for your job!!! 👌👌👌
  2. Jako ty voe.. kvedlaš s tim při střelbě démonicky!!! 🙂 ale jinak super video.. Díkas! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  3. Wow.. you are the fenomenal sniper!!! Fantastic! Thank you. Ed.
  4. ReVi dance!!!! fantastick job 😄 Thx. Ed.
  5. Wooow.. fantastic… excellent!!! wow wow wow.. Thank you very much. Ed.
  6. MK_RED13

    My Online

    Fantastic job!!!! Wooooow.. excellent videos with fenomenal shooting sklil !!!!! Ed.
  7. Wooow.. brilliant!!!! I love MK108 "music" Ed.
  8. Hehehe.. very very nice!!!! Ed.
  9. MK_RED13

    LaGG-3 & FW 190

    Fantastic shooting concert!!!
  10. We knew each other for a long time (old IL2 Strumovik) and I think he was one of the best fighters not just in game but also here on the forums. R.I.P bro… 😢
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