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  1. Selfish nahhhh but please stay away from CLOD no deal, I'm old school I come from looking around with my mouse in my left hand, advanced to TIR 3 I think, then TIR 5 now, pls do call me and we go 1 vs 1 somewhere of your choice, you can use your beloved VR ofcourse and I my flatscreen and we'll see who had most fun when we are done 🙂 we can even post our experience here if you like, that would be very unselfish if you ask me.
  2. Thank you Williams and TF, looking forward to play this in 100 degrees np 🙂
  3. Gimme an Allison engine upgrade to "as used" and I'll happily pay $25 for it. As long as that isn't available I'll wait till the sales or not at all. Stay safe.
  4. Play flying circus instead, SE5 is bigger than a 47 on your screen, weird.
  5. Sorry to say, I did all that patient stuff as well as reboots, shame game looks better now.
  6. Stutters are goddamn back, nice looong list of improvements but what about the important ones?
  7. Anything on the Allison? Yes I know nothing in the patch notes but? Happy Easter and stay safe
  8. Stutters heavily reduced alright, still get them on some maps in MP though.
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