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  1. What is going on? Nose heavy trim all the way yet whatever plane I am in it pitches wildly up like the trim isn't working with the MS Sidewinder FFB2?????? Jason?
  2. Stutter hell here as well in MP on highest graphic settings as well as on lowest settings. But with full screen unchecked and all settings on high the game runs smooth as silk in MP. Could some one pls explain the difference between the two? 4K screen with Gsync, GTX 1080ti, i5-9600K, 16 GB ram, only ssd discs, Tir 5 pro, MS Sidewinder FFB2 Cheers
  3. My 1080ti is idling no matter how high I go on the settings, dead steady on clouds or no clouds 60 fps which is the limit for my 4k Acer XB281HK but stutters nevertheless with clouds and just maybe many players on a server, maybe it's a network issue instead/as well? I just went into a crowded server with no clouds on the map, extreme stutters 😞
  4. Only online on servers with clouds, not saying smooth though without clouds but....
  5. Just went into a server with less people and no clouds, turned out to be almost stutter free. Internet connection is no problem here.
  6. Same here. Spend 4 hours yesterday tweaking graphic settings in game as well as in Nvidia control panel to no avail. Uninstalled the game and reset settings for it in Nvidia CP before reinstalling the game and installing latest GTX driver but still the same after tweaking another 2 hours after the reinstall. Frustrating 😞 Intel i5-9600K - 16GB memory - GTX1080ti - MS Sidewinder FFB2 - 28" 4K screen Was about to buy all expansions but that's on a hold for the moment. Cheers
  7. Excellent ty, no loss of controls.
  8. Excellent update thank you! Early release the 202 to fly over the Channel and servers would get pretty crowded again πŸ™‚ Cheers
  9. Is that official? Or are you just enjoying your self?
  10. How do I get my money back? First my GTX 780ti was the problem then I upgraded my PC to among other things like to the GTX 108ti but kept my Microsoft Sidewinder FFB2 which apparently causes in game stutter, even though devs are made aware off it, several times that is. Yet they ignore it! How do I get my money back?
  11. Yer MS FF2 works fine in Clod but in BOS. Saladin please explain stutter bug?
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