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  1. I would love the G6, thanks for your generosity
  2. Please put my name in for both. Thank you.
  3. Congrats on the 10K and thanks for doing this! I’m interested in Bodenplatte
  4. Count me in for a Ju52 please :-) and thank you
  5. Frosbite engine anyone?
  6. Oh come on dude, really?I can't believe it next time you should define better bizarre, this was more for the ridiculous video! not even a consolation prize??? [edited]
  7. seeing the standards it is possible to make a second entry? anyway just for the bizarre stuff
  8. pretty nice but imho the colors are too bright and you used the wrong balkenkreuz underwings
  9. Look incredibly nice but there any sign of optimization? i think is needed
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