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  1. I have already posted but this was my introduction to world war two armaments around 15 years ago on my grandma's library, its in spanish i know but it has really nice pictureas and even if it feels a bit incomplete every page has a real story about the weapon and the soldiers who used it, ill leave a couple images here and a link with it. https://archive.org/details/LasArmasDeLaSegundaGuerraMundialEditorialCodex1966Vol13/page/n11 And i think that the winning number for bodenplatte its gonna be 10 aside for the 16 i had already said, anyway @Varibraun thanks for everything
  2. ill say this one https://www.amazon.com/Weapons-of-World-War-II/dp/B008SLJQKI amazing stories and illustrations!! As to the nice gifts ill take number 16 1. Battle of Bodenplatte – Premium Thanks!!!
  3. Please put my name in for both. Thank you.
  4. Congrats on the 10K and thanks for doing this! I’m interested in Bodenplatte
  5. Oh come on dude, really?I can't believe it next time you should define better bizarre, this was more for the ridiculous video! not even a consolation prize??? [edited]
  6. seeing the standards it is possible to make a second entry? anyway just for the bizarre stuff
  7. pretty nice but imho the colors are too bright and you used the wrong balkenkreuz underwings
  8. Look incredibly nice but there any sign of optimization? i think is needed
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