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  1. I have already posted but this was my introduction to world war two armaments around 15 years ago on my grandma's library, its in spanish i know but it has really nice pictureas and even if it feels a bit incomplete every page has a real story about the weapon and the soldiers who used it, ill leave a couple images here and a link with it. https://archive.org/details/LasArmasDeLaSegundaGuerraMundialEditorialCodex1966Vol13/page/n11 And i think that the winning number for bodenplatte its gonna be 10 aside for the 16 i had already said, anyway @Varibraun thanks for everything
  2. ill say this one https://www.amazon.com/Weapons-of-World-War-II/dp/B008SLJQKI amazing stories and illustrations!! As to the nice gifts ill take number 16 1. Battle of Bodenplatte – Premium Thanks!!!
  3. Please put my name in for both. Thank you.
  4. Congrats on the 10K and thanks for doing this! I’m interested in Bodenplatte
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