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  1. Thank you all for the posts! Very impressive improvements! Constant head pain makes mustiplayer flying is too tough now. The scripted and the new campaign are great! Limited time to 30 minutes works ok. IL-2 777 has an amazing system for adjustable thumb control head movement.
  2. IL-2 Sturmovik Stalingrad has the best system of flight sim for vision without TrackIR. A common problem in TBI is head pain and balance issues. In IL-2 setting, there are many setting it the camera adjustments. Using the pan options, smoothness, movement and inertia adjustment allows you to makes vision comfortable. IL-2 Stalingrad campaign lets you to choose short or long missions. The campaign system allows you to make different types of planes and areas of the map. If you succeed a mission, unlocking a skin or modification really ads enjoyment!
  3. Hard vertical shake thats is very uncomfortable to use force feedback. The worst issue is with the IL-2, but not good for all Allied planes. It is weird that the is no issue with a BF109. Im glad that issue is just my system problem. I'm using Windows 7. Thank you for replying.
  4. MS2FFB is great for BF109 and is ok for the FW190 but, it shakes terribly for Allied planes. Is there a way to improve this? Thank you!
  5. The Fw190A3 is very fun! I love the visual model. In BoS, I can only compare FM in a lot of book and original IL-2. Climb is good. Turn is good. If you try to turn to hard its a problem! Nice model! Roll rate, just OK. Hi speed menuver in not good. Fw should be better then any other plane in BoS. Acceleration should be a stronger.
  6. Thanks for all the support! ______________ Personal, my problem is reading, speech and dizzyness. I have very little temporal lobe left, so, other parts of my brain are trying with speech. TrackIR is great for a lot of people, but, it just makes me really sick. Original IL-2 is great for using your thumb for switching right, left, up and down. I hope Battle of Staligrad will be the same.
  7. Love any Lagg-La5 info! Thank you! B) http://www.degnans.com/markd/La5_Speed.gif http://www.degnans.com/markd/La5_Climb.gif The controlers are large. I wonder how though to handle at high speed?
  8. Captured test results are some times questionable. This Fw190A4 Lake Ladoga test is similar as the Lerche's La5 test. I like the EB-104 test. The weights and fuel are close. http://www.degnans.com/markd/Fw190A3_EB104_Speed.gif http://www.degnans.com/markd/Fw190A3_EB104_Climb.gif The Fw190A4 Lake Ladoga has great video!!!
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