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  1. Not sure if you guys heard about this but since the release of the Reverb G2, some people were reporting troubles when playing with the volume close to the maximum and with some heavy bass (didn't personnaly had that issue so far) HP have published a firmware update regarding this issue few days ago. It's really easy to do and I haven't found any mention of this procedure around here so there you go :
  2. That's pretty fast ! good for you 👌 Mine should arrived for december 23rd but at least I still have my Reverb G1while I wait for it
  3. I've just test the Driver4VR solution and it worked without any problem. I've managed to achieve what I want using target (snap when you press a button and snap back when you release it) Driver4VR is currently on sale for 11€ so I'll probably not even bother with Hydra and go for the Driver4VR solution All of this is not super easy but it does work and it's also helping a lot in combat ! Thx for that tutorial
  4. Hey @c6_lefuneste I'm trying to follow your tutorial but I can't manage to make it work I've managed to install Razer Hydra steamVR drivers (beta), I've copied the 2 dll files, set up openVR (installed from github link not using steam) and I do have the greenbox in the HMD when starting steamVR. My main problem is at step 4 of the tutorial. I can't do that step of the tutorial : I DO NOT have any "“razer_hydra” option when I click on the current controller. I did try to modify a vive controller which was available in the list and I did al
  5. It's probably a good idea. Already saw this trick in a comparaison video between G1 and G2
  6. Brief description: 3D bug when Bf109-K4 gunsight is stowed Detailed description, conditions: During a quick mission to test 4.006 patch I find out that on the K4 when stowing the gunsight, the guncross is still displayed on the windshied and the stowed gunsight looks really buggy Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): IL2 in 4.006 , windows 10 pro - Steam VR beta 1.12.4 - Nvidia Driver 445.87 - I7 9700K - 32 Go RAM - Gigabyte RTX 2080 super OC 8G - Simped vario pro/USB - HP Reverb - Hotas warthog
  7. Found a weird bug with the K4 gunsight in stowed position (I'm playing in VR)
  8. Ok so I've did some trials and power up my computer and let it run until the headset was in sleep mode but sadly it did not help. I'll have to investigate further more. Meanwhile I've opened a new topic on steam WMR forums : https://steamcommunity.com/app/719950/discussions/0/1736634087695943032/ Feel free to go there and to post to add some precisions if needed
  9. Les pauvres ca doit pas être facile pour eux 😄
  10. I'm using the setting very high (Beta) Anyway I've managed to have the 60 hz without the bug yesterday again. My computer was running for a while and as usual WMR fire up at startup. When I came back on my computer I had that screen saying my headset is sleeping. I've closed that screen and launched IL-2 (IL-2 will auto launch WMR beta and Steam VR without lauching all other steam process) and I was in 60 hz without the bug. So maybe Gomoto is right about the fact that we should wait a little. That's a weird bug and that would be cool to find out what is going on
  11. I've just expericenced that weird bug. I was messing around with the game and saw in FPS VR that I was at 60 fps with repro ON everything was super smooth. When I exit out the game, I've check Steam VR beta and at that time it shows me a refresh rate of 60 hz I've rebooted my computer and after that Steam VR was back at 90 hz . I've decided to manually change the refresh rate to do more testing at 60 hz but then I had that weird distorted convergence bug. That's too bad because the game was super smooth when I've ran it accidently to 60hz
  12. Content de lire que ces vidéos ont été utiles à certains d'entre vous 👌
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