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  1. From that Wikipedia page in the MK XIV section https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermarine_Spitfire_(Griffon-powered_variants) Even if it does mean you won’t have a clipped wing version for Normandie you can always add one for Bodenplatte
  2. You really don't know what you're talking about .... If cable flight controls had something to do about how many G you can pull then what about the Red bull Air races .... Anyway .... same story about the G-suit ! Please next time do at least some research before posting wrong affirmations https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-suit And if your only experience about G forces is from flight simulators please just go to an airstrip (we're lucky to have plenty of them in France) and do an aerobatics initation flight. You'll see by yourself !
  3. I'm really busy in Toulouse for the delivery of our first A350 so I did not have time to congrats you. Even if I was away I've managed to follow the competition from where I am and I just really want to say well done !!! Au top Louis, je savais que tu y arriverai !
  4. Han can we have more informations about this : I haven't seen any links to download it
  5. Had this weird bug tonight flying the G2 on Wings of Liberty
  6. Thx sokol that was the problem ! By default my 100% position slider was completely on the left
  7. there is an elevator trim on the spitfire and it does have an indicator on the dashboard I assigned it and it worked but I don't think I've used the "notch" setting go back in the controls and look for an other elevator trim
  8. same problem for me When I see my throttle responding correctly in the IN indication. The OUT indication doesn't move the same way at all. I'm using a HOTAS warthog
  9. Pour moi le format des track dans le jeux c'était du .trk Toujours est il que si c'est de cela dont tu parles alors inutile d'essayer de le convertir car ce n'est pas un enregistrement vidéo à proprement parler. Il s'agit seulement de données qui peuvent ensuite réutiliser par le jeux pour retranscrire une série d’événements. Si tu veux en faire une vidéo il faut que tu lances la lecture de ton track et que tu le captures avec le logiciel de ton choix (Fraps, Camtasia ou encore OBS studio)
  10. Je ne connais pas le format .trx mais tu peux toujours essayer de convertir avec handbrake C'est gratuit et très puissant https://handbrake.fr
  11. I've just made an online flight and record a track and when I've wanted to share it with my friend I saw the ACMI file in the folder Amazing ! It's already working even if it's missing some stuff ! that will be a great addition when it's gonna be fully implemented
  12. ca sent le firewall qui bloque la connexion ! Vérifie si lorsque tu essayes de te connecter tu n'as pas un pop up du pare feux windows (ou de ton pare feux perso) sur le bureau en faisant alt + tab
  13. un peu septique aussi sauf si tu utilisais des CPL ....
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