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  1. As I said above (in Czech, mate), your system should be fine if you run on Low settings. Medium/High should be okay for single player.
  2. Stačí hrát hru na nízkých nastaveních.
  3. Padlock view is an age old conundrum, it’s more or less cheating unless it is extremely well implemented (padlock off as soon as the plane is hidden from view) and even then you will need to be able to somehow look around and regularly check six, for which you’ll need some serious hat switch skills or a third hand to operate the mouse. I recommend investing in a TrackIR 5 head tracker. https://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/trackir5/ FaceTrackNoIR is an alternative that works with any simple webcam, though YMMV. http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/home/default.htm Ultimately VR head tracking (with a Rift, Vive or Windows Mixed Reality headset) is superior to both — and simultaneously inferior, as it tracks your head movement 1:1, and hence offers less flexibility and comfort compared to an IR head tracker. Then again, VR is mostly for the purpose of immersion rather than having a competitive edge online. It all depends on what’s most important to you.
  4. Okay, so you're on a late 2013 27" iMac, I think. Not a bad gaming machine really — it's all PC hardware inside anyway — but a bit limited in terms of upgradeability. Depending on your budget, if I were you I'd build an Intel i5-based system (Intel has better single core performance than AMD, which is all that matters for IL-2) with 8 or 16GB DDR4 (you won't notice much of a difference unless you run Chrome with 100 tabs open) and then indeed either a second hand GTX 1060 6GB / 1070 / 1070 Ti / 1080 (as @SeaW0lf suggests) or a new 1660 Ti, if you're going to play at 1080p@60fps, for which you'll need a new monitor obviously. If you want to try 4K or 144Hz and possibly VR, I'd get a slightly better video card, but we're in between two generations of video cards at the moment and everything is a bit overpriced. Or you can just splash out and buy yourself a new top-of-the-line 27" iMac and bootcamp to Windows again. Just remember that you will need to install Windows 10 (eventually) if you're still hanging on to Windows 7, especially with the newer hardware.
  5. An i5-3570K is plenty for Flying Circus. GTX 770 is a bit long in the tooth, though. Wait a minute, 770M? Are you playing on a laptop?
  6. I’m the exact opposite, really (though I do have a soft spot for the Pacific Theatre). The trick with WWI planes is to consider them powered kites and take them up for the sheer joy of flying. The Fokker Dr.I and Fokker D.VII(F) are particularly good at creating this feeling of flight. They are almost impossibly nimble. It’s true, you can never compare this to the sheer raw POWER of a 2600hp turbocharged death machine (and yes I admit the P-47D is pure sex), but you can trace back its lineage to these humble beginnings. That said, from a historical point of view, these tiny biplanes were the absolute bleeding edge of technological advancement. A serialised 1918 scout/fighter like the Fokker D.VII looks nothing like the experimental wiry contraptions that existed only 4 years prior. Then when you think that men who’d never even sat inside an automobile volunteered to fly and even fight in the air, you can understand why there will always be a bit of a cult following to them. And now I need to have a drink, lie down and accept that we’re probably not getting any new (very old) toys today.
  7. Disappoint the WWII crowd so hard by giving us more Flying Circus planes. You know you want to, no one can resist that sweet, sweet disappointment.
  8. I, for one, am glad we’ve finally exposed @Chill31 and his scummy get-rich-quick pyramid scheme, which somehow involved the building of a period dreidecker and convincing half a dozen nerds on two semi-active flightsim forums to pay for it. Make Fokker Fly Again. Say what you will about Donald Trump, if he had gone into building Great War replicas rather than real estate, he wouldn’t be a billion dollars in the red right now.
  9. The SPAD XIII, Albatros D.Va and Nieuport 17 (RUS) in RoF are free to play.
  10. He means that he's been flying the planes that have been released so far (Pfalz D.IIIa, Fokker Dr.I, Fokker D.VII(F), SPAD XIII, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Dolphin). They are available for Quick Missions and in Multiplayer. Have a go!
  11. Very good feedback, thank you, assuming you're talking about the Jasta 5 server on which the Sunday event is held. For the record, this post is not in name of J5 and entirely my own opinion, but I'll make sure it finds its way to the right people ( @J5_Baeumer and @J5_Matthias ). I think the current map serves its purpose well considering the circumstances. I wasn't too sure about the kill messages not being displayed, but I actually don't mind their absence. It creates somewhat more of a relaxed atmosphere, which is a good thing at this early stage of the game. My only real criticism is the length of the rounds (how long it takes till the map cycles), which could easily be doubled. Limiting the number of airstarts makes sense to me, especially if the server fills up (which hasn't really happened yet) in order to stop possible abuse. Much of the problems we currently face with the distances on the Kuban map will be addressed when the Arras map comes along (eventually). Even so, mission builders and server hosters will have to come up with a proper fast food / instant action type of map, though I'm not sure this is something which a historical squadron such as J5 wants to have its name attached to. The gents over at NFF and WarGrounds have far more experienced with this either way. I do worry quite a bit more about the omnipresence of the Sopwith Camel and Fokker D.VIIF. During the 45 minutes I spent flying yesterday, these were the two types I saw being flown almost exclusively (including by myself) — save for one or two pilots brave enough to attempt a sortie in the Fokker Dr.I. It certainly looks like both the Camel and F will have to be limited in number down the line. Historically speaking, this makes perfect sense for the F — not so much for the Camel, unless we're talking about the Bentley-powered one. I sincerely hope that the devs will have another look at her, as she's about 10km/h too fast. A big deal by WWI standards. I don't think anyone really questions this anymore. If nothing else, it would make the standard Fokker D.VII a viable option, as well as the upcoming Albatros D.Va, all the while making both the SPAD and upcoming SE5a far more attractive.
  12. You should practise your gunnery till the cows come home (speak with the US103 fellows, seriously) and you can always hope to be facing someone who doesn't know how to properly manage the F's energy at altitude. It's a very different situation if we're talking a 2v1 or 2v2 (or NvN) engagement — but as I understand that's not what you're after. In 1v1 I can only reiterate what I said before: the SPAD's speed and ability to climb is best used as a weapon of surprise. That's the absolute advantage you want to press home. Don't undervalue the SPAD's ability to dive, it was a much sought after quality in WWI machines. The Fokker is not that great at it and requires plenty of sideslip even for modest dives. Whether this is historical or not is probably best left for another discussion. So not only does your opponent not want to dive with you, he knows very well that he gives up more of his own advantage as altitude decreases. Otherwise it's mostly a battle of attrition which is not played out in your favour. Why would you stay up there and play his game? Always fly by your own rules. On the other hand, don't let any of this stop you and feel free to tell me to go to hell. Go out there and be the best SPAD high altitude energy fighter that's ever been. We will watch your career with great interest. P.S. It bears repeating: go speak with the US103. P.P.S. I don't mind that you add music to your videos, but you should still include the engine and wind sounds. They can reveal quite a bit about your airmanship.
  13. 3. Don't bring a SPAD to an F fight at 3000m
  14. You're describing the exact fighter doctrines as they existed during WWI. Yes, a turnfighter is a "pilot's plane" with the ability to stay and fight, but it makes it inherently dangerous. You're far better off flying a fast machine, climb as high as your body will allow it, dive on an unsuspecting foe, and then dive away to safety if your engagement goes south. I may sound very critical of the SPAD, but really, along with Fokker D.VII (overcompressed Mercedes or F), it's the only plane I'd want to fly if my life truly depended on it. Cowards live to fight another day. There really are no secret techniques, it boils down to pushing the limits of each plane to achieve a situational advantage. I agree that this isn't always for the betterment of the multiplayer experience, as a large part of it is attempting to frustrate your opponent and make him give up his advantage. Better yet: with a sufficient altitude advantage and the element of surprise, it mostly doesn't matter what you're flying. If the other guy knows you're there, you've already lost 51% of your advantage. As for the other 49%, with the Camel you have its sustained turn and ability to retain energy during most maneuvers. With the SPAD: its speed and dive (and zoom climb provided you started with enough vertical separation / potential energy to begin with). With the Dolphin you get to do a bit of both, but it's mostly an inferior machine. On the Central side, the Fokker D.VIIF has superb high altitude performance, meaning you can cautiously engage anything above 2000m and have almost free rein above 3000m. The Fokker D.VII doesn't exist, and the Pfalz is great at being thrown around with reckless abandon or for pulling out of dives, but much like the Dolphin, it's mostly an inferior machine. Remains to be seen what the last two scouts will bring to the table. I'm especially curious about the SE5a's staying power in a fight (it's very fragile in RoF) and the Albatros' speed, dive performance as well as its energy retention in maneuvers and shallow dives. The two-seaters are a different topic altogether.
  15. If it’s any consolation, Dr.Is will never be circling Camels for very long.
  16. Ah, look at us all armchair experts critiquing this humble man's technique. The truth is: you weren't flying the plane wrong, you were flying the wrong plane. There's definitely a misconception going around that the SPAD is any good at altitude. It isn't. It has raw power at sea level and decent enough climb, but it weighs too much and doesn't have good engine compression ratio above 2000m. You do want to climb as high as you can, that is true, but only so you can dive on something 1000m below and use that excellent dive. Even so, attempting to stay in a fight that's anywhere above sea level is almost guaranteed suicide, as the 220hp Hispano-Suiza V8 and your straight wings need that thick air to perform at their best. The SPAD is an American muscle car, whereas the Fokker D.VIIF is a turbocharged Porsche. In a Camel with this kind of moderate altitude advantage you'd have made minced meat of a D.VIIF, even at 3000m. You might even have stood a better chance in a Dolphin, considering the technique you were using -- though a rotary engine is far more suited for high altitude engagements, the Dolphin's smaller 200hp V8, lighter airframe and wing dihedral allow it to stay in an angles fight at that altitude, provided you don't burn your advantage (which you didn't).
  17. If you get stutters in multiplayer again, could you try a cold reboot and launching only IL-2? (+ the apps you directly use for the game, TrackIR, Steam, TeamsSpeak etc.) Specifically, don't start your web browser or anything similar.
  18. I spent a bit of time with both the SPAD and Dolphin over the weekend in multiplayer. I am truly hopeless with the SPAD as soon as I attempt anything beyond pure diving hit and run attacks. It really is an engine with wings and balloon guns attached to it. Respect for those who make this their main ride and enjoy it, I can’t stand the bloody thing. The Dolphin remains one of my favourite rides. She’s maneuverable enough against a D.VII and plenty fast, though really not enough to outfight or outrun trouble. I find that engaging a Pfalz is generally a very dangerous affair. It can easily build up energy while the Dolphin is busy spending all its energy to maintain separation. Lose your altitude and/or patience and you will soon after lose your head. I’m hoping the SE5a will end up somewhere in between the SPAD and Dolphin as the best all-round inline scout. The Albatros is almost certain to become a slightly faster and even more maneuverable (but more fragile) Pfalz. If it can send the Camel packing at sea level with sharp rolling scissors and other aerobatic tricks, we might have a semblance of “fair combat”. If nothing else, it will keep the Camel on its (camel)toes. 😁 The poor Dolphin will no doubt suffer for it. That’s okay Flipper, I still love you — at least till we get your bigger meaner brother Biff, then you’re dead to me.
  19. Thanks for all the tips, Rosco! Besides interrupt moderation, my network controller has an interrupt moderation rate setting which is set to adaptive. Since it's meant to dynamically adjust the interrupt moderation according to packet size, I'm inclined to leave it as-is. For me it's all just speculation at this point, since I wasn't able to reproduce the stutters since Sunday last. Regarding the FFB microstutters, decreasing it to 0.5 really does appear to eliminate them almost entirely, but then one force update every two seconds is not enough for me. I found 2.0 to be the minimum in terms of responsiveness and found no discernible change in smoothness compared to 5.0. Going from 10.0 to 5.0 really does make a tremendous difference. I should add that I'm playing on a rather old 60Hz monitor, so I'm sure I'm not as sensitive to stutters as some others might be.
  20. I went onto BERLOGA just now in a dogfight with around 10 planes, and (apart from the fact that I am absolutely hopeless in anything post-WWI) I am happy to say that I experienced no major stutters and only marginal microstutter. Yesterday it was almost unplayable on J5 FC. My settings: NVIDIA CP: startup.cfg: I do have a theory that stutters will still happen because of some Windows-related memory buffer / garbage collection process causing latency, and I'd suggest you run IL-2 only after a reboot and with as few background tasks as possible. I usually have Steam on for voice comms and friends list, but I think I'll move to Discord now. Please let us know if it's any help at all.
  21. No, the opposite. I now have 4K enabled again and the game is noticeably smoother with almost no microstutter. I will post my full settings as soon as I get home. This is a separate issue from the multiplayer stutter, though. I will make a video of it next time I’m on a server with lots of close activity.
  22. 4K textures seems to mostly eliminate the microstutter as well... The stutter I experienced today wasn't microstutter at all, though, it was a strong irregular stutter (about three in a row) visible mostly when rolling or when making a sharp sustained turn, as if the landscape was lagging behind a bit. It definitely happened more often as there were more planes around, but I haven't been able to get into a dogfight since then (BERLOGA is not up either). Will try again soon and report back.
  23. I have them disabled right now, though I had them enabled before. Let me check if it makes a difference.
  24. I've been suffering from this affliction again since 3.012 (mostly in multiplayer but also somewhat noticeably in single player). I told @SeaW0lf about it as we were flying on the same server in FC today. My usual solution of disabling fullscreen mode no longer seems to cut it. What I did to reduce my stutters was follow @SYN_Jedders's advice and disable Vsync in-game and forcing it on in the Nvidia CP. I've also enabled fullscreen mode again and disabled the FPS limiter (setting Off). There's still some microstutter present, but it's playable again.
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