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  1. Meanwhile... ...and that's what you get for flying a Bristol like an airliner because there's only one other pilot on the server. And making fun of Larner. S! @IV./JG51-L_Welter, you ended our 7-kill (mostly AI) streak.
  2. Hard to say, because a number of features have not been confirmed, including WWI ground objects. Focusing only on aircraft which obviously deviate from Rise of Flight and changes that have been (semi-)confirmed by the devs, I'll keep it short and sweet: Restore all FMs to pre-1.034, this is currently the case for all planes except the Fokker Dr.I (see below) Either fix or confirm as intentional the Albatros D.Va engine overheat at full power climb and normal operating temperature Either fix or confirm as intentional the Halberstadt CL.II gunner angle reduction Fix the gunner animations on two-seaters in multiplayer (animation not smooth) and while bailing out (gunner gets up twice) Instead of reverting to the pre-1.034 Fokker Dr.I, implement @Chill31's Fokker Dr.I upcoming performance data Measure and correct all listed performance data in-game, only Albatros D.Va and S.E.5a are currently correct I may be missing a few things, but this is what I can think of at the top of my head.
  3. I'm so very sorry for your kill streak, Larner (you'll get it soon), but I must have watched that video a dozen times already and every time I laugh harder. Here's my slightly edited version.
  4. Agreed on all accounts, but you've also disproven your own arguments. Unlocks are silly. If people join a server and they can't fly the plane they want (within reason, limiting their number is fine), they will leave. Also, what do you want to lock for Central? The D.VIIF? Good, now they have nothing worth a damn. And what do you want to lock on Entente? The Camel, SPAD, SE5a and Bristol? Okay, I suppose we're all flying Dolphins, and some argue that even the Dolphin is better than everything but the D.VIIF. I don't trust the AI, though I do think it's possible to force them not to engage and use their gunners only defensively. What I do trust is human greed. If people know the AI two-seaters are there and can add to their kill tally, especially when not escorted, they will go for them. Airstarts (or at least forcing high altitude two-seaters) seems like a necessity for higher engagements. Most recon flights and combat by 1918 would take place well above 10,000ft. At present, the only reason for an Entente flyer to go all the way up there is to look for trouble. No matter what, he's at a disadvantage there against the D.VIIF. Historically it would have been your squadron commander ordering you to defend those two-seaters. Nobody cares about orders in a public game where your side winning is of no consequence, but people do care about kills, and perhaps even about other people not getting kills.
  5. I would agree with @No56_Hotwing that this is intended behaviour. If the forward field is stressed and under attack, better take off from the rear field, climb and take the vulchers by surprise. You'll know where to find them. Central powers are meant to be more on the defensive, unless it comes to attacking trenches. Also don't forget that you have a parachute.
  6. Gentlemen, gentlemen, save the belligerence for when you're flying. Where you see problems, I just see more medals. The White Max: 25 AI kills The Red Max: 25 human kills The Pink Max: 25 human kills who did not yet have a single victory The Brown Max: 25 human kills who afterwards disconnected from the server The Black Max: getting killed 25 times in a row without getting a single air victory
  7. Thanks for getting back so quickly about this, Matthias, and again sorry for doing this out in the open, I was really just brainstorming. What I meant to say was exactly one AI flight taking off every 15 minutes on alternating sides (not one AI flight on both sides), with each AI flight lasting 30 minutes. To clarify: Mission starts at 0:00 Entente Flight A: takes off at 0:15, lands at 0:45 Central Flight X: takes off at 0:30, lands at 1:00 Entente Flight B: takes off at 0:45, lands at 1:15 Central Flight Y: takes off at 1:00, lands at 1:30 Mission ends at 1:30 I have no idea about the complexity of mission timers and taking off/landing/despawning AI planes, so a different approach may be needed if this is too complex. Which is actually what you already mentioned: I had no idea this was happening (probably thanks to the visibility), but his may very well be good enough for what we're trying to achieve, which is to center dogfights around these two-seaters. A change of recon altitude might be needed: you really want the Entente flights to be too high for comfort, and the Central flights too low. The number of planes in a formation I can't really judge, but I'll certainly take 3 over none. Just a few more questions, regarding AI flights in general: Are these AI flights departing from an airfield or do they spawn in as a formation with an airstart? The point being: it would be nice if a human two-seater of the same type could join the formation by having some advance warning. Scouts should normally have a bit less trouble catching up. Could you have a message displayed to people on the same side as the AI flight when they take off/airstart, to signal their location? I know we're not supposed to have radio or anything fancy like that, but it could be a number of green flares being shot up from the airfield/planes themselves and a message displayed along the lines of: Green flares are fired from Cappy (1106), a Halberstadt flight is about to take off! or Green flares are fired from Bristols flying over Saint Gratien (1103) at 10,000ft! Likewise, could you have a message displayed to people on both sides as the AI flight crosses into No Man's Land? As an example: Yellow flares are fired from the trenches, a flight of Halberstadts is coming over low! and Red flares are fired from the trenches, a flight of Bristols is crossing over high! The AI doesn't really have to do anything if that is too complex, though it would look really fancy if AI Halberstadts could (fake) attack a trench with machineguns (that's me dreaming). We can pretend that the Bristols are doing a high altitude recon and the Halberstadts a low altitude recon. I do wonder what the survivability is of low Halberstadts if AAA is in the vicinity, but that's another story. So if the two-seaters don't get shot down, they fly around till the end of the mission, I take it? And if they do get shot down, can you leave a little bit of time between destruction and respawn? Maybe even limit the number of times they respawn to limit abuse?
  8. Welcome! Please take everything you read here and especially on chat with a large grain of salt. Most of us have known each other for longer than we care to admit and we take things too far all the time. It's all in good fun. Usually. Quitting at the ten minute warning seems odd to me. Maybe it was bedtime in Mother Europe? We take those sort of things seriously. The last 10 minutes is when people actively seek out trouble and start popping flares to signal their position, as there's no need to limp back home anyway if the mission ends.
  9. I have always believed in extending a warm welcome to newcomers. They can even choose their source of heat: Vickers, Lewis, Spandau, Parabellum... To treat anyone, regardless of skill level, any different than you would an AI, is patronising to them. Besides, no one appreciates things that come easily. The difficulty and learning curve are part of the process, of the hazing if you will, which we've all been through. Those who go exclusively after newcomers for the sheer enjoyment of seeing someone suffer and to drive them away from the game are borderline sociopaths. We have those too, but they typically don't last that long. It's hard to fly angry all the time, as the reality is that everyone has good and bad days. In my experience, the vast majority of people here will bend over backwards to assist someone new in need of guidance. Not to make it that much easier on them, but at least to warn them of the mistakes which they themselves made while learning. I think that's how squadrons are formed. Speaking of which, if you're looking for one, and you don't mind to fly together with yanks in a plane that vaguely smells of camembert, the chaps over at the US 103rd Aero Squadron are looking for people. God forbid you'd want to fly Central. In that case, pick your favourite tail colour (green!), or number, stick a J in front of it and apply right away.
  10. I really dislike AV because it messes with your distance perception, though I think it only affects people flying at 1080p and it works better with 4K or VR. If it comes to that, I'd rather just have icons, which is fair to everyone. The new icons are supposedly good, I haven't tried them yet. Still not a fan of icons, though, zooming in and out to spot targets is as close to scanning and focusing in real life as we can hope for. Agreed about the planeset, though. What we have now is basically: D.VIIF (above 3000m) > pretty much everything Entente > the other Central planes. Feel free to comment on our LiveJournal blog post about it (it needs an update for the physiology effects). Darling is hardly a good basis of comparison, but even then, fighting a D.VIIF at 3000m is hard as hell, and it should be. Same for fighting Camels on the deck. To return to the topic of AI two-seaters, it's to force those engagements to actually happen and reward you for it. You could say that it's a better idea to have everyone, including the two-seaters flying at 2000m. But that is not at all historical, nor fair on Central, especially for the Halberstadts who used to fly at less than 100ft (I'm not sure how well the AI can do that). Once we have the bombers we can have those flying at around 2000m where they belong, but for now this is what we have.
  11. Haha, I was kidding but you're right, it's a fair question. I've been flying almost exclusively Entente in the past two weeks (Central is usually stacked) and it's true that fights are going above 3000m or even happen on the deck, mostly because people are looking for each other, and that's where you need to go to find the D.VIIFs and the Camels, respectively. Most of the time, though, there is very little happening at all. Some people have noted that they spend their entire time flying without finding a soul. While it may be realistic, I don't think it's a good long term situation. What we quickly figured out in the Bristol, is that by staying below 2000m and forcing D.VIIFs to come down instead, we have a much better fighting chance. There's very little incentive for us to go higher other than we're bored and want action. On the other hand, I see very few Central flyers choosing an Alby or Dr.I and duking it out with Camels down low. Again, why the hell would they? What AI would do is give Entente a reason to climb to 10,000ft and subject themselves to you, and for Central flyers to stick around the deck and go up against the likes of @SeaW0lf. If nothing else it would lead to more action, which is what we need on weeknights. I feel that with the very unbalanced planeset and relatively large map, we otherwise run the risk of running out of steam in a matter of weeks. J5 Flugpark doesn't need to become a Fast Food BERLOGA style server, but it needs to be a place where you can log on and know you'll see action.
  12. Some very good feedback so far, thanks one and all. Since we're all dating ourselves here, I have lived through the dark ages of RoF on the CoCos coop server (everything was fair game with the Russians, I have to give them that) and been lucky enough to experience the glory days from the relative safety of Darling's pilot seat while he downed entire Jastas in a single sortie — we're not getting any of that back. Thank Jason, we're not. If you're still flying RoF today, that's entirely your call. I'm not going back. Well, I may have to go back for Bloody April. There's reasons aplenty, not least of which the damage model improvements and g forces on pilots and gunners. Flying Circus will almost certainly never experience the popularity RoF had, especially after F2P became a thing and the chat was flooded with "How do I start my engine?", "Press B." As @J2_Trupobaw mentioned in the other thread, they were lambs to the slaughter, orders of magnitude worse than even rookie AI. Some of them learned, many of them left. What we have now is a community mostly comprised of RoF veterans and a few interested WWII flyers who have no idea what they're getting themselves into. Absolutely no one is buying Flying Circus with no prior interest in RoF or IL-2. If you are, please let yourself be known, we have a medal for that too. So about PvE: it's absolutely needed in a limited fashion, if only to create urgency and a reason to join the server even when it's empty. After all, ground attack is also PvE, at least until Volume 7: Landship Crew (still one volume before we get Zeppelins). I had no idea that the J5 Flugpark had a few AI scouts flying around until I checked the stat pages, but considering the quality of the AI compared to RoF, it's not such a bad thing. If server performance becomes an issue, I would rather see the scouts go in favour of mission-based two-seaters. I agree that this solution is far from perfect. Eventually I'd love to see two-seater squadrons form and the need for AI to disappear completely. Until then, I think it can serve us better than just placeholders who disappear when enough pilots join. That always seemed like the more gamey option.
  13. We've had this discussion before, I really do miss the old streak mechanic. Horribly inaccurate as it was, going wonky when the master server went wonky (a.k.a. all the time), it was more or less an indicator of how well you were doing on your present vlife. Yes, you could also go look at stat parsers to get a more accurate picture, but in the end the streak was the one official stat which you could build up and which would follow you around. It was something. Now we have nothing, at least nothing official. So now that it's stat parsers or bust, it also means that server operators are free to choose what they consider to be a victory. For any given server, it would be good to know whether this includes AI or not. If we're going to start filling servers with novice AI scouts flying around at random, those victories will quickly lose their meaning. So my suggestion instead is not to discount the AI kills, but have them be meaningful kills. Kills that actually contribute to the mission, that is, and move the focal point of dogfighting to a desired location/altitude. That will happen, and I think that's fine to a certain degree. I would also give the AI gunners expert accuracy, which should make it hard for a single scout to clean house. I'm not sure how effective this would be with Halberstadt, it's an idea that needs a lot of testing, if it happens at all (I'm not a mission builder). We (un)fortunately all live in different timezones, so when at least 1 person is on in the early hours of the morning, it might just attract another who happens to be looking at the serverlist in the afternoon. Still, I wouldn't judge people too harshly if what they want to do is get the AI two-seaters. All the more reason to keep a watchful eye and escort them whenever possible.
  14. The stat page is obviously only valid for the J5 server, and I'm not sure what the actual kill policy is (opinions stated are my own), but I do indeed like to see the AI kills being counted as legit. Especially since kill messages in general are disabled, which I believe has turned out to be a good decision. Otherwise we get the old RoF situation where you break off the fight the moment you realise that you're fighting an AI. You could make your own server with nothing but AI and get a streak of thousands, but it would only be visible on your own parser. And of course you can join the J5 server during off hours with the purpose to hunt down AI and pad your stats, but I can only see that as a win-win, as you're populating the server.
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