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  1. I saw that topic and I think both issues are related, but the description of the bug is a bit non-descriptive: Okay, planes are "just invisible", but which planes? When, where, and most importantly, how does a dev reproduce it? It's too bad that it also happens in the WW2 part of the sim with different planes, but that's up to them to report accurately and likely one of the reasons why it hasn't been fixed yet. If the devs have a step-by-step method of consistently reproducing the bug using a track file, pretty moving pictures on what they need to do to see the bug in action on that one particular object and can even see what it's supposed to look like when it's working correctly with other objects, it's much less likely that they will simply state "works as intended" or "engine limitation". I'll definitely ping Rapidus, though! P.S. A-Wing for life
  2. I filed a pretty extensive bug report here, further input is appreciated:
  3. Description: In certain multiplayer instances the Fokker D.VII (and possibly Fokker D.VIIF) flown by a human player disappears at various zoom levels and distances. Only a dot remains, which is possibly a much further away LOD of this object or only the pilot. Examples: Fully zoomed out this happens at a distance of around 0.43, effectively making this plane invisible when zoomed out. Fully zoomed in this happens at a distance of around 2.09, making it appear that the plane is only visible when zooming in. The S.E.5a in the background by comparison, is not disappearing suddenly and its wings remain visible at a much greater distance. Flight recording/track download: https://mega.nz/file/NVsAGRqa#tyBZ2QlAnlFc3CbKTOAXeLaZLMrgbwIbQ3jLUTtNnZE Here is a quick video of the recording. Sorry it's a bit blurry, I was wounded after he bounced me since, well, I couldn't see him. Note that that multiplayer server did not have icons, these are only visible in the recording. @-DED-Rapidus This is possibly related to the "Invisible planes bug", though since only one planetype is involved and it's not related to the plane firing or not, it could be a LOD issue. The plane is also not entirely invisible, it just becomes a dot earlier than it should, or we see something else in its place.
  4. Hear, hear! Up diddly up, down diddly down, whoops, poop, twiddly dee - decent scrap with the fiendish Red Baron - bit of a jolly old crash landing behind enemy lines - capture, torture, escape, and then back home in time for tea and medals.
  5. Wasn't the issue previously that the D7 would only appear after opening fire? I can assure you the guy in question had already been shooting. One might say that we never saw him coming. This is clearly a LOD issue and as @J5_Baeumer points out the D7 is not the only object affected, though it's the most noticeable. I believe that the Bristol bomb racks behave in much the same way. I'll file some bug reports later today.
  6. We had it happen near the end of IRFC's re-inauguration flight* on Flugpark tonight. Several D.VIIs appear to become visible only at the highest zoom level. It's hard to tell, maybe just the pilot or propeller remains visible. There were quite a few people on, so it may have been caused by that? No other planetypes had this issue. Sightings confirmed by at least 3 people. A few highly zoomed in example gifs, track/recording available on request: (*) We return following unpopular demand from Central flyers for more Entente squadrons to shoot at.
  7. Too late, I already farmed your likes! Seriously awesome job. I’m speechless. When do you think you can fly her?
  8. Define "safely". I'll have a look and see if this still works in FC. Surely the wingless part won't be a problem.
  9. Okay, but consider the meme potential of another invincible Fokker.
  10. Technically the “vanilla” D.VII in RoF/FC has the 180hp Mercedes D.IIIa, not the 160hp Mercedes D.III which it had at Adlershof in January 1918. Likewise the Albatros D.Va in RoF/FC has the 180hp Mercedes D.IIIa, not the “200hp” Mercedes D.IIIaü it had at Adlershof either. Why? Mmmh... I remember an old dev quote from the original neoQB about these planes being developed as hybrids. I could go dig around for it but everything pre-2011 on the RoF forum is a mess. If these planes were developed today they’d have several engine variants like the Halberstadt CL.II (180/200hp) and Albatros D.II do (includes an earlier radiator design), both of which were developed a bit later. Will they ever add engine variants? I suppose it’s a matter of time, money and interest. EDIT: Found one of the OG Albatros D.Va and Fokker D.VII performance threads, including dev response: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/3203-albatros-dva-performance/page-1 The thread I was looking for (“hybrid” was not a dev quote): https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/11038-current-rof-airplanes-flight-model-discussion-topic/page-2 The information about the D.III(a/ü) test by the British provided by @MiG-77 is especially interesting.
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