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  1. Oof, that is little indeed. I wouldn't have a problem with that, personally, then again I'm a masochist who flies the Dolphin. Purely from a design point of view it makes more sense for it to handle and behave much like a light, flimsy, (relatively) unstable rotary, much closer to a Nieuport 17 and Sopwith Pup in terms of overall build, rather than an F-104 Starfighter. The fact that it can't hold a sustained turn, but has a great instantaneous turn and excellent roll makes me suspect there is something fundamentally wrong with the wing loading. Maybe they've used the 16m2 and 740k
  2. I'm not sure how they would be able to model that as fabric tearing and soft-body physics are not part of the DM. 🤔 I suppose they could just make the wings very weak, akin to the Dolphin and Albatros D.Va. Still, that will likely be a function of the main wing spar, if they apply the same logic as the other planes. Are you kidding me? If we get an accurate N28 I'll be flying that, not some half-baked waffle-operated deathtrap. There is a ton of conflicting data floating around about the Nieuport 28, ranging from its surface area o
  3. Have you checked the crankshaft for waffle jams? In many ways the Hanriot is the plane which many people were expecting the Nieuport 28 to behave like, albeit slower and worse climbing. Basically an improved Nieuport 17. A Nieuport 27, if you will. Oh, oh can we talk about the Nieuport 28 now? The way I see it: either it's exactly the plane it was in RoF and it will be hilarious, or (however unlikely) its FM will be "fixed", be able to hold a sustained turn more or less equal to the Hanriot and pretty much become the best overall plane on Entente, somewhere in
  4. It's an excellent match for the Fokker D.VII! The Hanriot has (slightly) better turn and better climb, and the Fokker D.VII is (slightly) faster, has two machineguns and is built like a truck. It would likely still stand a chance against the 200hp Fokker D.VII with overcompression, though that might be pushing it a bit. ...wait you meant a match for the Fokker D.VIIF? Let's put it this way: even if all signs currently point to it making the planeset eventually, I wouldn't trust the Sopwith Snipe to be a 1:1 match for the D.VIIF either. What it will likely do is d
  5. How dare you call the Hanriot a dud?! That marvel of French aeronautical engineering! How could the developers ever do such a thing dirty? On top of that, think of its interesting and rather unique backstory of being an evolution of the earlier Nieuport design meant to compete with and surpass the SPAD VII, yet in spite of entering limited production getting rejected for service by the French in favour of the already widely adopted SPAD XIII, then getting sold off to a co-belligerent nation, where it finally manages to make a name for itself amongst pilots in desperate need of, wel
  6. And I thought you were going to bring up the Lac du Der (artifically created in 1974, lovingly recreated for RoF in 1917). Honestly I'd settle for Inspiration Island and epic seaplane fights over Jasonville and Petrovich Bay. Either way, bring on the Hanriot!
  7. [cries in Sopwith Dolphin main] 😭 Eh, I still think the wings on the Dolphin are fine. It's much more of a problem with the Camel, whose wings are less fragile but which you will routinely subject to higher G. The control cables going from a single burst, now that is pure frustration. Lately I can attritube all my deaths to them. In fact, I can't remember the last time I was wounded or lost my wings due to excessive maneuvering. Then the fact that both the Bristol and S.E.5a have adjustable stabilizer backup (which they clearly just forgot about) makes it compelling to
  8. Yup, I can't reproduce it anymore. End of an era, I guess? The Fokker D.VIIF engine still turns invisible under similar circumstances. Guess we'll start a new bug thread for that one. Though really it might be better to just remove the D.VIIF from the game altogether.
  9. UPDATED 10/02/2021 Housekeeping in preparation of FC Vol.2 aircraft Reworked tiers and remarks, especially about durability and wingshedding
  10. I find this stuff fascinating and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm totally lost about trying to make sense of airframes, engines, horse power ratings, RPMs, and top speed. For most if not all of these engines according to totally reliable information I dug up on Wikipedia, theaerodrome and elsewhere, it would appear that the cylinders would begin to stretch and depart around 1500 RPM, regardless of the engine and rated hp/RPM, due to the physical limits of a spinning engine block. Other than that, I can't make much sense of what the engines were actually able to output
  11. Can I ask you how you got to 135 ground kills in one vlife for me? It looks like I got 57 in January (2020) and 75 in February, but that's 132. Or did you also add the 2 air kills and 1 assist? In March I was unfortunately sent home with the Spanish It's Just a Flu. My Central pilot did not survive and was only recently reincarnated crumpet side.
  12. From a historical and survival point of view that is indeed excellent advice. Practically speaking for people playing a video game with limited time, especially newer players, I'd still urge you to get into dogfights and die. Don't get me wrong: your personal stats are important (those who say they're not haven't found them yet) and winning the mission for your team is also important, but you can never really grow unless you push yourself. Sometimes not in the best plane and sometimes not in the most favourable situation. Learning from death is a luxury we have. And the
  13. We're happy it's of use! You won't be a "new" player for long, and you'll soon form your own opinions. Hopefully we'll get to add the first FC volume 2 aircraft soon.
  14. It's true but the Camel pilot should flip a switch in his head when he sees a Dr.I (again, emphasis on should) and go full-on BnZ. Even better: a Camel can avoid fighting a Dr.I unless he gets him by surprise, and just fly away. The combination of Fokker Dr.I + Fokker D.VII, who can just about keep up with the Camel, is in other words quite deadly. Or alternatively, just fly the Fokker D.VIIF all day every day, which is what most people seem to want to do anyway. So not this way then? No. Pfalz stronk!
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