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  1. Problems start with how much damage is percieved by what kind of damage inflicted. For instance, I have plenty of sorties on my back where I've made my AI enemy leak fuel, water and oil massively, yet when I look at the logfiles, these damages seem to only account for less than one percent each - and AI keeps fighting, endlessly, aggressively, even though they're virtually dead and any human player on earth would have attempted to RTB long time since, and would most probably even have failed to do so for critical cumulated damage along the way. Another pass later, when I smashed my bullets through some apparently unimportant part of the fuselage with no visual effect, the log reports 60% damage suddenly. That worked to some extent until the 4.x update (from my experience with our Multiplayer Server that is). For whatever reason, in the latest version of the game AAA success rate depends on aircraft speed to such extent that as long as AI planes keep staying above 350kph, flak simply won't get them. I have russian airfields covered with 8+ AAA batteries, all "high" level, 2 large, 2 medium, 4 small, with unlimited ammo, shooting like hell. Yet there's 2 AI Fw 190 A-5 circling above that very airfield at 500m altitude, doing strafing passes at ground objects of choice, for about 15 minutes without ever getting hit. Now try to attack this same airfield at the very same time with a Henschel and, regardless what you do, you will get blown out of the skies before you even get within MK101 shooting distance. AAA will hit you midships from whatever angle with first round. ...but lucky us, there's modders out there: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,58745.0.html Mike
  2. Yep, once AI decided that it's got to be you, then it's got to be you and no one else. Let me add that on our online server we've seen an increasing number of "stalking" AI planes. That is, AI planes fly across half of russia just to get you. Note that I'm not referring to following you across half of russia - that goes without saying. No, they even spot you at several hundred miles distance, and then decide to chase you down whatever it takes. This seems to affect mostly player planes or even player planes only, I have yet to witness AI stalking AI across the map. I've got a theory why this happens. Some time ago another fellow member of this forum reported that on track recordings he saw AAA tracers in the Tacview playback even though the recording player was nowhere near (read: By far not in visual distance) of the AAA battery, which means the AAA activity happened outside of the "visibility bubble" and was therefore not supposed to be part of the track recording at all. Yet it was, constantly. My theory is that AI planes might always see AAA tracers wherever they are, and always treat them equally important regardless the distance. Now if you as a player attack something, for instance ground targets, and trigger some AAA activity by doing so, and if there's no other "more important" stuff going on from enemy AI planes' point of view, then you are the one getting all their attention, regardless where you are. And once they start focusing on you, it's got to be you (see above). I've personally witnessed this last week on a mission I've written myself, so I know what's supposed to happen where and why. I've been attacking tanks/cars in an area which is easily 50-60 miles north of an enemy airbase where AI planes take off "randomly" with orders to fly east to enter a "combat zone" there. There were AAA equipped halftracks among the attacked ground targets and of course the woke up when I was attacking them. I've been out of sight for any other plane. There's been no other plane on the map either (the server uses "normal" difficulty settings so you can see others on the map once they are "visible" for whatever reason). I felt alone up there, until I suddenly spotted an AI fighter running straight north towards me. I decided to run home, and on my way back, I saw more and more AI fighters coming up behind me. After a couple of minutes, I've had all enemy AI fighter on my tail. Literally all that were in the air at that time (5 in total) - they all decided to chase me home eastbound all across the map, even though I've been a hundred miles off their designated waypoints meanwhile and even though they never saw me when they decided to chase me. Mike
  3. Would love to know your convergency setting. Seems I need to pull about 3 times as much lead as you do in that video when using 400m convergency. Mike
  4. Noticed the same but wasn't sure whether it's "by design" or really a bug. Thanks for the report! Mike
  5. @[DBS]Tx_Tip The screenshots are Sea State Level 6, both of them (initial post of mine and latest from yesterday). That's why I was wondering. On the Rhineland map, as @yeikov said, there seems to be no 3D representation of rough seas whatsoever. On the Kuban map there is, but as you see in the 2nd screenshot, you get waves but nothing like a "stormy" look. I'd also love to know why maximum overcast still looks so "sunshiny" on the ground. Mike
  6. Thanks yeikov, that indeed seems to be true. See the same weather on Kuban map here. Still not exactly what I would have expected in really severe weather and worst possible conditions, but at least there's some waves now. Other than that, this would almost count as "perfect weather" where I'm living... Mike
  7. Hi mission builder experts, I'm struggling to get some stormy seas with really bad weather on my missions. This is the Ijsselmeer, 705mmHG pressure, wind 20+ kph from northwest, turbulence 3 (max level afaik), rain level 10 (max again), sea state 6 (max again), clouds "04_overcast_08" (max without fog afaik), level 900m, height 500m (max afaik). Is this really as bad and "stormy" as it gets? Looks rather... calm to me. Mike
  8. That'd be my dream combo (Acer XB271HU here as well), but I've been too late to the party for the 1080ti and prices don't want to come back to reasonable ranges for years now, so I'm stuck with my trusty rusty GTX 970. Thanks for the DaVinci hint, will definitely give it a try one day! Mike
  9. Thanks @-DED-Rapidus, good to know 😉 Greetings to @-DED-Rapidus_Server 😎 Mike
  10. Thanks Rapidus. So far the crash appears to be an isolated incident, I've yet to see it happening again. Mike
  11. If you think of a CSP like something that's set to keep the engine running at a set RPM all the time: Right. If you think of top speed like something that always happens at the engine's maximum output RPM: Ehm... no, not necessarily. It's not that easy. In case of the P-47 for instance, the max. engine output might be at 2700rpm, however the thrust generated by the prop also depends on the prop efficiency, and this in turn depends both on speed and rpm (and pitch for that effect), and the product of [engine output] * [prop efficiency] doesn't necessarily reach it's peak at the engine's rated rpm. You might want to read some additional literature on this matter. A not-too-hard starting point would for instance be this: https://www.dglr.de/publikationen/2017/450176.pdf Mike
  12. For what it's worth, here's a comparison of stuff from the "luascripts" folder of GTP archives, changes between 4.004 and 4.005b. https://storebror.it.cx/sas/il2_gb/4004_vs_4005b/4004_vs_4005b_luascripts.html It's a bit hard to compare the values applied to different types of guns as the naming conventions for the shells/bullets have changed. For instance, in order to see what changed for the MG151/20, you would navigate to worldobjects/ballistics/projectiles There you find the file "shell_ger_20x82_he.txt". It doesn't show much of a difference itself, but in order to get the full picture, you would have to compare the different files applying to the "hit object" effect, which in 4.004 was WorldObjects/Explosions/HEprojectiles/tnt20g_frag70g_HE_expl_object.txt whereas in 4.005b it is WorldObjects/Explosions/HEprojectiles/HE_020mm_92g_20g_object.txt which in comparison would look like this: https://storebror.it.cx/sas/il2_gb/4004_vs_4005b/mg151_20_shells.html Mike
  13. Mods off is not an option, sorry to say. Furthermore, the Server itself is mods enabled, but has no mods installed itself whatsoever. And when that latest crash happened, no player was currently flying on the server. I take it that the old issue, with repairs happening while a plane gets damaged at the same time, kicked in again. That's an edge case, many servers don't have RRR on their missions at all and if they do, the repairing a/c are rarely under attack. In our case however this can happen, both to players and AI. Since that's been solved successfully back in the 3.x days, I guess it's perfectly valid to report when that old issue reappears. @edit: Screenshot and process details added to report. Mike
  14. Thanks for your reply @OCA_LoneStar. The setting you've mentioned is just for setting up the minimum filesize required for the automatic track recording restart to get triggered. The idea behind is this: Tracks automatically stop recording at ~500MB, but the precise size differs a bit from track to track. In order to retain the player's ability to manually stop recording a track without this recorder app kicking in and restarting it, you won't want the automatic restart of track recording to kick in at any given track size, but only when the size of the created track file indicates that the recording was forcibly stopped by IL-2. That's any value close to 500MB, per default this recorder uses 498MB for it's threshold. What you are asking for is to have the recorder automatically stop the track recording at a certain maximum track file size. That'd be a new feature. I'll take that request into account if I ever touch this app again. Mike
  15. The issue, precisely as described above, unfortunately is back again with Patch 4.005b. Didn't see it for several months before, but now it's back 😒 Screenshot attached. Process Details: (CPU load of DServer.exe was 100% on a single core, CPU is 4-core + HT, total load was ~15%) #1: DServer.exe Process = System.Diagnostics.Process (DServer) [System.Diagnostics.Process] { properties { Associated = True [System.Boolean] BasePriority = 10 [System.Int32] #2: ExitCode = TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocat (+4 chars) [System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException] HasExited = False [System.Boolean] #3: ExitTime = TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocat (+4 chars) [System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException] Handle = 932 [System.IntPtr] #4: SafeHandle [Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles.SafeProcessHandle] { properties { IsInvalid = False [System.Boolean] IsClosed = False [System.Boolean] } fields { handle = 932 [System.IntPtr] } } HandleCount = 635 [System.Int32] Id = 3708 [System.Int32] #5: MachineName = "." [System.String] MainWindowHandle = 787592 [System.IntPtr] #6: MainWindowTitle = "Il-2 Dedicated Server" [System.String] #7: MainModule = TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocat (+4 chars) [System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException] MaxWorkingSet = 1413120 [System.IntPtr] MinWorkingSet = 204800 [System.IntPtr] #8: Modules = TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocat (+4 chars) [System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException] NonpagedSystemMemorySize = 75696 [System.Int32] NonpagedSystemMemorySize64 = 75696 [System.Int64] PagedMemorySize = 1776656384 [System.Int32] PagedMemorySize64 = 1776656384 [System.Int64] PagedSystemMemorySize = 451448 [System.Int32] PagedSystemMemorySize64 = 451448 [System.Int64] PeakPagedMemorySize = 1837920256 [System.Int32] PeakPagedMemorySize64 = 1837920256 [System.Int64] PeakWorkingSet = 1621647360 [System.Int32] PeakWorkingSet64 = 1621647360 [System.Int64] PeakVirtualMemorySize = -2144145408 [System.Int32] PeakVirtualMemorySize64 = 2150821888 [System.Int64] #9: OperatingSystem = Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 [System.OperatingSystem] { properties { Platform = Win32NT [System.PlatformID] #10: ServicePack = "" [System.String] #11: Version = 6.2.9200.0 [System.Version] { properties { Major = 6 [System.Int32] Minor = 2 [System.Int32] Build = 9200 [System.Int32] Revision = 0 [System.Int32] MajorRevision = 0 [System.Int16] MinorRevision = 0 [System.Int16] } fields { _Major = 6 [System.Int32] _Minor = 2 [System.Int32] _Build = 9200 [System.Int32] _Revision = 0 [System.Int32] } } #12: VersionString = "Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0" [System.String] } fields { _version = 6.2.9200.0 [System.Version] (see #11) _platform = Win32NT [System.PlatformID] _servicePack = "" [System.String] (see #10) _versionString = "Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0" [System.String] (see #12) } } PriorityBoostEnabled = True [System.Boolean] PriorityClass = AboveNormal 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  16. Ganz simpel die Klimaanlage. Besser sie dampft hinter dem Kopf des Piloten als davor. Falsch, die werden aufgefangen. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/7099/__trashed-9 Die Genialität des Konzepts leidet sehr schnell, wenn sich unter den zu bekämpfenden Truppen Manpads befinden. Mike
  17. Wow that's really ancient. The 8440p is pretty exactly 10 years old, running an old i5-540M/520M processor with one of the first integrated Intel graphics solutions "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD". IL-2 Great Battles already does support a whole lot of graphics chips which are way below the minimum requirements, for instance I've successfully launched it on two Notebooks, one with an i5-4210U (Intel HD Graphics 4400) and one with a Pentium 2020M (Intel HD Graphics for 3rd Generation Intel Processors) - you can't really "play" IL-2 Great Battles on any of these, but it runs. Mike
  18. Looking at the calendar this probably springs a surprise on you, does it? Mike
  19. That happens several seconds before RRR and the artillery shell explosion radius doesn't even touch the plane's location. Add to that, another IL-2 standing right next to me, but without missing parts (remember my right aileron was missing) could repair flawlessly. The damages are to the control tower which is roughly 20 meters away. There is no visible debris where I stand when repairing and there is no explosion at the moment I'm repairing either. Yep, sent to you by PM. I've seen it a couple of times in the past but not as severe as this one. This time is the first time it was really plain obvious that something went wrong, the previous times when it happened I thought "wtf !?!?" but couldn't really make up my mind. With hindsight it's been the same thing and it happened like a dozen of times within about two weeks of using RRR on our server. It does not happen all the time. There are flawless repairs as well. The IL-2 next to me for instance repaired flawlessly at the same time and almost same spot (10 meters to my right). Seemingly random. If it's because of debris, then it's invisible debris. I don't consider a crashed tower 20 meters off as "nearby" and there is no artillery shell hitting me here either. Anyway, the answer is: Yes, happens elsewhere and with any other plane as well. I am not crashed into objects and not sharing space with any other objects during repair either. Spot the repetition of that false assumption please guys. Repeating it doesn't make it true. Too late. Damage to RRR reputation has already been done. Continuing to treat this bug as a feature will only make matters worse. Mike
  20. I can definitely say that at the time or RRR'ing that IL-2 in my video, there was no damage added to it. The artillery shell coming in nearby is way before RRR starts and there's no other arty shell or anything else which could damage the plane after that. It's the RRR process itself that throws the plane in the air violently, and further throws it up a second time split seconds thereafter. Mike
  21. Habu I've sent you the track (which naturally also holds the mission files) so you've got everything you need to make up your mind now. If you still think invisible debris should cause RRR zones to kill planes, then I'll simply give up on this issue. I've got enough of such "oh well, let's change the manual" reactions to bugreports @work, no need to waste my time on something similar when I'm longing for recreation. No hard feelings. Mike
  22. Let me rephrase this a tad simpler: Debris should never cause RRR to turn into a plane destruction zone. Never ever. Let alone invisible debris. That on it's own is a bug to me and should be put on the list of things to fix, not on the list of things to deal with on the mission builder / player's end. Mike
  23. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen but please enlighten me: If this is not a bug and any invisible debris could cause your plane to get completely destroyed from RRR'ing it, how on earth is a player supposed to know in advance whether a position is "good" for RRR or "bad"? I mean yes, you could specify things like "don't RRR inside shelter" or "don't RRR within 5 meters distance to a visible object". But in case of the video I've posted, there is no such thing. The plane's standing on grass, no other object nearby. And if invisible debris from artillery shells could cause this to happen, then in my humble opinion this is definitely an RRR bug. I think so because it's impossible neither to the player nor the mission designer to avoid it. For instance, as a mission designer I could put an RRR zone in the wilderness, with nothing else around it within a mile distance, and with no other actor doing anything with, in or to that zone. The next player who comes along and drops a bomb right in the middle of that RRR zone would render all these efforts futile because the debris of the bomb would make the RRR spot unusable for the remaining mission: Without any warning to other players, the RRR zone would turn itself into a killzone for anyone attempting to RRR there. Bug or not? I don't see how this could not be a bug. Mike
  24. I have yet to see the dserver.exe crash again after re-enabling RRR a day ago, however right after re-enabling and testing RRR online, I've become victim of the next alleged RRR bug. See the video below, RRR happens at about 2:00 and 3:26 (same RRR event, two perspectives). Apparently each little part being repaired causes a little explosion to happen, with the first one throwing the poor IL-2 into the air violently and subsequent explosions throwing it around a little. Seconds before RRR happens, an artillery shell impacts about 20 meters off the plane (see thumbnail picture). This should have no impact on the RRR event, I'm just mentioning it so people don't confuse one with the other. The "explosions" seen at each RRR part being repaired are definitely not from any arty shell or the like, they're coming out of nowhere. Here's the sortie log: http://sas1946.rocks:8000/en/sortie/log/15756/?tour=1 There's two damage events: No. 1 at 18:23:06 is from touching trees (that's where I lost my right aileron), No. 2 is the RRR event. I've got the track of this sortie so if devs need it, give me a shout. Mike
  25. I don't have such a thing, but when I re-enable RRR on our training mission I expect it to start crashing about once a day again. All user reports indicated that crashes usually happened when either planes fell victim of enemy bomb raids or heavily damaged aircraft landed right into the RRR area (which is pretty small). I'll re-enable RRR, give it a try, and if the server starts crashing again (it didn't for more than a month now, never crashed since RRR was disabled, which was the only change to the mission) I will send you the mission file(s) (it's three of them, each with the very same effect). Mike
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