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  1. The 20mm gun might have an advantage over a group of cal .50s, I won't argue against that. However the extent of this advantage like we see it in IL-2 Great Battles is a bit hard to believe. Except for when you follow @CountZero's (sarcastic) argument that the americans hated their pilots. As it stands, eight cal .50s in game aren't half as deadly as a single 20mm gun. They're not even as deadly as a single german 15mm gun. They might be barely on par with a single russian 12.7mm with mixed AP/HE ammo. And that's clearly off. Mike
  2. I'm sure there's quite a couple of nay-sayers with a certain agenda, however I'm far from thinking that this is what drives all of them. Because in return, it would mean that we'd have to be "better than them" or to blame for the same thing. I don't subscribe to either point of view and my last online death dates from yesterday when I died on CB flying a 110 G2, killed by a Pony jockey (with a little "assistance" from a Spit IX). Means: I know what the .50s feel like from the receiving end, yet I still stick to what I've mentioned before: The .50s a seriously nerfed. All of this without attempting to claim for the higher ground, just saying. Mike
  3. Just a sidenote: Yes, prop wash increases CLmax on the affected portion of the wing. Now... unfortunately that wing area is the inner portion of the wing - unless you'd be in a severe side-slip or your plane has a rather odd engine layout for a single engine aircraft. That means that if you'd try to further increase the turn rate of a plane by using the increased CLmax from prop wash, leaving the wing's own CLmax area, then... yes, then you'll stall your outer wing sections, including ailerons. Which as a result will cause a severe wing drop from the prop's torque effect. Mike
  4. None. However it can very well be that the two posts before yours were not intended to be in this thread, the authors might have posted them in the Dev update 259 thread. Just happened to me when I've stated in the dev update 259 thread how disappointing it is to see that there's still no fix in sight for the indestructible 109 tail and that the cal .50 damage is still not even recognized as an issue. My post silently got moved to some other arbitrary thread, without notifying me and of course without stating any reason in the relocated post nor the affected thread. Professional moderation anyone? Mike
  5. cal.50 issues still not acknowledged, no news on the 109s concrete tail. A bummer. Mike
  6. I'm a Steam user too and my game works fine. I'd recommend that you do a local game files check from within Steam. Mike
  7. Depends. If the turn was thrust limited, i.e. your wings could have produced more lift with higher AoA but the resulting drag would not have been able to be compensated by the given thrust, then increasing thrust will enable you to increase AoA and still keep going at the same speed, which according to the assumption that your wings were able to produce more lift when you'd further increase AoA, would make you turn tighter. If your turn was lift limited, i.e. your wings could not produce any more lift when increasing AoA, but only drag would increase in such case (and probably lift would even decrease when you further increase AoA), then increasing thrust won't help a single bit if you'd keep turning at the same speed, because more thrust in such case would mean more drag, therefore more AoA, but according to the assumption that your wings could not produce any higher lift from further increasing AoA, it would not make you turn tighter, rather the contrary. Therefore it all depends whether at the set speed you're "in front of" or "behind" the power curve. Mike
  8. The simple truth about the upcoming patch, within 7 days from now on, has been revealed already: https://www.flightsimulator.com/august-27th-2020-development-update Mike
  9. The dev blog entry mentioned "Expect a release date for the patch in our August 27th update." There's a subtle difference between "expect a release date for the patch" and "expect the patch". Mike
  10. I'd say it depends. In "normal" real life usage I agree that the speed difference probably isn't noticeable, however especially when transferring big chunks of data, like in your example, they are quite different. See e.g. https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/9203/kingston-a2000-1tb-nvme-pcie-gen3-2-ssd-review/index.html By the by, in that 100GB transfer shown there (which definitely exceeds the DRAM cache), the transfer rates are 478MB/s for the Kingston and 859MB/s for the ADATA SSD. Mike
  11. Thanks a bomb @CanadaOne! That one indeed looks very interesting. I start biting my a$$ for having purchased the Kingston... Mike
  12. Hi @CanadaOne, would you mind telling which one exactly you bought? A colleague of mine is eagerly looking for the Samsung 970 price to drop for quite a while now. Yesterday on Amazon he saw them for €119 and today even just €114, only to figure that delivery would be in 1-2 months, read: "I'm a Chinese guy collecting money and I will disappear without a trace in less than a week". If you've got hints for affordable SSDs with specs reasonably close to the Samsung, he would greatly appreciate any hint. Mike
  13. As much as I understand the importance of FFB (and don't understand why nobody puts it into some niche products), as little does it make me want to buy ancient used stuff. I've seen all kind of specs for the 3070s. 16GB, 12GB, 11GB, 10GB, 8GB, you name it. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Upgrade Part 1 (Kingston A2000 1TB NVMe SSD) arrived today and the 2080S is scheduled to arrive on friday. Mike
  14. I'm about to update the mod so I'm trying to make my way through bug reports and suggestions: That's not really limited to the Henschel and it varies with each update released. I'm not sure how to keep up with such undocumented changes, sorry to say. Correct, the english versions had 2400rpm listed instead of 2300rpm. Will be fixed in the next version. Added to the next version. Eh... ??? They've been in the last version already. Thanks, has been corrected for the next version. Thanks, has been corrected for the next version. Anything else missing? Mike
  15. Yes that's exactly what I mean. Thanks for taking care of this matter Mike
  16. Thanks guys I'm quite sure I'll be pleased with the 2080S. If nothing else, at least it'll beat the stand-in G210 card that took the place of my old GTX 970 in the meantime. Mike
  17. Hi @CountZero, as mentioned in the "disconnection situation" mod thread... Is there any chance for an update and/or diff file set? Mike
  18. Hi @CountZero, I've just recently stumbled upon this mod. Two questions: Is it possible to get a version compatible with the 1.2.44 update of IL-2 Stats? Maybe it would make sense to create a set of diff files containing all changes necessary to "stock" IL-2 Stats files, so in case an update to IL-2 Stats is being released that touches files of this mod, people could create a patched set of files themselves. Mike
  19. I think we'll be playing on almost the same level now. 1080Ti and 2080 Super are supposed to be almost on par. Except for your extra 3GB VRAM of course... the main reason why my initial idea was to skip the 2000 series and go straight for a 3070 (/Ti) with 16GB VRAM. Anyway, time will tell. If the bugs bite me after xmas season, maybe I'll sell the 2080 super and grab me a fresh 3000 series GPU then. Or maybe I don't. It all depends on how well the card deals with FS 2020 until then. Mike
  20. Nope, didn't get the trusty rusty GTX 970 back to life again. Timing is bad on one hand but good on the other. I would have loved to wait for the 3070 (or Ti), but I'm afraid it won't be until November before the first custom designs will become available, and with the upcoming xmas season the prices will probably float on a pretty high level then. So I've opted for an ASUS GeForce® RTX 2080 SUPER™ Dual Evo V2 OC 8GB which I could grab for €598.22 on ebay (from the electronics retailer "Saturn") brandnew. The new GPU should arrive on friday. Only other option would have been the 2080Ti, but I can't get it new for less than a thousand bucks - that's 67% higher price for like 10% more FPS, a bad deal IMHO. Mike
  21. Honestly I stopped buying used PC crap some decades ago. Mike
  22. By the by... There's two issue for me right now, one of which is not really MS' fault but the other might be. Issue No.1 is that my trusty rusty GTX 970 died under the stress of running FS 2020. Stuff happens. Timing is less than optimal considering the upcoming 3000 series release, but that's life. The other issue is with my Saitek X-52 Pro. I don't remember having had any issues with it in earlier tests, but now with the current release version of FS 2020, the only way to get the X-52 Pro to be recognized is: Start FS 2020 with the X-52 Pro unplugged. Click Options -> Controls. Plug in the X-52 Pro. Accept default settings. Save settings and play the game. This works, but it's to be done each time I start the game. If I start the game with the X-52 Pro plugged in, the controller will be detected but with no controls assigned. If I plug in the X-52 Pro outside the "Controls" menu, the game will crash to desktop. Mike
  23. What @AndyJWest said. Just register a Microsoft Account and if you don't have it already, create an XBox account on first login (it will ask you to do so when you try to download FS 2020 anyway). Note that from my experience during the pre-release tests, the XBox account creation didn't work in my Chrome Browser (always resulted in some weird error message, #701 IIRC), but doing the same thing in Firefox solved the issue for me. Mike
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