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  1. Of course it's different, but you've asked whether the officially proposed solution to micro stuttering - i.e. limiting FPS using ingame settings together with VSync - also works an G-Sync monitors.

    And I'm telling you that this official recommendation has been my test result before, with G-Sync - see:


    This, and the positive feedback from people who tried with VSync, means that limiting FPS seems to cure micro stutters for both VSync and G-Sync users, at least for some of us.




  2. 2 hours ago, Bullets said:

    Secondly, it is my understanding that if you have G-sync monitor you are to run programs with V-sync turned off ingame. 

    I've got a G-Sync monitor myself and limiting FPS works fine for me.

    Only difference is that I'm not using the "Target FPS" setting from within IL-2, but the FPS Limiter from Nvidia Profile Inspector instead.

    Even though my G-Sync monitor could give 144 FPS and the game itself usually runs well within 120-144 FPS, I found little to no benefit from higher FPS, but much smoother gameplay with FPS limited to 60.




  3. Still no luck, despite all the things I've tried.

    Can't get any DServer to show up on the master list as soon as it's behind a NAT.

    Ports have been changed, Port forwarding has been set, Firewall rules set, Firewall even completely disabled, external IP set or not, manually entering the IP address, loading the SDS file from the same folder like DServer.exe or not, running mods on or off - nothing helps.

    The Server will only ever show up if it's running on a PC which is connected "directly" to the internet, i.e. where the "internal" IP address is the same like the "external" one.


    It seems to me like the master server is using the same IP address like the one the DServer.exe is listening to.

    That of course cannot work, because it's an internal IP which is only valid inside the local network behind the NAT.

    On the other hand, there's no way to configure the "external" IP on my end.

    I would have hoped that the Master Server was clever enough to just use the IP he got connected from (which would automatically be the "external" IP), but apparently it doesn't.


    It's a pity.

    The DServer clearly tells that it's successfully registered at the Master Server, log shows no errors, yet it's not visible on the list of available Servers at all.


    Worked in the past, but it's broken now for many months already.




  4. 11 hours ago, Sneaksie said:

    Another important addition is the ability to turn on VSync together with FPS limiter in the game graphics options. This should minimize the stuttering if you have this problem. For example. turn VSync in the game on and set the limiter to the refresh rate of your screen (or lower if your system can't cope of keeping the steady FPS at this level) - if you have a regular 60 Hz screen set the limiter to 60 or, if your system has trouble keeping it, to a lower value like 30. This should greatly reduce the stuttering coming from FPS spikes and drops and make the game smoother. Also, don't forget to return Vsync settings in the driver to defaults if you have forced them before. Please experiment and let us know if you have a better experience than before.


    Nice to see that you've picked up on the stutter solution I've found for myself some time ago.

    Not sure if it really works for VSync users, but if so: Even better.


    Now if only you could reconsider your posting policy for hotfixes...

    Put yourself into a server operator's shoes just for a split second:


    Life could be so easy if you would just post your hotfixes to the forum's "Announcements" section.

    Any Server Operator (like me) can easily follow/subscribe to that section (I did) and will get notified automatically when some new announcement comes up.

    That way, a new hotfix would take me few minutes to put up on our server after release.

    I'd receive an email notification, would login to the server (I can even do it from my mobile phone if I'm afk), update and restart it.

    Less than 5 minutes into release, the server would be up to date.


    The way you do it now, it's impossible to get any kind of push notifications for your hotfixes.

    Hotfix posts are stuck somewhere in a 20+ page discussion thread which disqualifies for notifications since new posts come up every other minute.

    I've missed the past two hotfixes for more than 10 hours that way and people start complaining about server downtimes.


    That's not necessary and it's easy to fix it: Just post your hotfixes to the "Announcements" section and everything's fine.




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  5. 17 hours ago, [Pb]Slegawsky said:

    I'm ruining GTX970 with Gsync monitor and after the patch cant get rid of those stutters in multiplayer. However, with ingame Vsync OFF its just barely flyable on Combat Box only, FPS counter shows 60 and above but stutters and makes it unplayable. Any solutions?


    Exactly my setup.

    I've had microstutters already before the 3.201 update in multiplayer when lots of other aircraft were around.

    Frame rates well within 100-144 (G-Sync here as well), but stuttered like hell when entering a furball.

    I've reported it here, but no solution in sight.


    Finally I grabbed "Nvidia Profile Inspector" and applied a 61FPS frame rate limit to IL-2.

    Cured it for me and still seems to work with 3.201.




  6. 11 hours ago, RedKestrel said:

    in the video posted in the Dev diary, you can see that the Tempest appears to be pulling 11 lbs boost around halfway through the video.


    Not sure what you see, but I see +9lbs (maybe slightly above that) @3700-3750RPM:









  7. You can find us on hyperlobby, "The Flying Ass Clowns".

    We do hold regular sunday sessions starting at 2PM Zulu (DST time, otherwise 3PM Zulu) on sunday, with quite a bunch of friendly fellows online there for 3-4 hours, sometimes longer.

    Additionally on the same server the "Chuffys Flying Circus" hold their regular sessions on tuesdays/thursdays at about 7PM Zulu DST with varying amount of players.

    We play Ultrapack 3.2 which is available here: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/board,190.0.html

    (Ultrapack because it's the only version with fully supported, online compatible Zuti "Moving Dogfight Server" mod, which is excessively used on our missions)


    We do consider ourselves "online playing offliners" - you will hardly find the "killer" type of PvP player among us, most of us are happy if they can RTB in one piece.

    We have TeamSpeak comms available.

    Everyone is welcome.


    Don't worry if Hyperlobby shows no players, unfortunately the numbers on Hyperlobby are misleading in that they only show player who have connected through Hyperlobby, which is just 1 or two other players but me...




  8. Latest "vanilla" version is 4.14.1.

    But take care, 4.14 versions can seriously be considered malware, don't say you haven't been warned.


    For mods the "all in one" pack of choice would be a vanilla 4.12.2 and then install BAT, all the way up to the latest version (which is BAT 3.6 "Blitz" at the time of writing this post):


    This will get you to the update core version 5.00m and you will have almost each and every mod aircraft that has ever been added to IL-2 1946.


    There's other modpacks available and YMMV, but that's the two which are under current development based on the latest and greatest core versions available.




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  9. Yes, it's the "other" option - it's the only one where you can set the required "DSERVER please", see


    It might take a while for you to receive the key.

    On my 1st request it took a couple of days, on the 2nd it's been 3 weeks.




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  10. 4 hours ago, SharpeXB said:

    Since the game is set up to only run in a mode on or off mode I don’t know how combining the server lists would be possible.

    There's no dependency between the two.


    You can just have one big list of available servers with e.g. an Icon showing whether the server has mods enabled or not.

    Players with mods on could join mods enabled servers only (as is right now) but would see other available ("mods off") servers too.

    Players with mods off could - preferably - join both "mods on" and "mods off" servers. Because... why not?


    I bet my mother's butt that on the master server itself, all servers - mods off and mods on - go into one big list already right now, and the game pre-filters that list and only shows you the matching part right now. That's the only thing that would have to be changed: Show the full list, but limit the "joinable" servers.

    Should be a really tiny change IMHO.


    4 hours ago, SharpeXB said:

    with hardly anyone playing with mods online

    For one this isn't really true, and second it could easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy if the game keeps the lists separated.




  11. It's really sad that more than a year after having mods available in IL-2 Great Battles, the Server Lists are still separated.

    Would be much better if there would be one large list for both mods enabled and disabled servers - or maybe separate lists as a Client side option.

    That way both mods enabled and "stock" users would always see the full picture of available online hosts and their population.

    Additionally, "stock" clients could join "mods enabled" servers, because there's really nothing that speaks against doing so.

    The only thing that naturally won't work would be "mods enabled" clients on "stock" servers.

    But there's really, really no need and no reason to keep both flavours of the same game that much separated as if they would live in two completely unrelated universes.




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  12. After a bit more testing I have come to a slightly different conclusion:


    Flying a Bristol and fighting a Halberstadt is extremely risky.

    Your Bristol gunner doesn't hit anything at all, whereas the Halberstadt gunner will snipe you out of the skies at 1km+ distance (or 500m when the skill level is "low").

    Like Otto mentioned, the only way to fight the Halberstadt at all is to attack it from way above, the best being above and upfront, and once you passed the Halb, pull up immediately and pull into his turn so you come out of the gunner's arc as quick as possible.

    1 second within a Halberstadt gunners' arc, regardless where, regardless what deflection, regardless 10m behind or 1000m, will get you to eat his bullets.

    Do that stunt two times and you're dead.

    All in all, if you take time and strictly adhere to these absolutely unnatural tactics, and if there's no other enemy plane around, you can survive the fight.

    In my past 10 attempts I scored 8 kills, however every time I went through the Halberstadt gunners' arc once for a split second and came out wounded.

    I never ever survived the fight undamaged.

    And that was on "normal" skill level for the Halberstadt...


    Now the opposite: Flying the Halberstadt and fighting the Bristol.

    When the Bristol pilot is an ace, you end up having trouble to keep up with the Bristol's performance.

    That's the only trouble you will ever have though.

    The player's AI buddy in the backseat of the Halberstadt isn't 10% as deadly as the AI-AI combo is, but at least he doesn't shoot at the moon but in the direction of the enemy plane, and occasionally even hits it - even though I never saw him killing the pilot, whereas in the opposite fight... well you know already.

    The Bristol's gunner doesn't get you as long as you don't appear in his dead six +/- 10 degrees.

    That area is strictly prohibited.

    All others: Just fine. He won't get you.

    So you've got plenty of time to plan the fight and down the Bristol.

    My success rate from 10 attempts was 10/10 and I only got a fuel leak once when I tried the dead-six attack.




  13. 12 hours ago, J2_Bidu said:

    My answer was a reference to a rather long forum discussion on the historical truth of using the overwing Lewis gun to shoot other planes

    Okay, that's understood, but why did you quote me right above that answer then?

    I've never ever joined such discussion.


    6 hours ago, US103_Talbot said:

    I guess I'll go have a beer then.

    I start to get that this topic seems to evoke distant memories for some elder RoF guys, but trust me I've been coming here with good intentions only.

    If that legitimates patronizing single-image-replies, then yes... I'd recommend having a beer instead as well.


    Thanks to all your replies guys, especially talking about the Halberstadt gunner and the overall gunner accuracy in FC.

    It matches my results from further QM fights, the Halberstadt seems to be the most difficult plane to tackle at the moment.

    The one thing I couldn't get my head wrapped around yet is why my gunner (be it in the Halb or the Bristol) can't seem to hit something of the size of the QM2 at arms length, whereas AI plane gunners shoot a pimple off my nose from a mile's distance. It's both the same AI gunner, isn't it?


    At least Otto's hint of attacking the Halb from high above seems to help a bit, even though I have to agree to @SeaW0lf on this:

    11 hours ago, SeaW0lf said:

    One on one you can manage altitude, but you need to get him in the first bounce or two, otherwise the bot will start to rivet your plane like a Swiss cheese if the pilot manages to position him for shots. And in a furball, there is no way to avoid the gunner.


    Probably @unreasonable summarized it quite reasonable:

    46 minutes ago, unreasonable said:

    The whole issue of AI gunner behaviour in FC needs to be overhauled




  14. 4 hours ago, J2_Bidu said:

    Uh-oh. Here we go again... (

    Eh... excuse me sir?

    What's wrong about asking for successful tactics against the two-seaters?


    See: It's quite possible to share them:

    7 minutes ago, LuseKofte said:

    I flown it in QMB and in a WW1 server I cant remember the name of. In that server almost all flew two seaters, due to balance I chose the German one. 

    My German friend in back seat is very good downwards but he cant fire upwards. So trick with the German one is go high, and attacking the English one go low


    Thanks a lot Otto, I'll try the "high" attack against Halberstadts.

    Funny thing that... quite counter intuitive, but now that the gunner seemed to hit me through the fuselage when I attacked low, it sounds reasonable to try it high instead.




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