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    How to successfully derail a thread within 5 posts. Well done mates. Mike
  2. I don't really get the uproar about that new 12-pin connector. I wager we shall see suitable adaptors for less than 5 bucks in no time. Mike
  3. Same feeling here. I've been assisting in testing Microsoft Flight (short-lived unfortunately, hasn't been that bad IMHO), Dovetail's Flight Sim World (ill-fated somehow, failed for many reasons) and this one from day one. From my bums feeling, Microsoft learned a lot from their previous mistakes. The whole approach to revamping MSFS feels much better this time. Mike
  4. It wasn't supported in the Beta test yet. Nobody really knows whether it'll be supported on release. MS got in touch with the Naturalpoint guys, that's all we know right now. Sit back and relax. Mike
  5. IMHO it's both. Because @-SF-Disarray disarray has a point when stating this: If real life was like IL-2 Great Battles, then in real life I could score a dozen bulls eye hits on a duck with a shotgun and it would just keep flying. It would leak something and the feathers would show all sorts of visual damage, but it would keep flying as if nothing happened. And if it was a cyborg duck, it would turn around and PK me with the first hit from it's bill. Mike
  6. @ShamrockOneFive That's exactly what IL-2 Great Battles Recorder does, just saying. Mike
  7. That's what the "Modifier" key setting is for, isn't it? You want to assign Ctrl+0, so you assign "0" for the key and "Ctrl" for the modifier. Mike
  8. Yes that's understood and it works with hitting connect again. I just thought that some automatic reconnection attempt - at least for a number of times, say 3 times with 1 second delay between each attempt - would probably work better in the heat of a fight than having to Alt+Tab out of the game and hit the "connect" button. The Server was my own one, it's connection is fine, but I'm perfectly aware that my client side connection isn't - it's actually a wacky 5 GHz Wifi connection spanning 700ft distance to the Access Point. Probably the literal definition of "unstable", yet it yields almost 100MBit/s connection speed (with lots of jitter of course), and most notably, the game itself has no issues with short bursts/dropouts on that connection. Not saying this was the default connection I was playing on, of course not It's just been the one on this particular test, purely coincidential. Mike
  9. Oh lol, call me blind Works a treat now, thanks a lot! During a prolonged spectator session, I've noticed how at a certain point the SRS connection was lost - the IL-2 Server connection was still alive (or recovered automatically without me noticing the interruption). Unfortunately the client doesn't automatically reconnect in such case. Maybe room for improvement in future versions? FAC has it - it's a "mods on" server, so you need to have mods enabled in your game in order to see it one the list. (A long time feature demanded a lot actually: Merge the "mods on" and "mods off" lists! We "mods on" server operators have no issues with "mods off" players on our servers. Just saying.) Mike
  10. I must be missing something obvious... Can't get "Auto Connect" to work. I can connect to the SRS server manually, but: Where on DServer side would I configure "auto connect" at all? Can't find any other thing than to setup the url to connect to. No specific "auto connect" setting as much as I can see... On Client side, the IL-2 SRS Client app has three icons: Server - VOIP - IL-2 When I connect to the SRS server manually, "Server" and "VOIP" show green/connected. "IL-2" icon stays black and disconnected, no matter what I do. I couldn't find any SRS setting in my IL-2 Client game, did I miss something? Maybe I should add that my game is the Steam version. Mike
  11. Du hast die Steam-Version Michael, da brauchst (und hast) Du keine Launcher.exe Viele Grüße, Mike
  12. Hi guys, How about adding the ability for DServer.exe to record TacView files? TacView's .acmi files are text files holding information about objects on the map, how they move and interact. It should be possible to generate all this data from DServer, and now that the game itself can do so already, it should be no big deal to port this functionality to DServer.exe Two big benefits from doing so: DServer.exe has the "full picture" of what's going on online, whereas each client's tacview record usually only holds what the client sees, i.e. is limited to it's "visibility bubble" Cheating could be detected, logged and reported much more precisely and easily. Probably there's many more benefits from such thing, so... why not? Mike
  13. It's not really gone (usually), but way less prominent. The main issue with clouds on max or "extreme" quality is the FPS impact. On my i5-9500k + GTX 970 rig @1440p I have like 50% FPS drop on missions using "heavy" clouds when max/extreme is set. Mike
  14. Bad ideas from my youth performed with my self-confidence today would be lethal Mike
  15. ...and the Arduino eats burgers. It's been a while since I saw one on sale in the local tool market. Leave me alone with the japanese research. I've gotta deal with 'em all day long, for more than a decade now. Trust me, handing a task to japanese researchers is like throwing a penny into a black hole in the hope of getting a dollar back. If that's your master plan, you're doomed. Mike
  16. There's workarounds for many things, no doubt about that. The problem is the excessive complexity of such workarounds when a simple additional MCU could do the job. Totally unrelated. What I'm talking about is an object link that gets generated at runtime, dynamically pointing back at the object that triggered the event/mcu. What you're proposing still requires individually spawned objects - that's a no-brainer. If I have 10 individual spawners, I can deal with each of them individually. Named or not. However if I have one single spawner spawning the same thing 10 times, then I have no way to isolate one of the spawned objects at runtime. That's the situation I'm talking about. This doesn't get us anywhere. If it makes you feel better: You are right and I'm wrong, your server is better than mine, bla bla bla... omfg... Fact is with fake spawn I can have anything I want right now, and still have room for additional complexity. With formation spawn, current mission is too much (before you start to jump off the chair: For my server) already. This thread's title is "formation questions", it's been dealing with dynamically activated formations, and my result from lengthy attempts and research is that while it's possible to do it, it's not feasible for complex missions due to excessive CPU cycle impact. Mike
  17. Ground attack... an endless pitty. Do you have wind on that mission by chance? That'll cause all kind of issues for AI in my experience. I've lately had two missions in my hands where AI acts completely out of bounds. First mission was a generated one from "Easy Mission Generator", with just a bit of wind on ground. A group of 8 Focke-Wulf was tasked to attack a group of 4 ships. What happens is this: All 8 Fockes line up in "line astern" formation, then they all dive on one single ship - straight down from starboard side of that ship, they all release their bomb when being like half a mile away, and all bombs hit the ship astern on the deck in exactly the same spot. That's precision... beyond imagination actually. Second mission is a hand-made one, with a group of two IL-2 1941 with two bombs and 8 rockets each. The planes approach a german airfield from the west. When reaching their last Waypoint, which is about a mile away from the airfield at 500m altitude, they receive the task to attack ground targets, anywhere on the base, with high priority. The result is: The IL-2s fly level and pass the base in the south, letting AAA shoot the crap out of 'em, and when being a mile to the south-east of the base, they make a slow right-hand turn (so to say, to the south, away from the base again), then line up for an attack at the base in south-to-north direction. Everything looks fine, the planes start to dive at a random object on the base, and then... nothing! It looks like a perfect dive-bomb attack run, but the IL-2s are pacifists! They don't shoot their guns, don't shoot their rockets, don't drop their bombs. Instead, they'll go around the base again, start the next attack run, do nothing again, repeat. Until being shot out of the skies. The very same pattern, with a pair of Focke-Wulfs attacking the russian base on the other side of the map, works perfectly fine. The Fockes go to the last waypoint, then go full-throttle dive attack at the base, drop bombs, break off and unload their guns at random targets until all ammo is gone. Weird? Weird. It's IL-2 GB AI ground attack at it's best. Unpredictable. Mike
  18. Eh... no, not quite. From my experience: Plane AI: Ace - I will give you everything coded into my AI brain. (i.e. AI will do the job, and they'll do it as perfect as possible to them) High - Sir, Yes Sir! I will do exactly as commanded without fail. (i.e. AI will do the job reasonably well) Medium - I will do what is asked but I might just fail to achieve the goal. (i.e. AI will try to do the job, but the outcome is questionable) Low - Sure thing boss... I will miss the target though. (i.e. AI will try to do the job, but repeat mistakes endlessly) Waypoints: High - DO IT Maggot! Medium - Do your job but protect yourself. (i.e. AI will temporarily abandon orders if being attacked themselves - feeling like is enough sometimes, e.g. when an enemy plane makes a head-on approach nearby) Low - I'd like you to do this if you don't see anything shinier en route. (i.e. AI will continuously watch out for enemies en route and simply fight the first one that seems legit) Mike
  19. Sorry to say Habu, but that reply of yours is a bit weird... If all players on your server behave properly: Fine for you. My experience is that whatever element you hand out to "random guests" on your server which opens a way to abuse anything on the mission: They'll abuse it. For instance, I can definitely expect to find the first "funny" guy who'll have nothing better to do than continuously restart the mission (and thereby drive away all other users) within half a day max. if I'd implement such "administrator" airfield. And that's what I meant when saying... ...because leaving such mission running without an admin around, on a public server without password protection, is a no-go from my experience. I don't understand what you mean. As simple as this: An MCU that triggers when a player joins the server. Is that really too hard to understand? Currently you've got no way to know when a player connects - the earliest trigger you can get is when the 1st player spawns. I don't understand what you mean. Same as before, the other way around: An MCU that triggers when a player disconnected from the server. That way for instance you could count the number of players currently on the server, e.g. in order to keep a mission running as long as players are around, postpone nightly service tasks on the server, restart a mission 10 minutes after last player disconnects, ... there's endless use cases. I don't understand what you mean. Seriously? An MCU that triggers when a player finishes his flight, be it at will or forcibly. Can't see what's not to understand here. No, most of my mission (maybe in that one i provide) use randomise for the opponent. Congratulations. Our whole training mission is random! And since it is, and has been for more than a year already, we have sufficient experience with timer triggers of 50% probability to say loud and clear: The results repeat if you keep triggering a limited number of such triggers in the same order, same time. In the beginning of a mission, where there's no system-dependent random tick time delay (yet), this can be very annoying. That's another use case for a "Player Joined Server" trigger as it would automatically randomize the timing part and thereby even turn the "predictable randomization" of our current game into an almost real one. Let me say this straight and clear: If you have never experienced predictability in your randomization, then either it has a random time element beforehand, or you simply didn't watch it for long enough. Use the complex trigger with a name unit. Have a look on my mission on the Administrator logic. The trigger is activated by a specific plane. You missed the point - I know how to use complex triggers with named units. Our training mission utilizes that feature quite a bit. What I'm talking about are real dynamic object references. Say I have one AI plane with a spawner and trigger that spawner 10 times in a row. Currently, the result is 10 AI planes of which I can't distinguish one of the others at mission editor level. What I'm talking about now is an object reference which, if let's say one of the 10 planes enters a check zone, would dynamically link back to that plane - just that, and none of the other nine planes that belong to the same spawner. Currently impossible to do. As you can saw with the graphic of my dserver, that's not the case with my server. Your test was performed with limited AI (missing bug issue) and no action on Tank and WW1 zone. It's fine that in your case an i7-4790k can barely deal with the load, in my case the i7-4770 can't. The fact that your server is on the "green" side of the edge can hardly count as a "solution" to the issue, can it? If it could, then we'd have no issues with DServer performance at all anymore. You "just" need an i9-10900k, liquid nitrogene cooling and 6GHz clock rate and everything's fine and dandy for some time to come. Mike
  20. I had to refresh the page a couple of times, but finally it came up after all the 503 errors. Mike
  21. Sounds a bit out of bounds to me. Even with the latest late war "Leistungssteigerung", where the boost pressure regulator ran in a kind of "uncapped overdrive" mode using a simple valve, the pressure in the low blower gear was limited to 1.58 ATA and in the high blower gear it was 1.65 ATA. I've seen a couple of mentionings of this "Leistungssteigerung" where apparently people made a typo and quoted 1.8 ATA where instead it should read 1.58 ATA - it becomes apparent when the "1.8 ATA" guys state that the engine provides 2050hp power in that mode - that's the power at 1.58 ATA. Link for german readers, others might want to use Google Translate: https://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/m/Motoren/BMW/Leistungssteigerung/BMW 801 D Leistungssteigerung.html Mike
  22. Thanks for your reply and the Test Mission @Habu. That's one massive training mission... Well, yours and our approach are similar in some aspects and completely different in others. Similarity for instance is that you are using the "Spawn/Fake Formation" style for AI planes too. That's what we stick to for the time being as well. The activation of "real" formations proved unfeasible in our tests due to server load inflicted from "not yet used" AI formations. The main difference probably is that you are relying on an Admin to actually operate the mission, whereas our training mission is supposed to run unobserved, "free for all". That's why we offer all flavours of IL-2 GB at the same time, so players can individually spawn WW1 planes, WW2 planes and Tanks, just as they like/wish. The individual parts of the mission (WW1/WW2 planes, Tanks) are activated "on demand" - i.e. when a player spawns in that part, or when a player plane reaches the tank battle zone - the latter is for combined air/ground operations, and it's by design that these parts can run in parallel. Actually all 3 parts can be active at the same time, depending on player spawn behaviour. With "fake formation" pattern this is no issue, the server's tick delay at maximum load stays well below 18 and usually is at around 15 when players are on the map. With "real formation" pattern (activated on demand), the server gets overloaded when the 1st player spawns and it keeps being overloaded all the time. To summarize what we've found out in this thread: You can activate AI formations using the "activate" trigger. All commands go to the formation leader only - including the "activate" link, "formation" commands and waypoints. All events will be issued from each plane of the formation individually, e.g. "OnPlaneBingoBombs", "OnPlaneDestroyed" etc. Formations eat CPU cycles even if they're inactive, the amount of CPU cycles consumed depends on the amount of inactive formations and the amount of check zones, proximity triggers and the like. It's really sad that our oh-so complex Mission Editor lacks basic features like: * Spawn Formations * Player Joined Server * Player Disconnected * Player Despawned (e.g. finished mission or got destroyed) * Real randomization (current implementation partly yields repeatable results) * Simple if/then/else logic gateways * Variables of simple types (boolean, int, float) * Dynamic object references, e.g. a plane triggers a check zone and the check zone can object link back to that plane, whichever it is Mike
  23. Stalinwood. Whereas the P-47 fuselage, heavy as it is, sometimes seems to consist of super heavy duty marshmallinium. Mike
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