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  1. You forgot to mention that at the time of writing your message, 10 out of the 50 were flying Ultrapack 3 RC4 + Patch Pack, which is a 4.10.1 based game actually 4.13 biggest "feature" unfortunately is that TD managed to break backward compatibility all over the place (again). If they'd give just a tiny little flying f*** for modder concerns, IL-2 1946 could have another 10 years or even more of a bright future ahead. However, reading what's being planned for 4.14 rather gives rise to concerns that they'll complety mess it up. Mike
  2. Nice one, really appreciated. This could be a great step forward for upcoming potential server operators, as it could save you from having to spend roughly $25 or more per month just for the required Windows Server License. Unfortunately in order to really become an option for Server Operators, IL-2 Devs would have to agree not to break Server functionality on Wine in future updates. That's probably the hardest part of the deal. Mike
  3. That's bull, sorry to say. Of course ISPs block ports (and that's not even necessarily a bad thing). And of course you'll be able to surf the internet when incoming port 80 connections are blocked. Heck, nowadays even port 80 isn't all that relevant anymore, the majority of http traffic uses SSL (https) and as such, port 443. But of course that one could be blocked for incoming connections as well. Add to that, lately some ISPs put their users behind a NAT and in such case, you've got no chance to get any incoming connection to work at all. Mike
  4. Sure. And we were all born at the age of 25. Mike
  5. Thanks for the update, sounds great! I'm glad you decided not to hold back the important improvements until new content is ready. Thanks a lot for that wise decision. Mike
  6. I'm glad if you got your issues sorted Otto, no need for a beer (I never say no to a cup of coffee though ) Mike
  7. Nope. More like online lag on an outdated game version and more like another useless thread duplication on a way old issue. Mike
  8. Get in touch with their support chat, they'll sort it out easily. Mike
  9. Fastest way is to get in touch with their support chat (text chat, no need to speak their mother's tongue). Usually sorts out any payment issues within 10 minutes. Mike
  10. Yes, starting the hundredth thread about the same thing, garnished with invalid (multiplayer anyone?) video "proof" on outdated game versions surely makes things much better. Mike
  11. Tja keine Ahnung, was stört Dich jetzt genau daran? Mike
  12. Hallo Michael, in der Aufzeichnung sieht für uns "andere" alles gut aus. Du hast ja 'ne GTX 970, die kann ShadowPlay (in Geforce Experience enthalten), damit kannst Du ein Video Deines Spielverlaufs bei BoS und 1946 aufzeichnen, dann wissen wir vielleicht, worum es Dir geht. Mike
  13. Germania? Viel Glück. Mike
  14. Great, many thanks for sharing your efforts. I hope that the devs don't mind that this might be against licensing terms. Mike
  15. Hard to tell. Ask the devs. Probably it's deemed low priority, if at all. Mike
  16. I'd like to add that the Flying Ass Clowns are hosting a multiplayer server with dedicated FC combat zone for months now, the only reason why this constantly gets ignored is probably that we use Mods=ON mode. The server is active 24/7 and in case you don't have human players with you, there's random AI planes with random skill (1 or two of them randomly, with respawn) waiting for you in a combat zone clearly shown on the map. Mike
  17. Oh yes indeed, I though we were talking about server side. Mike
  18. Same habit here and I could swear that in the old 2.x times at least, the arty won't lift a finger without an attack (area) command attached. Mike
  19. If would expect... [KEY = system] chatlog = 1 ...in data/startup.cfg to do just that. Mike
  20. Sounds interesting as it could make running a DServer much more feasible for many users (Windows Server License Fees anyone?). So a missing .Net 3.5 seems to be the problem. Well, even Windows Server OS has it's quirks with it. Just asking: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=10166 doesn't work? Mike
  21. That's a self-chosen issue. There's more than one server available, just saying. Mike
  22. It's a bit messy to follow all the different topics, hijacked topics, sneaked in posts etc. concerning the FC online events. Currently it feels viral, spreading all across the forums (and elsewhere too). As much as I understand the need to raise other's attention, I'd suggest to tone down the advertising style a bit and rather resort to some streamlined activity, preferably in one dedicated thread. 'Cause the way it is right now, posts and topics popping up from everywhere just tend to cause users like me to add this kind of stuff to the ignore list. Mike
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