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  1. Glad that a few of you got their issues sorted, however my SSD isn't Samsung (it's a Crucial SSD connected to SATA) so I don't have no special driver, and since I'm using a G-Sync monitor, V-Sync isn't a thing for me either and HDR is turned off for more than a year now. This however might be interesting, GN illustrates a CPU related frame spike issue on the 9600K: Mike
  2. Exactly the same upgrade as I performed 2.5 weeks ago. My previous system was an i5-2500K. IL-2 Installation has been carried over (the Steam Library is on a separate SSD, so the Windows Reinstall didn't affect it) so I can definitely rule out any settings issue. Accidentally the upgrade falls in the same timeframe as the latest BoX update and for the moment, I chalk the stutters on something that got messed up in 3.012 and not on my end. FWIW, this was my old hardware: i5-2500K, Asus P8P67 Pro Rev 3.0, 16GB RAM (4x4GB Kingston ValueRam DDR3) Scythe Yasya Cooler. The new one is an i5-9600K, Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X, 2x8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Single Rank DDR4-3000 CL16 and a Scythe Mugen 5 PCGH cooler. Everything else is the same, with the most relevant parts being an Nvidia GTX 970 Graphics card, an Acer 27'' WQHD G-Sync monitor and Windows 10 Pro. As mentioned before, the game installation is binary untouched on a separate SSD. Windows is running in high performance mode, CPU temps are fine, CPU C-States have been switched off (to no avail, still... just saying). Any other game works fine as before, only BoX shows stutters in high Frame Rates, and then again the stutters are really annoying online only (Server connection is fine, ping in the 20s, 100Mbit/s down, 20 Mbit/s up) and only when many objects are in sight. Frame times check doesn't make sense in my case as with G-Sync frame times are constantly changing. Mike
  3. Very good marksmanship, my regards. Mike
  4. Yep, probably that's the bottom of it. Funny thing is that it's my own Server, and that's not a budget solution either, but a full blown i7-4770 with 32GB RAM running Windows Server 2016. Probably it's the massive amount of AI planes and ground objects we have on our training mission, usually causing a tick delay in the range of 12-15 on that quite powerful machine. On that note, it seemed to me that we've been running perfectly smooth two or three patches ago, but that's probably off topic here. Mike
  5. When I built my new rig two weeks ago, it started with random crashes too. Long story short, dismantled everything again, cleaned all PCIe slots from dust and sealed the old GPU's contacts with "Kontakt 61", put new thermal grease between CPU and cooler (even though the 1st attempt looked great after dismantling it) and.... lo and behold, 10° lower temps on the CPU and no CTDs anymore so far. Mike
  6. ...or just the opposite. Two weeks ago I've kicked out my trusty&rusty i5-2500K, and with it of course the mainboard (Asus P8P67 Pro Rev 3.0), RAM (4x4GB Kingston ValueRam DDR3) and Cooler (Scythe Yasya) for a new set of hardware consisting of an i5-9600K, Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X, 2x8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Single Rank DDR4-3000 CL16 and a Scythe Mugen 5 PCGH cooler. The GPU stayed the same (Nvidia GTX 970), as well as the monitor (Acer 27'' WQHD G-Sync). According to https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html I should expect roughly 40% performance increase per core (mind you IL-2 GB is somewhat single thread performance limited) and I've got two more "spare" cores to offer now. Let alone the old mainboard supported PCIe 2.0 only while the new one supports PCIe 3.0, and a few more modern technologies. The "before and after" comparison is: Overall Framerates increased - previously I've been at around 60-80 FPS, now I'm at 90-144. The FPS was previously CPU limited, now it's GPU- or Refresh rate limited. I've got microstutters whenever I move my head around quickly with TrackIR. This becomes particularly annoying when lots of objects are around, e.g. on a crowded airfield with many ground activity going on. Neither of this was the case on my old hardware. Tried everything I can think of: Nvidia Control Panel settings are on "prefer maximum performance". Changed Windows Powerplan to "High Performance". Disabled all CPU C-States, core parking and any other powersaving related feature in BIOS. Disabled PCIe link state powermanagement in BIOS. Temps, voltages, power targets etc. both on CPU and GPU are fine and well within limits - nothing's getting throttled here, yet I still have microstutters all over the place. Conclusion: Faster isn't necessarily better. My old hardware was considerably slower, yet it was smooth as silk compared to the new one. Mike
  7. Yep, same thing here. I've put the whole game on an SSD that hosts nothing but games where only one at a time is running, so at the time of running IL-2, it's on it's own on that SSD. Nevertheless, loading data from SSD isn't as bad as loading from HDD, but it's definitely noticeable. Mike
  8. That exactly is not strange because when you fly a bit higher, some or even all of the buildings are stepping to their next LOD already, with lower texture size than before, therefore the higher you fly, the higher the probability that all textures of all building in sight fit into memory. 11GB is plenty of GPU RAM, nevertheless it doesn't mean that it's impossible to exceed it. Sure, the lower your available GPU's dedicated RAM, the higher the risk to run into a texture loading issue. I've got 4 Gigs on my rusty but trusty GTX 970, for me it only needs a reasonably populated airfield to sit on and I can watch the game throw micro stutters in when I shake my head. I surely cannot expect a map of Prokhorovka's complexity to work well when being ... well... abused?... for flying. Not sure anyone can expect that. Mike
  9. Looks like the game is loading textures for certain buildings into GPU memory, at different LOD level different textures have to be loaded and at a certain point, it's just too much to load but to fit into one frame's time. I guess this is similar to the "micro stutter" that has always been when you turn your head around quickly while e.g. sitting on a crowded base. Once all the textures required for the "whole picture" don't fit into the GPU memory anymore, things can become messy. Mike
  10. Patch your BAT up to current standards, we're at BAT 3.5 "Musketeer" which includes roughly 50% more campaigns than VP does. Mike
  11. It's a Tank map and it's Early Access. Really wondering what exactly you're complaining about. If it works at all, and if it's playable with Tanks then I would say it does what it's supposed to. Mike
  12. Nevermind, solved the D.VII/Dolphin issue myself meanwhile, see attachment. Extract to il2_stats folder, run update, have fun. Mike il2_stats_1.2.30_missing_aircraft.zip
  13. Is it just me or does IL-2 Stats still have issues with the new FC1 planes (Dolphin, D.VII) in Version 1.2.30? Whenever I try to look at sortie details where someone flew that plane, I get a Server Error (500) with no error shown in the waitress window. Additionally, waitress every now and then shows "WARNING:waitress.queue:Task queue depth is 1" - should this tell us something? Mike
  14. ...which will be impossible because obviously it's a laptop. But I agree, the GPU (Nvidia 920M) doesn't meet the minimum requirements. Essentially the CPU doesn't either, but I won't expect too severe issues with that on client side. Mike
  15. Funny sidenote on that issue is that AI is absolutely unable to crank up the La 5FN engine on winter maps either. I've reported that bug about a year ago, unfortunately to no avail. Cheers! Mike
  16. LeFH 18 should be german me thinks. Other than that: Thanks for the list! Mike
  17. So let's agree to disagree. I do have an idea of what the folks went through, actually I'm working together with some of them on a personal level and one of my oh-so-bad mods made it into the "official" 4.13 release. If you believe the game would do better without mods: Dream on. Mike
  18. I duly hope you guys understand what I was talking about at all. This thread is about people having issues to let others join their hosted game. In order to do so, they have to be able to handle incoming traffic on the relevant port, in case of IL-2 per default this is 28000/28100. Later on in the discussion people thought about whether the troubles might be related to their ISP blocking ports. What's been stated here by Bananimal in reply was that if an ISP would block port 80, you would not be able to surf the internet. That's bull. Read and understand: We're dealing with incoming ports. If an ISP blocks port 80 incoming for you, you can still surf the internet. Period. (Hint: That block is not to keep you from surfing, it's to keep you from violating common T&Cs which usually prohibit (web-)server operation on private subscriptions) Then Bananimal tries to make me look stupid with his lengthy explanation about NAT. That's completely missing the point of my statement: I've been talking about NAT'ted internet access on ISP level. When the ISP puts you behind a NAT (read: Carrier Grade NAT) then there's nothing you can do to get incoming connections to work at all. Period. The level of ignorance is what's really embarrassing here... Mike
  19. That much about the old myth that Pe-2 gunners are "über" and german gunners don't do any damage. Thanks for rebutting it Mike
  20. From my own experience, I'd suggest this: You should definitely use your gunsight for aiming and not just "guess" where the rockets will go. Remember which side the last rocket came from and take your convergency settings into account, otherwise the left/right distribution will become more or less random. Gently dive on your target, rather aim a tad too low that too high, and go slooooow. Worked a treat for me so far. The biggest issue I've had with the RBS82's was that I got too close to the tanks and the rockets didn't arm before impact. Which probably was a good thing, because if they did arm, I would have killed the tank and with it, myself as well. Mike
  21. I must say that I can't remember having seen AI taking care of any human player in any game version yet, this doesn't seem to be version related and definitely isn't anything special in 3.010. I've been teamkilled by AI team"mates" from day one and I couldn't recognize any difference in their habit regarding this issue ever. Mike
  22. Guys you completely misunderstood X-Man. He didn't complain about Pe-2 "sniper gunners" (that's an old Luftwhiner myth which got rebutted long time ago), he's talking about SNIPPERS. Take away the whipper snippers from Pe-2 gunners is what he's saying. While I didn't see any of the Peshka gunners using a whipper snipper yet, I must say I agree that if they did this would indeed by an unfair advantage. Mike
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