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  1. Indeed copying such .list file from elsewhere seems to work fine. I'm just curious as to how much the checksums matter... Cheers! Mike
  2. *bump* After being able to reproduce this issue with two simple steps (run STEditor.exe, Save File) I've decided to turn this into an official Bug Report: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33387-list-file-created-mission-editor-steditorexe-empty/ This topic can be locked now if a moderator comes around - thanks for all your help! Cheers! Mike
  3. Dear Devs, Could you please have a look at this. I have 5 Systems "under my hood", 4 normal PCs (3x Windows 10, latest Fall Creators Update, 1x Windows 7) and 1 acting as Dedicated Server (Windows Server 2016). On the 4 normal PCs, I can't for my life get anything else but a 0-byte ".list" file saved from the Mission Editor. On the Server, the .list file gets created as expected. Steps to reproduce: Run STEditor.exe Don't touch anything, proceed directly to step 3... Save the mission (File->Save), with it's default name "MyMission" to the "data/Missions" folder. On the "good" Server, this gets me a 276 byte ".list" file. On the "bad" PCs, the ".list" file remains empty. Reinstalling the whole BoS package on one of the 4 PCs for testing solved the issue for a single time, now it's back again with no changes. Both Steam and "IL2_setup_BoM.exe" installs are affected. Since there's no setting and no logs available for the Mission Editor, "John Doe" is left clueless here. Cheers! Mike
  4. Done. Empty .list file gets generated. Thanks for the effort though. It's really odd and it's even more strange that I seem to be the only one affected by this issue, and then again, on all PCs (4 in total) that I have for testing at the same time. Cheers! Mike
  5. There seems to be no logic to this issue. FWIW, today I decided to uninstall BoS, Steam, ... completely and reinstall just BoS/BoM using the installer file "IL2_setup_BoM.exe" from scratch again. Guess what: Loaded the mission file, saved it, and the .list file gets created, with content. But now comes the catch: I then decided, for the sake of maintainability, to change the mission style to "Single" and add a player plane to it, so I could test it standalone without having to restart the dedicated server each time. Of course I saved the mission to the "Missions" folder now. I can load the mission in the game, but the .list file is empty again. Okay... I thought "maybe that .list file is not needed for Single player missions" so I reverted the mission back to Deathmatch and saved it to the "Multiplayer/Dogfight" folder again. Same thing like before, but this time... empty .list file again! And now I'm sitting here trying to get back the .list file with content like I've head today in the morning. No chance. That's weird to say the least. Cheers! Mike
  6. Pulling the stick during intial accelleration is always a good idea, comes true for almost every taildragger. Cheers! Mike
  7. Eh... what? I open the .mission file, click "save" and get an empty list file. And/or I open the .mission file, change the mission description, save it, and besides the empty .list file, I get an updated .ger file, but all other language files stay as they are, regardless the content. Cheers! Mike
  8. Did that. The .list file will immediately turn empty. The language.cmd is there exactly because the Mission Editor does not do that automatically for me. When I edit the mission on our dogfight server, which is an english language Windows Server 2016, it will only update the .eng file and leave all others untouched. When I edit the same mission on any other PC, which are German language Windows 10 PCs, only the .ger file will be updated. The Server 2016 creates the .list file, the Windows 10 PCs empty it. It's strange, I have no clue what's going on here... Cheers! Mike
  9. Sure, here you are: http://www.mediafire.com/file/17v7aqwa16wsdwq/FAC_Training_Mission_v1.00_-_2018-01-03.zip Note that it's just a starting point, and this zip contains the .list file created using our dedicated server. Opening the mission on any other of my PCs and saving it again, from the very same folder location, makes the .list file turn empty. Cheers! Mike
  10. Thanks Fenice, I know about this, it's because the path is "hard coded" in the .list file. My issue start earlier: I am building the mission, and when I save it, I get an empty .list file. I've just reinstalled IL-2 from "IL2_setup_BoM.exe" to rule out the Steam thing. Still I have the same issue here on my Windows 10 PC, but on the Windows Server 2016 with the very same setup everything's working fine. That's odd, isn't it? Cheers! Mike
  11. Haha... naja, das Teil ist so la-la. Egal. Schwamm drüber. Freuen wir uns an dem, was wir haben Beste Grüße aus dem verregneten Norddeutschland Mike
  12. ~S~ Fenice. Long time since I've been around on Skies of Valor. I should register for your test server me thinks. F5 behaviour is confirmed, works for both blue and red for me too. Cheers! Mike
  13. Well... These are the difficulty settings I'm using on the dedicated server at the moment: Result: Shift+F2 works, but Ctrl+F2 doesn't. There's tons of AI flying around, yet Ctrl+F2 yields nothing. Cheers! Mike
  14. *bump* Just loaded the mission in the Mission Editor of our Dogfight Server itself, re-saved it and *bang*: There it is, the .list file. WT...? The only difference between the Dogfight Server and my "normal" PCs is that the DS doesn't use Steam but the Developer's version of the game, therefore it resides in "C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad" instead of "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad" Can it be that the Mission Editor cannot save missions correctly in the Steam Version? Or is it just because it's on drive "D"? Cheers! Mike
  15. Äh... nö Du. Klar, beim X-52 (und auch beim Pro) sind die "Schalter" nur zwei Tasten auf einer Achse. Keine Frage, dass das mit IL-2 1946 und BoX geht. Aber es gibt auch "Joysticks" wie z.B. mein TPM mit echten Schaltern. Schaltende Schalter. Schalter eben. Nix Mitte. Und so ein Schalter-Schalter schaltet nix in diesen Spielen, weil die eben keine Schalter kennen. Mag ja sein, dass der X-56 ebensolche "Schalter" hat, die keine sind. Dann gehen diese Tasten Schalter natürlich. Viele Grüße - Mike
  16. I know it's Ctrl+F2, but again: The difficulty settings apparently permit using Ctrl+F2, as long as they're not set to "Normal" difficulty, but that's no option. We want to have our "custom" difficulties, but if we use "custom" difficulty, Ctrl+F2 is not working anymore. Cheers! Mike
  17. Hi guys, I'm pulling my hair out on this issue: Whatever mission I'm saving in the Mission Editor, the .list file always comes out empty (0 bytes). I've tried this on 3 different PCs now, the result is always the same. Whether I start a new mission from scratch or open an existing one, the .list files comes out as 0 bytes. Argh... What I've read so far is https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/14986-10016-unable-save-file-disk and https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/15037-how-generate-list-files I do not have any other thing from IL-2 running but STEditor. I am saving the mission (type "Deathmatch") to the game's "data/Multiplayer/Dogfight" folder. My game is Steam Version, game folder is "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad". Anything else I'm missing? Cheers! Mike
  18. Häh? Wie bittesehr soll denn ein Schalter einer Achse zugeordnet werden? Mach mir das bitte mal vor, und bitte in BoS Dass es "Toggle" Tasten gibt und die auch einen Sinn haben ist mir schon klar. Dennoch ist z.B. ein "Schalter" statt der "Toggle" Taste für das Fahrwerk kein logischer Beinbruch und führt auch nicht zwangsläufig dazu, dass Flugzeuge in "abgeschossener" Konfiguration bäuchlings auf der Runway spawnen: Niemand zwingt das Spiel dazu, die Schalterstellung zum Initialisieren des Flugzustandes zu nutzen. Es reicht vollkommen, wenn auf eine Änderung reagiert wird. Ich habe das in IL-2 1946, wo es im Übrigen dasselbe Schalter/Toggle Problem gibt, mit einer eigenen kleinen C#-Anwendung und dem "DeviceLink" Feature von 1946 gelöst. Bei jeder Änderung einer Schalterstellung wird dann der aktuelle ingame-Zustand des jeweiligen Systems abgefragt (z.B. Fahrwerk), und wenn dieser nicht mit der gewählten Schalterstellung übereinstimmt, wird ein virtueller Tastendruck der jeweiligen Toggle-Taste ausgelöst. Funktioniert wunderbar. Hilft nur leider nicht bei BoS, mangels Interface. Viele Grüße - Mike
  19. Schalter in BoS... das ist so 'ne Sache. Kneif mich wer: Ich habe ein Saitek TPM mit 9 Schaltern, aber leider konnte ich in BoS bislang keinerlei "Tasten"-Belegung finden, die mit Schaltern funktioniert. Bleibt nur, die Schalter wie Knöpfe zu benutzten: Schalter oben = Knopf nicht gedrückt, Schalter unten = Knopf gedrückt. Ist aber blöd. Z.B. Fahrwerk bedienen = Schalter einmal runter und wieder rauf, kein visuelles Feedback anhand der Schalterstellung für den aktuellen Flugzustand. Viele Grüße - Mike
  20. Interessant. Wenn ich eine Pe-2 series 35 "kalt" starte und dann zum Rollen auf die Bremse trete, erscheint "Parkbremse gelöst" im HUD log. Viele Grüße - Mike
  21. Subscribed. Hope you will continue your series! Cheers! Mike
  22. I've been suffering the same issue when I came to BoS from IL-2 1946. Taxi, takeoff and landing behaviour is quite different. I must say so, it feels much more natural in BoS once you get used to it. Rule 1: Rudder authority depends on airflow. If you want more rudder authority, you have to apply more throttle. Rule 2: Prop pitch 100% when you taxi. Otherwise prop torque will increase and airflow on your rudder will decrease, neither of this is what you want. Rule 3: Pull back your stick to give more authority to your tail wheel while taxiing. Rule 4: If you cannot seem to turn on ground, you might have your tail wheel locked. Rule 5: If you cannot seem to go straight on takeoff or landing, you might have your tail wheel unlocked (note: Not all planes are equipped with tail wheel locks) Rule 6: Use brakes. Repeat: Use brakes. In particular, use differential brakes if your planes has them, otherwise use "normal" brakes. Many russian brakes have a semi-differential brake system where differential braking is realized through "normal" brakes plus rudder position. Rule 7: Use brake axis instead of keys so you are able to gradually apply brake power. That way for instance you can keep your brakes at 10-20% while taxiing, which gives you lot more directional authority. Rule 8: When landing, "fly" the plane until full stop. Sounds silly? It isn't. Just imagine you were still in the air, makes life much easier. Rule 9: Quick reaction on the rudder! Once you enter a spin for more than a split second, you won't get out of it again until full stop, so counter the spin immediately when it starts to happen. Cheers! Mike
  23. SAS_Storebror

    the 109 G14

    So which version of the 109 do you want to have ingame? Messer's 1941 Friedrich or some rebuilt/restored Millenium one? And which sources do we trust? Contemporary WW2 test reports or memories from 90+ year old veterans? It's all up to you Cheers! Mike
  24. Now that we seem to leave any factual talks, I leave the rest of this 100th 109 FM complaint thread to you guys. What had to be said has been said and it seems you rather don't want to be disturbed while expressing condolences to each other Cheers! Mike
  25. That was after applying the tail modifications. Re-read yourself Before that (Page 3 for instance) there was no stable flight above 650 km/h at all. Where did I say so? Cheers! Mike
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